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Olive oil is considered the liquid gold of food. This precious superfood has great antioxidant power and contains great nutrients such as vitamin E, carotenes, and polyphenols. In addition, it contains fatty acids that are beneficial to the body, having positive effects on cholesterol and improving heart disease. Recipes: - Personal care - Orange carpaccio - Olive pate

Today, I'm framed in this beautiful olive tree, and

I am going to talk to you about olive oil


have you ever thought of squeeing them? If you squeeze one, a lot juice comes out

Almost a third of the pulp is juice, oily olive juice

although when it is passed through the maceration process it becomes a culinary delight the truth is that 90% of its production is destined to produce olive oil, which is considered as pure green gold

Olive oil is highly appreciated in gastronomy but also cosmetics has benefited from this oil whose variety in textures, scents and flavors is delicious

Here I'm surrounded by olive trees which is an ancient tree and is associated with peace and wisdom in several cultures and religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians

The first traces of Green Gold date back to 4000 BC and it is believed that the use of the olive is associated with the emergence of agriculture Where does olive oil come from? It comes from olives

It is harvested in autumn, November more o less, just when the pulp is almost a third part of oil

If you squeeze an olive, juice will quickly come out

Since squeezing olives is really easy, mills has been used to extract juice from them since ancient times

When olives are picked, they are about 6 to 8 months old

Why aren't they eaten raw? Because if you do so

if you eat a recently picked olive from the tree

it will taste bitter

really bitter You can try once

Let´s do it now

let´s try

come on

it changes color

you see?

it's green on one side

if you squeeze the purple side juice comes out right away maybe the camera doesn't catch it but here it is absolutely juicy

if I taste it as it is

I recommend tasting it



You are going to be really surprised

absolutely bitter How did they come to the conclusion that this bitterness could be converted to something? It is something that I will have to continue investigating but truth is that through several maceration processes, it gets several nuances which make it a wonderful delight That people normally take as a side, appetizers

However, It must be mentioned that 90% of olive production is destined to get oli

I'm going to tell you an anecdote that is quite interesting

first let's get rid of the bitter olive


the predominance of olive oil production comes from the Roman Empire in Hispania, so it is striking that Spain is still the main producer of olive oil in the world today

yet oil from Greece and Italy is highly appreciated in the world of international cuisine

so, try it

Did you know that Jaumero mentioned olive oil benefits in his poems? actually he was the first to call it ¨liquid gold

Did you know that the Romans ordered the conquered populations to pay taxes with olive oil? High temperatures kill its benefits and create damaging agents for the liver, arteries and the heart

so if you must fry something do it only once

but it's actually better to take it raw

Did you know that the olive tree is one of the oldest trees that exist? It can live for hundreds or even thousands of years

It has a great antioxidant power

It has vitamin E carotenes and polyphenols it helps control blood pressure and strengthens bone mass

It helps assimilate vitamins A, D and K

It improves intestinal functions, liver´s and gallbladder´s

It improves the nervous system and brain development

It must be said that extra virgin olive oil benefits go beyond of its gastronomic use

Ayurvedic medicine has used it since ages ago

What for?

This is an interesting health tip

well, it's been used as a mouthwash

I am going to explain how it is used because it can really be useful for your gums health, therefore your teeth's too

In the morning

take a small glass and sip, roughly, 2 teaspoons of virgin olive oil then start rinsing as you were using a regular mouthwash for a few minutes everywhere

Now, pay attention

theory says

you should do this for 10 or 15 minutes I know it sounds scary at first

but you can start for 5 minutes You'll see how time increases as you get used to the feeling of having oil in your mouth and rinse

To begin with, it is good for face muscles

and we girls love this


the oil lipids have an absorbing power of toxins so it really cleanses a lot from gum to throat

Then one spits out

that kind of dough or so

It's shocking

I will certainly not show you

since it is

let's say


But try it

you may really like it

and it has an ancient medical tradition which is endorsed

it is endorsed by Ayurvedic medicine

Oil has also been used for massages

It is also really aromatic Here you can see it has two completely different colors

lots of varieties

When it is used for the body whether to massage or to hydrate I mean oil

not olive oil soap nor olive oil gel, which do not smell properly as olive oil

There are varieties that are fruity and those are ideal to have them in our bathroom

to skin care

fruity varieties, like the one I have here which smells amazing

It smells like apple to me

it always does

we can put it on the skin fell the texture

it's fantastic

You can do this

after taking a shower as you would use a Johnson oil

which one does not even know what is in it You can put virgin olive oil And then Let it absorb

spread it

do it while body is still a bit wet do not worry, it won't be greasy at all you will not smell like a salad

