Strengthen your immune system. Do Yoga and stay calm

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September 28, 2020

All this undoubtedly generates great uneasiness and a real impact on our emotional and psychological state. In the face of fear and uncertainty, we may even feel episodes of stress or anxiety, causing our immune system to be weakened.

In the face of these events, it is especially important to be aware, apply common sense, keep calm and be responsible in order to take care of ourselves and thus be useful for the collective good.

As far as your circumstances allow, try to incorporate into your life healthy habits such as the practice of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and a healthy diet and supplements that boost your immune system. Not forgetting, obviously, the official recommendations that you all probably already know.

It is a unique moment to experience for yourself the many benefits that these ancient techniques bring us both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Life philosophies that elevate our mood and give us greater strength, both physically and mentally. Useful ancestral tools to keep at bay thoughts that can generate unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Asanas recommended to strengthen your immune system

Half bridge or full bridge

Twisting and bending back postures such as cat-cow, half bridge or full bridge, utrasana or camel pose, sphinx, side twist, cobra, and a long etc, will help strengthen your immune system and relieve possible tensions in your back caused by changes in our routine.

Utrasana or camel posture

It is important that previously, you perform at least 5 salutations to activate, stretch and open your body. In this way, it will be easier to enter the postures and avoid injuries. Listen to your body, do not overdo the asanas.

Do not forget to end your practice with the savanasa posture, one of the most important postures of yoga, whose purpose is to allow us to reach full relaxation with awareness. This is the moment to connect with your body and emotional sensations after your practice, and to stop for a while, to get entangled in our thoughts. If they come, let them go!

Breathing exercise or pranayama:

We recommend you to practice Kapalabhati, it will help you oxygenate your brain, clean your airways and raise your inner fire.

    Now more than ever, it is especially important to be aware of our diet and the incorporation of healthy habits in our daily routine. .

    Include in your diet foods with a high nutritional intake, becomes an essential requirement to strengthen your immune system and raise your defenses.

    Vitamin B6 is essential: it intervenes in the formation of red blood cells and antibodies. Foods in how:

    1. Garlic: know all its benefits.
    2. Nuts: pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts or peanuts.
    3. Legumes: beans, soybeans, lentils, broad beans and lupins. Fruits: banana, avocado, raisins or dried figs.
    4. Spices: saffron, cinnamon, oregano, pepper, paprika, nutmeg or basil will help us to stock up on this vitamin.
    5. Foods rich in vitamins C, D and A, and beta-carotene in addition to those rich in Omega 3 acids such as pomegranate, orange, avocado, sardines, tomatoes, spinach and ginger that promote the production of collagen.
    6. Other superfoods that we should incorporate: Honey, antibacterial and antibiotic. Honey such as lavender, eucalyptus, linden or rosemary help prevent respiratory diseases such as colds, sinusitis, bronchitis or flu. If you want to know more properties of honey, visit our post.
    7. Quinoa: very energetic food.
    8. Olive oil: the antioxidants of the "green gold" help improve the immune system and prevent heart disease, among others.

    Learn more properties We leave you a link so that you can consult our Superfoods courses:

    We all know also the recommendation to ingest hot foods and drinks, such as broths, creams, tea and infusions.Tea can become a great ally at a time like this, with its great properties that help balance the body. You can learn more about tea and all the benefits it offers with this online course.

    We also recommend the topical application (soles of your feet and spine) of the mixture of essential oils such as frankincense, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

    We are only a small part of existence, Take the opportunity of these moments to work on virtues such as inner virtues such as humility, compassion and acceptance.


    "It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that responds best to change" Charles Darwin.