Irritability anger attacks: Pitta Dosha imbalance

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Have you been feeling irritable or angry lately? In Ayurvedic medicine these feelings are understood as an excess of fire, which is very characteristic of the Dosha Pitta.

When Pitta gets angry, it is due to an accumulation and overload of accumulated heat in the organism. This causes people with Pitta Dosha predominance to explode and express anger and irritability as well as a critical, competitive and ambitious attitude.

However, when Pitta is in balance it is often noted for its positive qualities such as enthusiasm, empathy, willpower, confidence, joy and vitality.

The explosion of intense emotions indicates that the Pitta Dosha is very unbalanced and therefore needs to be treated.

What are your feelings?

  • Burning sensation in any part of the body with burning or inflammation are an expression of excess Pitta.
  • Low body temperature, lethargy and mental heaviness indicate lack of Pitta.

Dosha Pitta by nature is hot, luminous, light, penetrating and intense, qualities closely related to fire. Exposure to these qualities through diet, environment, lifestyle and relationships aggravates this Dosha. On the other hand, refreshing, nourishing and consistent experiences balance it.

Meditation, contemplation and prayer tend to diminish the fiery emotions associated with Pitta. Sweet, astringent and bitter diets also help.

Pitta-balancing foods

  • Sweet taste is the most nutritious for Pitta. Meals of a sweet nature include rice, pasta, milk, root vegetables and natural oils.
  • Astringent meals such as beans, apples, pomegranates and most vegetables are very appropriate.
  • A mixture of vegetables and fruits is often helpful, especially in the summer months.Raw meals tend to be refreshing in nature and Pitta tends to tolerate them better than the other Doshas.
  • The bitter taste cleanses the palate and sharpens the sense of taste, is refreshing and dry, predominantly in vegetables. It is also found in spices such as saffron and turmeric.

General Pitta recommendations

  • Pitta tends to have a keen and sometimes insatiable appetite so it is very important not to overindulge.
  • Highly processed meals such as canned, pre-cooked meals and industrial pastries lack vital energy or prana, are excessively heavy and should be avoided.
  • Reduce hot and oily meals such as dense cheeses, eggs, sour cream and alcohol.

When it comes to pacifying Pitta we must focus on diet, creating routines of rest and activity. Being respectful of schedules helps to balance the extremely active digestive fire in Pitta.

As a final recommendation we would like to  invite you to eat calmly, paying attention to the action, in a quiet place, this will avoid eating with a feeling of anxiety and / or overeating.

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