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Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

If you are a Yoga Journal reader you are in luck. Now you can enjoy 3 months subscription to Conscious Television for free.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and enjoy the best yoga classes, meditation, healthy diet, exclusive tea courses, Ayurveda, Superfoods, Tantra, Witches, films & documentaries with the biggest promotion of the year.

Get 3 months free subscription to Conscious Television by redeeming the coupon: TVCONSCIENTE

Please note that to redeem the voucher you will need to follow this process:

  1. Enter your personal details.
  2. Enter your card or PayPal details. No charges will be made during the promotional period. You can cancel at any time. No advertising.
  3. Finally, validate your voucher again: TVCONSCIENTE by clicking on "APPLY" and finish.