At Christmas, give the gift of Conscious Television

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Christmas has become a commercial excuse where we feed consumerism without realizing to give gifts with meaning and value of spirit. Our proposal? Make civil disobedience to the gift by compromise and make only responsible gifts that you really want to give, and choose them truly from the heart.

Give the gift of yoga, meditation, healthy eating, yogi lifestyle and much more with Conscious Television.

How do I give Conscious Television as a gift? It's very easy, follow these steps.

Click on the following link:
Choose the payment plan you are most interested in: Annual Premium or Monthly Premium. * Remember that by signing up for the Annual Premium plan (69 €) you save 40% and get a yoga mat for FREE!
Register with your details and complete the three steps of the payment gateway.
Send us an email with your details and the details of the person you want to gift Conscious Television to and our team will take care of the rest.
How it is delivered:

  1. We send a beautiful email to the gift recipient.
  2. If you choose the Annual Premium plan, the recipient will also receive a Conscious TV Yoga mat.
  3. If you choose the Annual Premium plan the Yoga mat will be accompanied by a card on which we will write what you tell us. Oh sin her.
Contact us. Do it, seriously.


Tell us what you need, want or want. We respond in less than 24 hours.

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