Feng Shui tips for the flow of Qi at home

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

There are only a few days left until the end of the year and it is time to take stock in order to face the new one with the best possible energy. If we follow the advice of Feng Shui we can adapt our house so that the Qi flows in our home.

  • Do a thorough cleaning of all the rooms in your house, don't just focus on what you can see, the cupboards are very important because energy can remain stagnant in them if they are not properly cared for as a sign that you don't want to carry over the problems of the previous year. Pay special attention to the entrance, it is a key area, in it you have to have objects that make you feel good as soon as you enter the house, it is also very positive to reflect your dreams in it. A tidy and clean house is the key to a more peaceful life.
  • Go through all your things, keep only what is in good condition and what you really use. Broken or unused items do not allow new things to enter your life. Remember to throw away old tickets or accumulated papers that are not needed. Be careful also with new objects that are not part of your life, give them away or donate them. Don't store anything you don't use.
  • Wash your home textiles, shake out carpets and thoroughly clean kitchen drawers and cupboards.
  • Sweep the house from the inside out to remove all the bad things.
  • Pay special attention to each room, see if you feel comfortable in it or if the way you have the furniture arranged is practical. Reorganise everything you need to face the new stage, being clear about what you want and what you don't want.
  • Take care of others and take care of yourself. Give yourself a gift that you have been wanting for a long time and that symbolises what you want for the new year.
  • Pay off as many debts as you have, or at least as many as possible.
  • The first day conditions to a large extent what the new year will be like for you. Surround yourself with the people you love, pay attention to your diet, dress in cheerful colours such as red and keep a positive attitude.

  • Pay attention to the positioning of the bed, it is advisable that it is placed diagonally and opposite the door. It is better if it has a headboard and it is leaning against a wall where there is no window. You should also have visual access to the entrance door from the bed.

Don't forget to practice yoga, meditation and maintain a healthy diet to take care of your body as well.