Yoga for children - Journey to a magical world

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This practice tells the story of a magical park to which we travel in different yoga transports, which at the same time are postures. On the route we will see different animals that also become fun poses, because when there is magic, everything is possible. We will finish with a little relaxation to feel like new!

Hello We are coming again Lua and I Cayetana do a yoga practice for kids with all of you so you can do at home Or you can do with your friends at school or in the park

Today we are going to do something very funny which are postures of animals animals that walk in quotation marks or fly okay so we're going to learn those poses today because we're going to travel to the magic animal park

But before that let's get started As always with our sun salutation, our sun salutation song

To warm up the body a little bit before we start, so we stand up

One in front of the other and we start with the song

sun, sun, sun, greeting the sun Sun sun sun sun greeting the sun sun, sun, sun greeting sun, I greet, you greet we all greet our sun and now I stretch my arms, lower my head I step backwards I do the snake, we remember that it makes noise, step backwards To the downward facing dog And breathe Step forward, head down I stretch out my arms, and salute the sun

and repeat, sun, sun, sun, sun, waving to the sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, waving to the sun, sun, sun, sun, waving to the sun I salute you salute We all greet our sun I stretch out my arms I lower my head Jump backwards jump or step as you prefer I do the snake, step backwards To the downward facing dog Breathe, step forward Under the head I stretch my arms and we're done All right, well, I wanted to Start to show you in this magical park, where we are going to venture as if we were going for a walk, our position More basic in yoga, which we're always going to do in any class at any time which is the dog pose ok So I'm going to ask Lua if she can do the dog pose to teach a few things The posture of the dog We put our hands on the ground and our feet there Also with the tiptoes there on the floor or trying to bring the heels back and then there We can feel so stretching the back As much as we can it's worth so now I'm going to do it with Lua then you go a little bit more that way And I'm going to do the dog on my side too but now something even more fun of the dog that the dog He starts to pee then when he pees, I raise my leg upwards And we do There Okay and we can even there Shake the droplet a little bit like this With the leg And I opened a little bit to the side And we went down And repeat with the other leg we're going to go up to another skin up there like the dog peeing there

we shake a little bit there We open backwards, very good And down we go Very good And so the dog is doing so several things not only Doing the dog Then apart we can do when we are As a couple with your father Or with friends The dog we call the flying dog then I'm going to put myself and Lua is going to get in front of me then you come this way you are going to put your feet on my back okay then here One foot back And the other one Cool Great then we're just tiptoeing around it, it's helping me because it's helping me

helping me push back And she she's stretching a little bit more, even if she's walking with her hands towards me

cool, we didn't sink the mattress, it goes down slowly, that's it Very nice thank you Lua what happens when we do the dog like this In balance or the flying dog because you get tired then we come to this posture

There It is when the dog sleeps or rests and we can even snore like dogs to see how a dog snores And there we can snore as much as we want that's the dog resting ok Another animal that we find in this magic park that we see a lot of them out there It's the cat ok then the posture of the cat For this we have the knees on the floor the hands on the floor and move a little bit there, that's it

and from here it's going to go up and down the back ok

We lower the back down and arching like a cat if you have Fixed with the cats arch the back and the head a little bit upwards and now arching upwards we do just like the cats do, and then we go back to Lowering the back taking air we take air there as much as we can there we fill our lungs with air And then we come back this time arching our back up we can make the cat sound which is meow

And then as many times as you want with your back Downward And upwards Well, as always when we do things as a couple it's still a little bit more fun, ok, so I'm going to get in the cat position

I'm going to ask Lua to get on top of me Okay You're coming you lie down on top of it And she stays totally relaxed There And I'm going up and down the back like a cat's pose

So I go down and up Here, here little by little She is massaging her back, of course because she is a little bit taller and her feet reach the ground, but if they don't reach you, you can see her back

The feet on the floor, so even more Massage, why are you hanging on, okay? so here we go down Okay little by little Thanks Lua and we continue our way Through the park Magic of animals that we meet now we meet an elephant then for the elephant we are going to get up and we are going to put Hands together Okay they are the elephant's trunk and as it is very heavy we let it fall to the floor The elephant's trunk then it's very relaxed and it's moving from side to side like that

