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Today I want to delve a little into another of the basic yoga positions: Tadasana or the Mountain Pose. Tadasana is a basic yoga position, and it is also the base and starting point for many other standing poses.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén , I welcome you to the session we are going to have today

in which we are going to work very clearly the shares, the gesture, everything that has to do with Tadasana and we are going to spin it in a step a little bit further to execute some standing postures in which they intervene the turning of the thighs that not many times practitioners take into account as it is a gesture difficult, it's a short gesture, it's a gesture that has a very short run with a great action but difficult to locate

We will use different ways helping you with hands and so on so that you'll be able to recognize that action ,that gesture and you can perform some of the standing postures, even being able to continue any of my classes that you have been able to practice before or go to practice

As soon as you get into the standing postures with more clarity you're going to have those

tools to be able to access those postures more easily

Why do we really put a big intention in these little big gestures that are going to lead us to an asana wide, weightless, ideal to be able to feel enjoy and breathe? Because it is the basis of the postures, really without those gestures you don't get the real essence that the postures have

Obviously we are not going to talk about all the adjustments that we can make during the course of an asana because there are so many that it would take us a lifetime to talk about them but small simple keys, concrete in which you can realize what is happening there in your position, how to execute them correctly and if you have done it before realize if you were on the right track doing it the way you've been used to doing it, all this will obviously be fundamental, it is going to be fundamental for you to keep it in mind in order to bring it into your routine, into your yoga routine, into your daily routine that I remember you should do every week

Well let's get started, sitting like this as we usually start to become aware of the body, a base with the legs sit on the ischia, the little bones of the buttocks, draw a straight line from them upward straightening your spine, can hold your knees firmly to make a small lever and further straighten the spine

towards the sky, shoulders down and back, head in line with your spine, fluid breathing

Observe the position of your body, the posture that you are acquiring now, be conscious from your feet to your head, from how you are

Observe if there is an actual physical space that you are creating, a posture that doesn't fall, that doesn't collapse and that remains literally active, that grows towards the sky, which physically grows upward and gives you the option to take a deeper breath, wider

Breathe in deeply

Recognize the space in your chest, the movement of the diaphragm, without losing that stretch of your spine take the right hand back and the opposite hand to the knee right, stretch your spine well and turn little by little to make a twist, don't lose the elevation on the sides either

insist on making too big a twist, stretch your spine well


And you go back to the center and we do the same on the other side

Always before doing any gesture in yoga stretch your spine well and then from there you go turning

And when you breathe in you stretch and when you breathe out you rotate

And you come back to the center

Okay, you straighten your spine and in the center so we'll go to standing up

All right, we're going to start in Tadasana, with the action of the feet, the action of the legs, the backward thrust of the thighs to gain access to that lightness in the body apart from the action of activity making the posture weightless

We separate arms and legs, you separate it a separation that is easy to maintain

for the moment, then we can play with more opening in the feet but for the moment so that you can feel, so that you can see what I propose today we are going to make a separation the one that is more or less comfortable, neither too closed nor too open feet and above all that there is no discomfort on the inside of your legs, of your thighs

We're going to leave our feet parallel to each other, active by stepping on the inside edge of the big toe, all the way to the inner heel, raising a little bit the little toe and the outer edge of the foot, You're going to find that there's a lot of action in the ankles

Keep your legs steady and from there, help yourself with your hands so that your trunk stretches towards the sky

You're already separating from the ground, you're already moving away from the ground

All right, now let's support the outside edge of the foot leaving no pressure the inner side of the foot on the ground and keep your legs steady, see what happens, unlike Tadasana, in Tadasana you don't notice so much the sinking of the body but here when you separate the legs yes you can feel it better, moreover, the external ankle is flattened

when you leave the weight on the outer edge of the foot and the legs are not firm

So let's push well with the inner edge, external and heel to the ground at the same time and this is going to lead to some leg action, the kneecaps up and the sacrum down

Done this, with your hands, you help yourself by pulling the skin down so that the sides grow towards the sky

That's it, and once you have this, in the end every asana is meditation, brings all the consciousness to the feet, to the legs, to everything that is coming into being at that moment, to your spine and with the head slightly back you stretch your arms and keep them parallel to the ground, pull them as if you want to touch the sides of the room where you are , as if you want to make them longer and notice that above all you have a rise from the soles of the feet to the top of your head


What happens when I lose the action in my feet? Do it with me, relax your feet, we've already gone down a step, relax the legs and observe what is happening in your back, other than the ankles are already starting to suffer, you're not leaving room in the joints, make your arms heavy and we're not going to be but if we were like this for a minute we'd end up really cramped and tense

