New Symmetry


Change is chaos. To change is to blast off into outer space - beautiful and terrifying. Immerse yourself in experiential artist Stephanie Singer’s 30-minute pop-electronica adventure. An intimate window into the stages of her PTSD journey. Take a deep breath and enter the fantasy universe of the “New Symmetry” - a luminous fuschia spaceship designed to blast you into the emotional stratosphere. Inspired by the minds of David Bowie, Prince and Janelle Monae, "New Symmetry" was conceived and created in pre-pandemic Russia. The film, while created ahead of Lady Gaga's “Chromatica” release, is in conversation with its bubblegum pink intergalactic universe.“New Symmetry” is the beating heart of electronica pop, heartbreaking vocals and a hefty dose of surreality. With immersive audio production by Amanda Mayo (Slow Shudder), Singer’s voice envelopes you in a stream of consciousness. This is a spaceship anyone can board. Let Stephanie Singer be your captain.

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