May 31, 2024

Therapeutic Writing with Angela

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1 hour sessions

Power Stories" therapeutic writing and meditation workshop - This 10-session therapeutic writing workshop is a space where we are given the valuable opportunity to express our feelings with absolute freedom and authenticity. This practice is a highly effective tool for exploring our inner world, fostering self-knowledge and releasing emotions that might otherwise be trapped inside.

You are one story away from your transformation. Sessions in which we will give what we tell ourselves another look, a new perspective. A NARRATIVE UNBLOCKING. Because the story of our life defines us "What limits you is not what happens to you but how you think and tell yourself what happens to you. "Words create emotions and emotions develop habits." Stories are beliefs, what hurts us is not what happened, but how you tell it to yourself. Let's transform our internal dialogue into stories of power.

The techniques we use to create this space of intuitive introspection are diverse and creative. Angela Sanchez of Darte Cuenta and workshop facilitator, invites us to explore therapeutic writing, meditation, visualization and story therapy as tools that allow us to become aware of ourselves and express in a pure and fluid way what we feel and think.


  • The workshop consists of 10 sessions and is held every Thursday from March 7 to May 23.
  • You can attend one, several or all of the sessions as they are independent and deal with different topics.
  • You can leave the session whenever you wish, before it ends but we would appreciate punctuality in accessing as far as possible.

Workshop schedule:

  • March: Thursday 7: Self-care and Thursday 14: Healing my family tree, Thursday 21: Reconciling myself with shame.
  • April: Thursday 4: Empowering intuition, Thursday 11: Letting go and letting go, Thursday 18: Re-encountering my inner child, Thursday 25: Shedding light on my shadows
  • May: Thursday 09: Merit and gratitude, May 16: Connection with silence and listening; May 23: Grief management.

To access the workshop every Thursday:

  • You must click on the "Go to Event" button that is activated right at the start time of each session.
  • The workshop is held by Zoom. If you don't have a free zoom account, you can create it HERE.
  • It is necessary that you look for a space where you can be calm.

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