Therapeutic use of Ayahuasca

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January 26, 2022

Many people use this plant to get out of serious addictions (although it requires a previous strong cleansing and purification), diseases, depression or problems of vital orientation.

Although from a scientific point of view there is still much work to be done, it seems clear that ayahuasca has therapeutic or beneficial properties for personal growth.

The number of accounts of people who have had experiences with it often indicate a clear benefit for both the person and his or her close environment.

Benefits of taking Ayahuasca

These people speak of revelatory, renewing experiences and of a high personal benefit in many ways, both physical and psychological. Many people also experience elevated feelings of spirituality or mystical states, where they feel merged with a grander reality than their simple singularity, which ends up giving them courage and energy to continue facing the day to day and enriches their personal worldview.

Even difficult experiences are often sobering and helpful. Rarely does anyone return from an ayahuasca experience without having learned something important in relation to oneself, others and/or the nature of reality.

Although it is often said that a single ayahuasca intake is more effective than 10 years of therapy, the truth is that in order to produce a sustained therapeutic benefit over time related to changing maladaptive behavior patterns, solving problems caused by life traumas or resolving entrenched negative family dynamics, it is necessary to work prior to the intake and extensive integration and follow-up.

When the ayahuasca experience is integrated in the context of a therapeutic program, it can be said to increase the effectiveness of the personal process that one is going through.

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