Pilar Sánchez

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My name is Pilar. It's been about 10 years since I started the path of Yoga. I have always been related to the world of health and sport and although I started with the practice of Hatha yoga in my first 2 year training with the International School, I was looking for a deeper practice that would penetrate me in all aspects of my life. And I found it with Power Yoga where I had the good fortune to train with Ricardo Ferrer at the European Institute of Yoga.

The rigor, the discipline, the love for the practice that this training left me with, completely changed my way of relating not only with myself but also with my surroundings. And I am deeply grateful because from then on I knew clearly that this was my path.

In the following years I have continued training with different teachers in Yin Yoga, Pilates Mat, Yoga and injuries, Biomechanics applied to Yoga and most recently, my latest training in Power Yoga level II & Empowerment Coaching with Jorge Cabello from Yoga Evolution. I am a devoted student and eternal student infinitely grateful to all that I have been learning over the years and that I can share with my students.

After working in different yoga centers both in Seville and Zaragoza, I focused in 2020 in workshops and online classes both group and private as well as workshops in my city, Zaragoza.

Movement is life, so moving in an organic and respectful way is vital for human beings. Regardless of age, physical condition or any other factor. And that's where I focus my classes; a mix between intense and challenging many times, but with respect and love for oneself. Strength, stability and fluidity both physically and mentally to bring out the best in you, all that potential.

I spend a lot of time reflecting on my own possibility of transformation and how I can support that change in others because we all have the capacity to keep learning. And that is my interest, to accompany my students in this process of discovery and transformation.

If you want to know more about me, I invite you to visit my profile.