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September 28, 2020

Live Yoga Classes Calendar:

We'll be using the Zoom tool for live - sign up HERE, it's free!

to our teachers:

  • Silvia Jaén (Hatha / Iyengar) 15 years dedicated to teaching Yoga and 20 years of personal practice. Silvia: "As I practice, experiment and listen to myself, I discover forms that adapt to my students, offering a practice in which precision and movement is fundamental to the connection with the body and mind. Restorative classes with a Yin approach are an essential part of my teaching.
  • Candida Vivalda (Jivamukti Yoga) 15 years studying and practicing Yoga throughout Europe, USA and India, with renowned teachers. Teacher of Jivamukti Yoga (Vinyasa style), her classes include elements of reflection on the philosophy of Yoga, mantra chanting and intense physical practice but open to all levels. Candida: "Yoga is compassion towards all beings and realization of the interconnectedness/unity of all that exists".
  • Maria José Van Hal (Hatha Flow) 20 years immersed in a personal work of awareness and care of physical, mental and emotional well-being. In her classes you find alignment, contemplation and moments of reflection about life and feeling. She also works with elements of aromatherapy, flower essences and deep writing. Maria José: "For me Yoga is the Path of the Soul to the Essence".

Satsang (meeting and community space):

Every Sunday, and also through Zoom , we will have the participation of different specialists who will share their knowledge and experience, to whom you can consult all your doubts. The Satsang calendar will be updated in the Direct section of Conscious Television.

What do I have to do to enjoy the Live Shows?

Download the zoom application and create your account, it's free. These allow you to activate your camera so that the teacher can see your practice and correct you, in this way, a greater student-teacher bond is established. In addition, you can consult your doubts both at the beginning and at the end of the class.

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If you want to try the live classes and get to know all our content (hundreds of classes, courses and programs about Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Eating, Tantra, and much more), subscribe! The first 7 days are FREE. In the Yoga category of our platform, you will find the Yoga Direct section, from where you can access directly to the class by clicking on the call at the indicated time (Madrid time).

A mat and comfortable clothes (no socks during the practice). At the beginning of each class the teacher will indicate if you need a block (or a book), a belt or a chair.

If possible, we recommend that you do not drink liquids during the class as this will dampen the heat or inner fire that is generated by the practice. The fire helps us to eliminate impurities from the body and gives us physical vigor and enthusiasm on a mental level. We hope to see you!