Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

We want to announce that tomorrow, Thursday May 7th, we are launching a new format in Conscious Television. From Monday to Friday we will offer live yoga classes with Silvia Jaén, one of the biggest referents in the world of Yoga, teacher with more than 15 years of experience (visit her BIO).

What do I have to do? How can I enjoy the live classes?

  • Access our website (not valid from the APP) and go to the Yoga Live section, where you can check the schedule of our classes and recommendations for your practice. From there, you will be able to access directly to each class at the established schedule and without the need of a previous reservation or to send you an email with the meeting. We will use the Zoom APP (register, it's free). This tool allows you to access the class by choosing to activate or not your camera, whichever option you prefer. This way, Silvia will be able to see your practice, correct you and establish a better link between teacher and student. What are our classes like? They are classes for all levels since she will offer different alternatives in each posture according to your level. In addition, there will be an exclusive class on Fridays at 7pm (Madrid time) of Yoga Initiation for those who have never practiced yoga, if this is your case. But if you can't attend the initiation classes, don't worry, the rest of the classes are designed to be suitable for you as well.
  • They will last 1h15min but you will be able to connect 10 minutes before the beginning to ask Silvia your questions if you wish.
  • You can visit the schedule and times of the classes in our Yoga Live section or by clicking HERE. If you are connecting from another country, please take into account the time difference with respect to the UTC zone + 2h (Madrid time).

Silvia Jaen and the Conscious Television team are very happy to be able to accompany you these days from home. Namasté

* Important: you must register and access the classes from our website, not valid from the mobile app.