June 19, 2024

Meditation with Blanca

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Blanca González

Blanca González

Meditation group of 40 min. You can join the group whether you have experience or not as a meditator.  

What will the meditation classes consist of?

  • We will begin each class with a series of breaths to promote a state of presence and mindfulness.
  • After that, we will immerse ourselves together in the practice of meditation, which we will progressively increase over the days to a maximum duration of 20 minutes.
  • At the end, we will offer a space for you to share your reflections, doubts and questions about your meditative experience, if you feel so inclined.

You will be free to leave the class whenever you need to.

To access the class:

  • You must click on the "Go to the Event" button that is activated right at the start time of the class.
  • The classes are held by Zoom. If you don't have a free zoom account, you can create one from HERE.
  • It is necessary that you look for a space where you can be calm. 

Come on, we are waiting for you! These classes are free of charge. If you want to enjoy the rest of the live classes and on-demand content of Conscious Television, try 7 days for FREE.