May 29, 2024

Ashtanga Mysore con Nebaí

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One and a half hour sessions (depending on your practice).

In these Mysore style classes, students learn the postures one by one and progress as they memorize and master the sequence of postures proposed by the method. In the Mysore style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the practice is adapted to each individual, allowing each person to progress at his or her own pace. It is based on a predefined series of postures (asanas) where the word "vinyasa" implies the synchronization of movement with the breath. For example, in the Sun Salutation, 9 movements are performed, each with a corresponding breath, which helps to purify the blood and release toxins through perspiration, as well as reduce stress.

In these Mysore-style classes, students learn the postures individually and progress as they memorize and master the sequence proposed by the method. The development of a personal yoga practice is encouraged, although some prior knowledge of other yoga styles is recommended. For those new to yoga, it is suggested to start with Vinyasa Flow classes. Some prior knowledge in any other style of yoga is recommended. If you have never done yoga before, I recommend starting with Vinyasa Flow classes.

To access the class:

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  • The classes are held by Zoom. If you don't have a free Zoom account, you can create it HERE.
  • It is necessary that you find a space where you can be quiet.

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