Yoga the discipline to live longer and improve your quality of life

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June 20, 2021

As many of you know yoga is a discipline that improves the quality of life at all levels, both physically and mentally. These two things are of utmost importance in order to maintain a healthy, strong, balanced body and a stable mind and emotional state.

When we practice yoga there are many postures that will improve organ functions, blood circulation, mobility in muscles and joints and reach parts of the body that you often didn't know existed until you started practising. And, of course, it improves breathing capacity. All this leads to an improvement in our quality of life.

Asanas develop vitality, balance and flexibility, all of which are very important for good health. They keep the body free from disease and eliminate fatigue as well as greatly relaxing the nervous system. All this will once again improve our mental health through the work of the body and therefore lead to a calm, stress-free and healthy life. For this you have to have attitude in practice and work hard to stay in balance.

As we mature in the practice of yoga, we can see that the body is undoubtedly an area that needs to be pampered and cared for so that it feels free and full of health.  It will lead us to be stronger and to be able to have a full life.

Just as having a responsible practice will improve our health, having a disorderly practice, forcing postures without knowledge, doing sequences that do not make any sense, will lead us to a state that is not desirable for our life. It is necessary to be delicate and persevering in the correct practice of asanas and pranayama.

As I have said on some occasions, pranayama is the most subtle and delicate part of yoga. Personally I think it is something that cannot be missing in a yogi or yogini with an established and mature practice. Prana means life, vitality, energy. Ayama means expansion. With pranayama we can strengthen the respiratory system, calm the nervous system, give oxygen to each of the cells and many other things take place when we learn to breathe thanks to the exercises of this technique.

As you can see in the Beginners Course on our online platform, asanas and pranayama are closely related to create a state of balance and vitality. It is very important to create a routine of work with the sessions that I explain in the course and in this way have a proper shadana that makes us move forward and bring out the full potential of our being.

Yoga tends to be a practice that has to do with inner knowledge on all levels. But this does not ensure that you can apply it on an external level in your daily life. For this you have to be very attentive to bring it into your daily life as discussed in the Elixir: Eternal Youth Course. This course teaches you the keys to find harmony, fulfilment and freedom in your life.

Food is essential to nourish body and soul. The food we eat must be organic, that does not create toxicity inside us and take careful care of what we eat because many foods contain multiple vitamins, antioxidants, in short many elements that will make our body stay young, strong and healthy as it talks about it extensively Superfoods course available on our online platform.

I encourage you to discover the keys to lead a life full of good things, so that you can guide your path even better with all the information that Conscious Television puts at your disposal with different courses that will make you find what you need and understand the great value of what life has given you: your body and your mind.



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Article written by Silvia Jaén

Silvia Jaén is a yoga teacher with more than 15 years dedicated to teaching and 20 years of personal practice, currently teaching classes, courses and workshops in Madrid and other cities in Spain. You can find out more here.

She collaborates in trainings for yoga teachers outside the peninsula. She also directs her own teacher training in Madrid. For her, yoga is subtlety, adaptability, openness, surrender, acceptance and awareness.