What do we know about the figure of Jesus of Nazareth?

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

With the arrival of Easter, the figure of Jesus Christ is publicly extolled and analysed. However, there are some questions that are still unknown. To unravel the role and history of the person of Jesus of Nazareth, we are launching an online course on the myths and truths surrounding his figure led by Professor Antonio Piñero.

  • What can be known about the personality of Jesus?
  • Where and when was he really born?
  • Was he married, did he have siblings?
  • Did he intend to found a new religion?
  • Is it true that Jesus broke with Judaism?
  • Was he a social agitator?
  • What was the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus?
  • Were Jesus and his disciples a violent group?
  • Why was he killed?
  • Did he really die on the cross?
  • What do we really know about Jesus' resurrection?

Professor Antonio Piñero, a specialist in the language and literature of early Christianity and the first expert in the world to publish the 83 gospels about Jesus in full in a single volume, "All the Gospels", will be in charge of analysing all these topics through this unique training. It is the first time that a multi-device platform oriented to the conscious world offers a series of master classes on the figure of Jesus from a strictly historical point of view.

According to Piñero's rigorous studies, Jesus of Nazareth did not believe himself to be, nor did he ever proclaim himself a messiah until, perhaps, the end of his life. It was then that he did so, probably under pressure from his most fanatical disciples. And from then on, from the time of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, he did not shy away from a certain violence. He was certainly not an "armed Galilean", like other messiah pretenders of the time, but he did take actions that required the support of armed people: the cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem and the small battle on the Mount of Olives that ended with his arrest.

Thanks to this course, you will be able to understand and comprehend the figure of Jesus of Nazareth in all his aspects. In a question and answer format, Antonio Piñero analyses the childhood and maturity of Jesus of Nazareth in full. In the words of the tutor and expert on the subject: "This course may be of interest to a great many people. Most people have been subjected to a kind of bombardment about the figure and mission of Jesus that is partly biased or simply erroneous. In contrast, this course aims to offer a purely historical, serene and as objective a view as possible, which will contribute to a deeper understanding of Jesus as a key figure in our civilisation.

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