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September 28, 2020

Everyone goes through a time when they realise that they need a change in their life. It is a period of taking stock of everything we have experienced and setting new goals that will help us to increase our wellbeing. Taking care of the body, giving up bad habits, reducing our stress and anxiety levels tend to be among the most common. In short, we need to change in order to feel better and achieve happiness in its purest form.

It is not always easy to achieve our goals, the hectic pace and demands of everyday life often leave us with little time to devote to what really matters. Meditation is an effective technique for calming the mind, relaxing the body and finding inner peace in the midst of everyday chaos.

Help yourself with meditation

Learning to meditate does not avoid all the pains of life, but it does provide us with the necessary tools to face them in the best possible way, reducing much of the suffering. Self-knowledge is vital to walk in the direction of a life of personal satisfaction and happiness. Being aware of who I am allows us to make better decisions in all areas: personal relationships, love, work, studies, children's education and countless other areas.

Lack of time is the excuse for everything we stop doing but thanks to new technologies it is no longer necessary to travel physically to learn meditation. Meditation is a technique for being able to stop the mind, just as fitness is a technique for training the body. In the Buddhist tradition 'meditation' focuses on quiet observation, concentrating attention on the present moment, moving out of the past and future scheme where the mind usually exists. The key to getting there is to achieve this state of mindfulness through still posture, breathing and general relaxation.

Meditation improves our health and can be a good partner in preventing illness. It soothes our heart rate, calms our body and boosts our immune system. Besides, learning to meditate helps to overcome addictions. Don't you think that learning to meditate will make you feel much better and help you to achieve your goals?

The easiest way to start meditating is to concentrate on your breathing, if you want to try it you can follow this class to learn how to manage stress: