Silvia Jaen


From a very young age, Silvia best expressed herself using her body. Years went by and she was pulled towards the world of fashion, which became her profession. “It was a way to continue creating and connecting, in some way, with myself. I admired the beauty of the bodies moving and expressing an unparalleled art form. And when I walked a runway myself or did photo shoots, I felt it was pure expression.”

Many years later, she found her path. Fate brought some interesting talks on Food, Yoga and Meditation into her life, and a good friend told her, “Yoga will make you great inside.”

A short while later, she trained in Hatha Yoga and felt that yoga was her calling. She was, undoubtedly, on her path.

Moved by the desire to go even deeper, she began to intensively and continuously practice Iyengar Yoga, subsequently starting to give workshops all over Spain, as well as training courses for Yoga teachers. After 15 years of teaching and more than 20 years of practice, she continues to be 100% invested in her work and pours all her love and dedication into each of her classes.

She has taught courses for qualified teachers in India, Greece and Indonesia.

She currently teaches classes and training courses in Madrid, the Canary Islands and other cities in Spain, as well as Yoga Therapy courses for teachers and students with extensive experience in the practice of yoga.

For Silvia, “Yoga is subtlety, adaptability, openness, surrender, acceptance and awareness. My gratitude to Yoga and to my teachers is immense, infinite. Thank you for letting me see that there is so much to learn and that all this is just the beginning....”