May 30, 2024

Power Yoga with Pilar

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Pilar Sánchez

Pilar Sánchez

Duration 1 hour

Power Yoga was born from Ashtanga yoga, developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Power Vinyasa is a dynamic, fluid, vigorous and, above all, empowering style. A yoga that enlivens our inner fire, that teaches us to feed our dormant potential to learn more from our body and mind. Qualities and benefits such as cultivating inner heat, working on endurance and strength, flexibility and, on a more subtle level, the ability to focus the mind, to focus attention and reduce stress.

Power is also a very powerful practice of personal development, of finding our limits and working on the way we relate to them. It teaches us to face challenges, risks and challenges on and off the mat that will allow us to transform ourselves physically and mentally, to progress and evolve in yoga and in our own lives. These are very creative series based on a specific objective (to work on a particular posture, a specific area of the body, to focus on the breath in certain postures, etc.). Thus, although there is a common thread that connects each class, none of them will be the same. It is also a style that is accessible to everyone and is deeply imbued with the tradition of yoga. The class lasts 1 hour.

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