A new Conscious TV is born

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December 23, 2021

We are preparing new content that will make you see and understand life in a very different way, in September, we release documentary series, courses and trainings that you will not find in other platforms, classes and programs that will take your mind, body and soul to another level. Experience the wonderful evolution of your consciousness, you are part of the change.

New documentary series: Tea, haunted water.

We travel to the heart of Taiwan, the land of tea, to trace the origins and history of the most popular drink in the world. Learn about the different types of tea, its rituals, ways of preparation and the healing power of its properties. Now you can become a true tea expert.

Awaken your inner Goddess: Get it for free!

Subscribe to the annual premium plan and get: a yoga mat valued at 35 € and the new book by Lorena Molinero: Awaken your inner goddess.

Inside you will find an immediate transformation process that will boost your self-confidence, make you feel worthy, increase the love you have for yourself and improve your daily life. Reading it will be an important point in your personal evolution that will not leave you indifferent.

What are you waiting for to discover it?

Learn to manage your EMOTIONS

Opening up to emotions is a 20-session course where you will learn to transform your negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, frustration into fullness, inner calm and strength. It's time to connect with who you really are.

Download the Conscious Television App at:  ( Android and iOS ) and now you can do the sessions / routines from your own mobile.