Discover the multiple benefits of tea for your health

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November 18, 2021

"Tea enlivens our imagination. It represses the vapors that invade the head and keeps the palace of the soul serene."
Edmund Waller
With a millenary tradition behind it, tea has always been used in traditional Chinese medicine to perpetuate life. These are elements that, in the right dosage, can bring multiple benefits to your body. It is the same with juices. It seems that in this increasingly fast-paced society, we have neglected the combination of natural elements to prevent future ailments. They are healthy, nutritious and only bring benefits.

Traditional Chinese medicine is considered the oldest known healing system on the planet. From the millenary practices of the Chinese tradition to the present day, the system has been improved and polished, making it more and more effective. The system is based on a mixture of theory and practice, focused on harmonizing and reflecting the natural order in one's own organism.

Chinese tradition tells us that prevention is the best medicine there is. This discipline puts special emphasis on the language of your body: learning to understand the signals it sends us about health. One of the plants that can help us in this task is the Camellia Sinensis from which comes the most popular varieties of tea: black tea, white tea, red tea and the famous oolong tea.  

This plant has been considered sacred for millennia. The legendary emperor Shennong claimed that infusions of Camellia Sinensis were useful to prevent and treat infections, tumors and problems related to fatigue and bladder. More modern studies have supported the benefits of prolonged consumption of this substance.

  • Black tea: This tea reduces the absorption of triglycerides and cholesterol, thus helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity problems. It is also indicated to help intestinal diseases.
  • Green tea: the benefits are similar to those of black tea, but being less processed, green tea is also useful to prevent the formation of clots in the bloodstream. It is also able to combat sugars in the blood, making it ideal when following any type of diet.
  • Red tea: it is a great stimulant, so it is recommended for processes of bad mood, as a powerful antidrepesivo and can help fight melancholy. It is not indicated for particularly nervous people.
  • White tea: Wonderful antioxidant because it contains three times more polyphenols than the rest, it has begun to be very associated with the prevention of aging, as well as beneficiaries of rheumatoid arthritis patients.
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