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Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

The mobile application that will change your life is called Conscious Television.

It is more than demonstrated that to maintain a healthy mind and body it is very important to practice any type of physical activity on a regular basis.

Now you have it even easier with the Conscious Television application, from your mobile and / or tablet you can improve your performance and keep the basis of your routine so you do not do laziness and be more disciplined.

An application with which you save. If the reason why you do not do sport is economic we advance you that our price plans are tailored to you so that no excuse will slow you down.

What does the Conscious Television App offer?

Hundreds of yoga classes with which you can learn in an organic way and quickly establish the basis of your personal practice. All classes are tailored to your needs, taking into account your level, energy, availability and purpose.

What styles of Yoga will you find?

As always you will have yoga for children, pregnant women, asanas and yogi philosophy.

In each video the teacher will guide you through instructions, modifications, variations and precautions that you should apply in each posture. Easily locate all the content with the drop-down menu.

Yoga for beginners: These classes include guided sequences perfect for anyone new to the practice.

Yoga Asanas: The main Yoga postures or Asansa explained step by step and designed for you to establish a good foundation with which to continue growing in your personal practice.

 Yoga for pregnant women: Practice yoga from the third month of pregnancy. Yoga sessions and relaxation techniques ideal for the health of mother and baby.

Mindfulness: This is the technique you need to learn to meditate and start living the present more intensely.

And... what about the courses?

The courses on superfoods, medicinal plants, Ayurveda, OSHO Talks are still there for you. The difference is that you can enjoy them from your cell phone wherever and whenever you want, without limits or limitations.


Personalized programs are the hit of our launch. Each program is created to solve a problem, to make you feel lighter, fuller, happier.

The first 5 programs you will find are to combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, menstrual cramps, yoga routine, mindfulness '3o days' and emotional blockage.

The main idea is that you yourself generate the necessary tools to heal yourself. To do this, you will make a commitment to yourself, dedicating time each day to your own happiness.

Thanks to the daily calendar you will be able to track your process, save the history of your classes and schedule the next one. The goal is to improve your health and well-being.

Download the Conscious Television App now at: 5 reasons why you should download the Conscious Television app:

1. To infinity and beyond!Because you can enjoy all video content wherever and whenever you want. There are no limits.

2. Netflix of the Yogi Life. Because we are an independent platform with OTT technology. Yes, yes, like Netflix. It does not depend on Vimeo or Youtube.

3. Multidevice. You can enjoy the content on your mobile, tablet, computer, Smart TV and mobile application. You can also cast the content to the TV with Chromecast type devices.

4. Contact us: Tell us what you need, want or want. We respond in less than 24 hours.

5. Because you have 40 apps downloaded on your mobile and it's about time you got one that you ARE going to use.

Get a non-slip, toxic-free, eco-friendly, easy to store, soft and washable Yoga mat with your annual subscription.