Find out how learning to meditate improves your self-esteem

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

The image we have of ourselves begins to be forged from the moment we are born, our parents, the environment that surrounds us and our friendships form a mirror that reflects back to us a reality that is often distorted.

In a society where stress and anxiety are the order of the day, it is necessary to always take a few minutes to look within and listen to ourselves. Learning to meditate helps not only to improve your self-esteem, but also to regulate your stress and anxiety levels.

in order to advance in our development it is vital to have a balanced self-esteem, to know who we are and to know ourselves is the first step to advance in our growth.

So that you know how meditating helps you to love yourself more, here are 10 keys that influence the process:

  1. Meditation allows you to become aware of yourself. You have to live life in full awareness of who you are and what you do in order to make decisions that have an impact on achieving happiness.
  2. It frees the body to unblock it and allow energy to flow.
  3. It helps to manage emotions better, giving us the tools to face problems.
  4. Breathing exercises fill you with air, free you, open the heart chakra and increase your lung capacity making you feel better instantly.
  5. Meditation helps you to visualise positive situations.
  6. Through meditation you learn to listen to yourself on an emotional level to balance your inner self and get in touch with yourself.
  7. It connects your body and mind.
  8. Learning to meditate does not exempt us from pain or suffering, but it offers us tools to face difficult situations in the best possible way.
  9. It relaxes the nervous system and rests our thoughts.
  10. The repetition of mantras during the meditation session helps you to fix positive thoughts and ideas.