With all the weight of the body to one side and to the other side

Because as it is very Heavy the elephant Well the trunk is heavy to the ground then we can go a little bit backwards and forwards to make small movements there

or to the side and to the other side And now we take a breath a deep breath and we go up Towards the sky with the troop well upwards And we let the air out Like the sound of the elephant when it releases the air or the water And we go back down slowly There letting all the dead weight fall off to the side there

or I take it from front to back And it is the weight of the trunk but we take advantage of it to leave the dead weight From the body to the ground is ok We can still make it a little more fun In pairs Or in group ok, then I'm going to go for a ride And I carry my hand under my legs and Lua grabs it and Lua I would take the hand underneath if there was someone else behind it ok then we would make a big line of people And then we start to go To walk together then we can go a little bit faster then we can go backwards To the side Towards the other side Okay then you can make it as much fun as you want when we are a big group of people then it's even a little bit more fun

We don't lift up anymore We let go and since we've been there for a long time Downwards let's join hands here and we're going to get a little bit of air In the fountain is worth a little bit of air and water then let's jump in We drop backwards, that is we take the shoulders backwards And the head a little bit, let's see how it goes here we create a fountain That the fountain goes a little bit to the side with the wind actually

Okay there we go again Very good

From here Another animal Which we like very much above all What is the monkey Ok so the monkey let's start there With the legs squatting down as the monkeys have very long arms they go hanging down then we can move from one side to the other like this The jungle monkey noise is ok and we are going to go jumping from one side to the other like monkeys There is the best of the monkeys that when they get hungry they have it very easy Because they go to another monkey that catches them close and they are going to eat the bugs It seems good that good you have to search well and if on top of that you are a little more Rebel you can try to make ribs to the monkey at the same time that the bugs eat you, ok

The monkey arrives He hangs on the branch and meets his friend We get on our backs we put our feet a little bit apart And we drop forward not backward Forward or downward also to look at each other Cuckoo We shake hands We try to walk No closer because it stays like this as if we wanted to give each other a hug, there, there

That's it Slow down So in that posture what we are doing is simply dropping forward or even falling down and as we fall forward we bring our hands behind us and we shake hands Of course the Fathers or mothers or adults who are a little older Or taller than me in that case Well, they bend down or bend their knees a little bit

So that you don't of course So that the children stay with their legs stretched out, it's ok

We always help in favor of the child, the older ones work in favor of the child, so many times they stay a little bit longer

Knees or bending down to throw more or less at the same height, right now it doesn't happen to me and generally with any child

I don't either but I'll warn you when you do it at home here

The monkey was hanging in the tree meets a big flamingo that was flying in the tree and The flamingo we are going to do it alone if it is so a posture of equilibrium Put one leg well supported on the floor and with the other one we lift back and open the arms

What are the wings of the flamingo and from there we can already flap our wings and clap our hands whenever we the wings move uyyyy And there again we may as well do a balancing posture, we want to try to hold on as much as possible looking at that fixed point in front of us Like a leg Tires We change to the other one and also to do it as we always say Both sides equally, we're going to go up to the other leg we stretch our arms out to the sides and from there We can fly Palm to palm we can still do this Easier with help right What is holding hands Forward with one foot backwards And there we help We can open our arms sideways With help or almost worse because one is pulling the other but from the most fun is We give you a hand you get tired Okay then, yes, look, do it like this From the hands sideways and there, that's it

sideways easier Let's try some things we can test forwards, backwards, the good thing here is that we are testing what is best for us

Let's remember as we've been talking so much about the tree of the animals that are in the tree the posture of the tree

let's see if we remember how it was One leg Climbing upwards And the hands come together you can join there to create even more Balance And when there are two trees or more trees we already create a forest We are no longer just a single tree but we are a forest That we help each other And the tree has the branch we grab the branch no, the other one The one outside One two and three, that's it We try to open up there what we can and maybe help each other or bend our knees a little bit if we need to

Ok From here Back to The ground Why we are going to do The posture of the mouse then you go like this Lua with outstretched arms Vale then the mouse is there resting in its burrow and The other person comes and stands up then you grab me The ankles And stretch your elbows as far as you can, okay, I'm going to walk backwards a little bit, then

In this position the good thing is that the person on the bottom stretches their back as much as possible, you try to sit up as much as you can

Towards your heels Towards the ground But on the other hand you try to grab my ankles with which it is a struggle between The back and the arms the back wants to go backwards, but the arms want to go forwards And here I arrive the person who is on top and I push A little bit more or I'll help to carry that ass

