Types of yoga: Kundalini yoga

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September 29, 2020

Kundalini Yoga

Relatively new in the West, kundalini yoga or "yoga of consciousness" aims to open the heart, build strength and release the energy located at the base of the spine (the kundalini). Kundalini yoga is undoubtedly one of the most spiritual styles of yoga. It focuses on breath and movement and can be challenging yet very rewarding for the practitioner. While most styles of yoga with asana come from the hatha yoga family, kundalini has its origins in the tantric tradition.

A bit of history

Kundalini is one of the oldest schools of yoga and has been practiced in India since 500 BC. However, it was not until 1969 that Yogi Bhajan introduced this style to the West.

What are its benefits?

The word "kundalini" means coiled, literally, and the practice is represented by a snake coiled on the bottom of the spine. The purpose of this variant of yoga is to uncoil this snake and release the energy within. The benefits are primarily the development of strength, and the achievement of well-being and happiness.

Is it good for beginners?

Without a doubt, kundalini is very different from other forms of yoga and, in fact, some of its practices can be quite interesting. No two classes are ever going to be the same and in them you can do things like dancing, jumping, staying in asanas for a long time and deep waiting. It is great for beginners with an open mind because it has the ability to push the practitioner out of their comfort zone and offers many options to go at any pace.

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What is a kundalini yoga class like?

Without a doubt, kundalini is very different from other forms of yoga and, in fact, some of its practices can be somewhat interesting. Kundalini yoga can vary in each practice, but all classes should begin with a kundalini chant or mantra and end with a deep meditation. There are kundalini kriyas, which are sets of specific postures, breaths and sounds. Their practice requires concentration on the breath, especially the breath of fire, a mode of breathing in which air is expelled rapidly. In the practice of kundalini one must let go of worries and be ready to dance or move freely.this variant of yoga has the power to release and unblock the barriers within ourselves, allowing ourselves to be invaded by a sense of serenity and happiness.