Yin and Yang: origin and meaning of the Taoist symbol

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November 16, 2021

Yin and Yang has been part of the philosophical current of Taoism (and ancient Chinese philosophy in general) for thousands of years but has also recently been incorporated into new spiritual waves rooted in millenary traditions. The yin and yang is an element that is already part of Western pop culture (T-shirts, pendants, album covers) and New Age beliefs. In fact, there have even been attempts to incorporate this concept into holistic therapies not based on psychology or medicine based on scientific evidence; a concept that advocates an existentialism in harmony and that cannot be compatible with the oxymoron of non-scientific medicine.

"According to this concept, every being, object or thought possesses a complement on which it depends for its existence and which in turn exists within itself."

It follows that nothing exists in a pure state, nor does it exist in absolute quiescence, but in a continuous transformation. Moreover, any idea can be seen as its opposite if viewed from another point of view. In this sense, categorization would only be for the sake of convenience. That is to say: good and bad do not exist as universal concepts. Ying/Yang teaches that within the purest being dwells a little bit of evil, and that in the most evil being, there is a seed of goodness. That everything is relative and that it is important to put oneself in the other point of view in order to understand the whole picture.

"Yin and yang cannot aspire to independence, for they cannot exist without each other. For example, day cannot exist without night, nor light without darkness. "

Pulling the conceptual thread, the ying / yang is a refutation to the moral dictatorship of concepts that claim to be universal , and that monotheistic religions have established as dogmas of faith. It invites us to sit at the table with our fellow men and discover, behind their disguises, that we can discover ourselves within each other.

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