Downwards Okay so there I am helping to stretch The mousetrap pose with help For a very good stretching of the back How about there Perfect From the mouse hole Next to it we had the leopard is worth the leopard With both knees on the ground You are a little bit of balance Maybe we're going to do it looking forward better look Let's go up One leg back And the opposite arm in front So from here We go up With one and then with the other then it is the arm Contrary to the leg we went up And with the hand that is like a claw as if you wanted to eat The one in front of you Well, you can play there At homethere what are you going to eat someone there with a leopard face with face Scary to see how scary it is But leopard when he stands still not to get caught It's a little bit more complicated to balance Leaves one leg up With the other hand He grabs her from behind stays there Waiting Let's see if any Another animal And there We stay but as a posture of equilibrium that we know that cost us a little bit more we always remember to look at that point In front to keep a little bit more Slowly we go down and change with the other leg and maybe it's a little bit better because sometimes the balance is a little bit off is better on one side than on the other side

then we raise the opposite leg and with the other arm we try to grab the back and that is More complicated for small children it's going to be more difficult because It's already brain gymnastics, isn't it The recrossed ones we try and if it's too hard we just do it like this and send him an arm That's it, we don't even have to do it We return to rest in this position Now after this little rest that we have taken Which by the way I recommend that when you need it always Let's go to that posture which is the posture of rest

It can be the seed the rock the mouse because that posture can be a lot of animals

funny, but we stop there those moments that helps us to relax a little bit okay And here from this relaxation we move on to a very important posture which is the lion then to do the lion

Let's spread our knees a little bit apart

We sit in the lounges As we know that the lion is the king of the jungle he is very fierce my strong we are going to try to concentrate our energy to make fierce and strong and fill us there well with pride in being lions So let's also take advantage of breathing because it's a posture where we can do very powerful breathing

Okay Then let's wear the lion's paws

There Good good good good grip Towards the knees and let's take a deep breath through the nose and we are going to take another deep breath And one more And one more And another one And now let's get the claws up here and roar like a lion this posture that looks very strange is Trying to open the mouth as much as possible Trying to bring the eyes together as if we wanted to look at one eye towards the other or bring the eyes towards the nose Okay so it looks like a weird lion face but we have that benefit that we are Relaxing the throat as much as possible and we're also working a little bit with the eyes so we're going to try it again

because I think this lion to me I didn't think it was very fierce but let's try at home to be even fiercer a second time, ok

Let's get our claws in there Very very very Strong and well on the knees Let's take a breath and another one inflating well the chest And another one there very fierce And on the count of three Claws to the ground As we are laughing because we are making those funny faces, you can take advantage of it and do that posture in front of your Mother of your father or in front of your friend and you look at yourself with the funny faces

Try to make each other laugh and then repeat it as many times as you want because it is very Very good as a breathing posture because we are there

Inflating opening the lungs to the maximum Then the lion turns out to scare all the animals that got in his way

But especially the lizards that were passing by What the lizard looked like Well, look We carry toes on the ground And the hands resting there On the ground too and we stay there Like a lizard But we can go at the same time walking forward we will see to try and better possible to walk forward and then walk backwards and then we stay in the middle and here if we're a little bit stronger we can try to lift one leg upwards then the other one and even If we are at home what can we do in In pairs the person Elder or adult stands on the floor to put me You are going to come on top okay Lua then you put You turn around and you're going to put a foot on my shoulder that is, hands first grabbing my ankles

That's there and feet there, then you do push-ups over me there that's it then

we have one push-up on top of the other, you raise your butt up a little bit so that your hips stay up

There Very good Slowly you go down first Okay Great Because as we know that this is not easy either when we do postures there in couple So we have to Take a while to To get the hang of it, maybe you have to hit the stop button there in the video and We have to couple well but it's important that the person who is always low which is the base when we do postures in couple is Well strong but when they are An elderly person and a small child On top of that nothing happens because they don't usually weigh but the person who is under there doing the double push-up is very strong

talking about strength We continue our way that we meet the bull then the bull Let's get over there in front of the other one

Sure we're here in the fight we're going to do With a posture of Guerrero And there we stretch our arms that become The horns And we can go forward and here we even try to see to see to see there is how to push each other to see who has more strength and so on Those bulls there with the horns Very good, there But then it decides it has to stretch a little bit, I'm stretching, stretching, stretching upwards

a really deep breath and then they can stretch backwards

And from there you can moderate and stalk This doesn't look like it but you have to be strong there because otherwise one bull comes along and knocks the other one down

From here our camel Who lived Also in this park that he didn't need water because camels need very little water to live

and it's a little bit more complicated position I'm going to show you or teach you with Lua okay because we have to to be with the knees on the floor like this

