Why meditate? Find out how to get to your wellness

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Meditation is a practice with many variations that will help you to acquire the inner tranquillity you desire.

Surely you have often thought about starting to meditate but it is not always easy to find the attitude and the time to do it. That is the main reason why you are here today, dedicating five minutes of your time to read this post.

Meditation can become a really powerful habit or routine. It is indeed a state of being, a skin to inhabit. Meditating with a certain frequency elevates and places you at a stage of extraordinary vibration.

It will change your life, meditating allows our essential energy to flow through each of us.

Our mind is constantly active, jumping from one thought to the next without stopping. In fact, our brainwaves are permanently on alert and overstimulated by the restless world we live in, a fact that negatively influences our mental, emotional and physical health.

Meditation is to find balance, calm, happiness and freedom in oneself. It is to let thoughts flow, not to let them condition us, to guide our attention to another point, in short, to take control.

Be aware that you are part of a whole. Breathe every moment, feel that you are here and now, open your mind, heart and spirit but above all, discover the beauty that lies within you.

Shall we meditate? On Conscious Television, the meditation course, Osho's active meditations and much more await you.