You will probably smell like the woods

This morning, I have hydrated myself with virgin olive oil and gave several people my arm to smell And I passed the test

"you smell really nice" they said

It was not a strong olive smell

Then, what else? One of my favorite olive oil uses is as a cosmetic since it is a facial cleanser many people might think it would bring fat to the skin but not at all

the fat molecule is precisely the one that softens dirt, especially for girls and make-up

like eye makeup, shadows, eyelash, mascara, etc

How do I use it? well, I'm going to tell you I wear a thick olive oil layer

always starting with the eyes And then I remove it with a cotton pad, once the eyes are cleaned which is more difficult than the rest of the face, I take the opportunity to give myself a massage Gentle massages on the forehead, on the cheekbones, removing with a bit damp cotton until it's totally clean, then

wash your face with water dry and you'll feel great

If you want to try something a little more special, once your skin is already clean, leave a 10-minute mask And do not worry

you will not get pimples nor bad reactions, quite the opposite, it is a delight

I sometimes when I'm extremely tired from working and my skin is dry, I leave it all night long

I sleep with it on my face

and next morning

I feel great


So go ahead and take the olive oil to the bathroom

Olive oil is also in our desserts Why not take it to the sweet version? yumm, yummy, yummy Let's make a carpaccio or sweet orange salad, I like to call it carpaccio even though I haven't actually cut the oranges into thin slices

which is one version

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always liked

kinda a thing

to take to wedge and peel it

leaving it like this

beautiful, isn't it? Bright, juicy and ready for

explosion in the mouth


So I've been making this flower peeling each wedge

really carefully

one by one

Next, add mint

it is really quick, easy dish yummy and it also looks great as a dessert at any dinner

Add mint leaves and at this point each one plays with their own decoration style

I mean

you can do the largest flower or just put it on top

It is really up to you

oh I just love mint like stripping a daisy He loves me

he loves me not

He loves me, doesn't he? Let people love us

a lot

And a couple of leaves more

like these

green and orange really look nice really look good Contrast And the last leaf To give it an even more aramatic touch Let's scratch Lemon peel which in addition has a lot of vitamins

We have also dedicated an episode to this superfood: lemon

It has vitamin C it has antioxidants inside but also outside

if you pay attention, it is one of the fruit that last the longest out of the fridge

You have to take advantage of all its skin

Scratch without reaching the pulp It smells great, a delight

what you can do later is to save it in the fridge for the following day, cut it to make juice and drink it in the morning so you do not waste any part of it

Enough A little touch Lemon zest goes on top of the orange Citrus mix and it looks amazing Because for me, the dishes have look nice as an extra sweet touch

honey One two teaspoons whatever you prefer and spread it over the leaves draw a little

give it your touch and now the star

olive oil with sweet elements it's ok If we pour a bit more because in addition to bringing an incredible color It is good fat for health There

It´s done I'll show you before I eat it

A recipe that could not be missing is olive pâté with olive oil

What do I have around here? black olives, capers, a touch of mustard, potato for texture, salt, apple vinegar, and a touch of pepper

All this go to the blender start with the potato I have taken a large potato divided in half, 2 small pieces are enough actually Or a small potato Something very funny happened to me when I was cooking the potato, the potato is cooked but the way, I put it to cook, when it finished It peeled itself funny

it was completely and perfectly peeled Maybe it's the type That I will have to ask what it is by the way

Potatoes that peel themselves Potato Olives To the mixer with their juice capers a handful as they have strong flavor

although I love it


let's say half

then you should taste it

if you like it more sour or not

it depends on what you like


clean my hands to add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard It also brings texture to the pâté


next oil this wonderful thing

which is

anyway, it's nice to see it, isn't it? it is nice to smell it and it is even better to eat it add a little more so that it takes flavor a very intense flavor vinegar be careful with the vinegar, let's not overdo it, it's just a little touch just a little that's it a pinch of salt just a pinch, remember that olives are already salty but basically it depends on the olive brand you have bought so you can add more or less coarse salt which is perfect pepper a lot because I like it that way then mix Prepare for the noise Ready And here we have this pâté which has to be dense I move away this so that you can see it well you know what is a perfect combination to this? Bread

any bread wholemeal bread would be better some crunchy as well It's an explosion of taste

taste of olive you're going to love it of course

I'll show it to you It got this color

by accident actually So I hope all this information make you even more of a fan of this magic oil

because olive oil is the green gold of life

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