We bring one hand backwards And then the other And then if you can the head back And if there's someone back here you can make faces at them but that's just being a little bit mean because this position is complicated enough ok then I'm going to put myself here and you there we'll try to look at it Okay so you stand there like you were and so we do it trying to look at each other there

very carefully we position ourselves well so that the hips come forward the knees stay there well leaning on the floor the thighs forward one hand backwards The other hand How about And from there forward as always we go back to the resting position this time we go Lua and I together as you are Lua in reverse How the horse ends here, put yourself in the posture of the child there

That's good this is a joy Cool and now slowly You get on The posture of the child And now I get on you with care of course because I am bigger Okay And here if an adult rides on a child he can rest his hands on the floor so he doesn't carry all the weight And like this How about not so heavy ok slowly from here we are coming We are going to Go to Let's do the guessing game this time Let's see if they can guess what we are doing at home First with your elbows on the ground because we have two possibilities ok and let's see if this one rings a bell because we already have it

We have done before elbows on the ground goes up a little bit With hands on the ground up a little more What is the posture of the snake I guess you have guessed already The snake to explain a little bit more in detail we are always very careful with the part of the lumbars the back part of the back That's why we recommend that if someone's back hurts, he/she can only put on the elbows and go up a little bit then if we can at all and so we went up if we can turn the head to one side and then to the other for if we were to look at each other The toes and so we stretch the neck a little bit And there slowly back again And slowly we go down and we can leave the head supported and to finish today's day The fluttering crows appear Through the sky Let's rehearse a little bit how is the crow's pose Okay And it's a balancing posture but it's an arm balancing posture that you have to be a little bit careful with

I recommend that if you do it at home you might want to have some cushions or pillows in front of you

So that you don't To fall forward Because we are going to carry the weight of our body on our arms I'm going to put here In profile that looks better anyway Then it works very well for me to zoom in Knees towards the armpits Okay I'll go here I carry the weight forward And I raise my head upwards because if I look downwards I lose my balance And I go straight to the ground okay Then we have to try like if we look up And the important thing is that the butt Upload As if I wanted to take it to Knees practically no And so there's how That feeling that I raise the rear end But I don't lower my head to the ground but look up so I don't lose my balance

We do it Or do you want to do it by yourself first okay You do it and I'll watch you Ok let's make it there Lua to stay Form there Well crash Okay so that does cost us a little bit To make the balance there is another way to do it What is supporting the head on the ground Then we support it so we have a An extra support Knees are Over my armpits again and I go up there

and then here I have already Three Different weights where I can, three different parts where I can support my weight So depending on how we each prefer or we do it With our heads on the ground Or raising the head This is a posture that needs to be practiced very carefully, that's why I say to have some little pillows or something in front of you in case we go out of our minds but well if we are at home with our parents and they can help us A little bit there to watch And finally when the crows were coming I wanted to say that the moon was also rising then let's say goodbye to the moon To the moon We support you can bend a little bit the knee One hand on the ground the other on the waist And we open to the side and I from here I like to say to the moon good bye as I have said to it To the sun hello Well, I say goodbye to the moon and if it happens to us that we fall that can happen to us It's all right we put our knee on the ground and say goodbye to the Moon from here goodbye moon Goodbye Stop right there little by little we go to relaxation then Lua tumbate again Okay to see if you want to go to that little side and this time you take it on your back

As we always say the posture of relaxation It is very important this part of the practice of the class because it is when the body and the mind absorb all the benefits that we have obtained during the practice the asanas or postures that we have practiced then we lie down in that comfortable posture

in which we're going to be able to stay for about Minutitos in silence and moving as little as possible Stop there Begin to stop breathing Quiet Try Listen to breathing And this time as we have been in a place full of animals We have traveled in our Yoga class to a magical animal park We can try Think about visualizing See, in our Dream Animals We try To pay attention to the sound A single two animals we can try To fix our attention on the sounds that surround us Whatever it is, wherever we are at home at school in the park That little moment where we have to be unemployed To pay attention only to our breathing There you can spend as much time as you want, as much time as you need

Those little minutes to be with you And when you are ready little by little And slowly you stretch your arms and legs taking a very deep inhalation stretching As if you were going to Getting out of bed to go to school stretching, yawning Whatever you need to go a little at a time Returning To sit down let's look at us again Lua and me to finish with the farewell song which is the one from The little light As we have already explained our light From inside we greet each other and we do it with this song My little light greets your little light Your little light Your little light in my little light greets your little light Namaste and without further ado we say goodbye for today, we hope you enjoyed it

that you had a good time at home And we hope to see you next time See you soon and a big kiss

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