May 31, 2024


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Marita Burbridge Espel

Marita Burbridge Espel

It consists of 10 one-and-a-half hour sessions designed to teach how to use the creation of mandalas as a therapeutic tool for self-reflection and relaxation, as well as to develop artistic skills and encourage creativity and personal expression.

In addition, the symbolism and meaning of mandalas in different cultures and spiritual traditions will be explored, promoting mindfulness and concentration in the creative process. The workshop will facilitate a learning space that fosters interaction and collaboration among participants, offering individualized guidance and feedback. Participants are encouraged to apply the concepts learned in their daily lives, using mindful art as a tool for self-discovery, healing and stress management.

It also seeks to create a community of conscious art and mandala lovers, where participants can share their artwork and experiences if they wish. It will also encourage the exploration of plastic techniques for artistic productions applied to everyday and decorative objects that help to explore the world of art and creativity in a conscious and therapeutic way.

The main objective of each session is to provide relaxation and concentration tools (no previous knowledge is necessary). Additional resources such as videos and PDF material will be offered, as well as active meditation and relaxation practices.  

The course is designed so that participants can apply Mindful Art in their daily lives to reduce stress and promote well-being.

Materials needed for the sessions: 

We will use simple materials: colored pencils, fibers or markers, school drawing paper, scissors; we will specify in each class the materials needed,.

What will we work on in each session?

March sessions:

1/03- Black and White Mandalas: Learn to express emotions through contrasts and shadows, creating monochromatic mandalas that reflect moods and feelings.

8/03- Geometric Mandalas: Discover the beauty of symmetry and precision when designing mandalas based on geometric shapes, exploring harmony in structure.

03/15- Natural Mandalas: Connect with nature by using organic elements to design mandalas that reflect the beauty of flowers, leaves and patterns found in the environment. 

03/22- Musical Mandalas: Fuse visual and auditory art by designing mandalas inspired by music, exploring how sound vibrations can influence your artistic expression. 

April Sessions:

5/4- Chakra Mandalas: Immerse yourself in spiritual energy by designing mandalas representing the seven chakras, exploring the connection between art and energetic balance. 

12/4- Universal Connection Mandalas: Explore the idea of unity and universal connection by creating mandalas that reflect the interconnectedness of all beings and elements in the cosmos.

19/4- Zen Mandalas: Experiment with simplicity and minimalism in the creation of mandalas, drawing inspiration from Zen philosophy to convey peace and balance.

4/26- 3D Mandalas: Break away from two-dimensionality by exploring techniques that give depth and three-dimensionality to your mandalas, creating stunning visual effects. 

May sessions:

03/5- Light and Shadow Mandalas: Play with lighting and shadows when designing mandalas. We observe and integrate our shadow and light.

10/5- Transformation Mandalas: Reflect on processes of change and evolution by creating mandalas that represent personal and spiritual transformation.

To access the workshop every Friday:

  • You must click on the "Go to Event" button that is activated at the start time of each session.
  • The workshop is held by Zoom. If you don't have a free zoom account, you can create one HERE.
  • It is necessary that you find a space where you can be quiet.
  • Each session is independent so you can attend the session you want. 

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