Put your hands on your hips and let's put our feet together

If I stop pushing, if you stop keeping that tightness in your legs, automatically as you have checked the posture is going to fall, it's going to weigh, we have to keep all the time in a conscious way those pushes so that we can continue to create space and add to it now the spin from the thigh to the leg that we are especially working

It means, let's do it together, we do it from Tadasana, we separate our feet, you leave them parallel to each other, very important, you stretch your arms, active feet and legs, kneecaps up, spine erect, pulls arms sideways and head back

Look to see if there's room for your breath, I should see it

That's it, you turn your left foot in and your right foot out

completely, you bring your hands to your waist and keeping the firmness in both feet and legs begins to turn the right thigh outward, for that and to make it clearer for you, with the help of your hand you turn the thigh outward from the groin little by little you're turning, turning, turning, while bending your leg

Knee and ankle are going to be in the same line, the knee will never exceed the ankle

Once this is done, maintaining the foot thrust of both legs, you keep the thigh turning backwards, stretching the arms

The arms are stretched as in the previous posture creating a lot of space in this area

and once I maintain the action of the leg lifting the posture from the foot ,the action of the foot that lifts the posture away from the ground and the twisting of the thigh does that the hips are opening, the sacrum is calm and the spine unweighted towards the sky

I bring my gaze to the right hand and you breathe

You return to the center and do the same thing on the other side, turn your feet, strong with that foot, strong with the leg, strong with your left foot and with your leg too, both have to push to raise the posture upward, not to stay loose and stay as is, no, I push, I lift from the legs to the trunk

and with the arms very stretched I can hold my thigh like you did before left and turning it you bend the leg

That's it, always the thigh, knee to the wall behind you, push to go up, push to go up and let that action go hips to lift the trunk , stretch the arms and look at you left hand


Lengthen the front spine

Breathing in you return to the center, turn your feet, very nice and slowly you bring them together to do Tadasana

Stretch your spine well and breathe

Okay, the same concept we're going to do in the next posture but doing a stretch

lateral of the spine, joining each one of the steps, at the moment going over we have the thrust of the feet with the action of the legs, with the the turning of the thigh outward to access the hip and that from there the column can stretch towards the side to which it is directed

Place your right elbow on your right thigh to make it easier and try to keep your right elbow on your right thigh

the push with that foot and consequently the stretching of the leg for a better result

of elongation in the trunk, stretching your spine well and move away from the floor of the trunk, move away from the pelvis, from your legs and maintain the full stretch of your spine

Open your chest and breathe

Don't let the posture sink, let's both sink, let's both sink, let's drop in there, Different, isn't it? Watch your breathing, the attitude of the body and the heaviness, recovers quickly the correct posture, stretch and breathe

Good and come back breathing in to the center, you change the turn of the feet, quick review, feet rooting, legs very firm stretching and turning the thigh I bend the leg, stretching the arms and leaning your left arm on your left leg, strong with your feet, don't fall

Push the ground, stretch your back leg well and stretch your spine and breathe

Back to to the center, you turn your feet and putting them together, Tadasana

Very good, we're going to sit down and little by little you are lying on the ground

Before you finish, a twist, very good, and once you're here you bring your knees to your chest

drop them to your right side, look at your opposite hand

and little by little bring the right shoulder, left shoulder down, releasing the air

Back to the center and switch to the other side

And you go back to the center, breathing in

All right, you leave your feet hip-width apart, you make sure you're straight, you bring the right leg towards the abdomen, then the left leg, and you hold it this left one, stretch it right and you go forward as far as you can with the leg forward

Create more and more space in this segment, as much as you can and do the same with the other one

Leg and feet active and you move forward, move forward, move forward as much as you can forward

clearly noticing the space that is created between the groin and by above the iliac crest, stay there for a few moments

With your arms relaxed and feeling the lengthening of the the whole frontal column and consequently the belly is dragged by it and sinks

You loosen your feet and legs

and you leave your body deeply from the ground

You breathe in

And releasing the air once again your whole body loosens up

The whole body deeply relaxed, abandoned

Little by little you begin to move your body, to feel it, to wake up, make any gesture you need and then turn on your right side

With the help of the hands we sit down

Okay, take a couple of deep breaths

Slowly you open your eyes

Well I hope that you will take something to include in your daily routine, in the routine that you stipulate

into your week over the course of the days to complete to enrich your sap more, so that you can feel other aspects, another way to reach the posture so that you can reach more depth at the moment of your practice

Thank you very much for being there, have a great time

good day


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