Awaken sexual energy: yoni massage

Conscious TV

July 07, 2021

The yoni (vagina) massage is part of the kundalini massage in a tantric massage session, as is the lingam (penis) massage. Kundalini massage is a massage performed in the genital area to awaken the kunda through breathing and specific movements. The term kundalini comes from Sanskrit and means snake, in fact, its representation is composed of a coiled snake symbol of the invisible energy.

During the yoni massage the woman or shakti lies on her back with her lower limbs apart so that the masseur can sit in the middle with her legs crossed or on his knees so that her genital area is exposed. The masseur can be in the lotus or kneeling position and will always have warm massage oil at hand.

Before starting the yoni massage it is very important to ask the woman's permission, especially when inserting the finger into her vagina. Any movement without prior consent can cause the shakti to feel invaded and a radical energy cut-off can occur. The woman should also be informed that organs and parts of the body will be touched without any pleasure and, on the contrary, areas will be massaged in which she will feel infinite pleasure. The shakti must always tell the shiva if it hurts her, if she prefers another rhythm, if she wants anal stimulation, communication is very important in tantric massage.

Through breathing and control of movements, sensual energy is converted into sexual energy. As the energy is well distributed, the sensations are much deeper and what is usually a physical exchange with release of tension becomes a much deeper and spiritual communication.  The energy generated in the yoni spreads throughout the body, the seven erogenous zones are active, from the tips of the toes to the head. The most important thing is for the woman to concentrate on breathing and enjoyment.

You have to be creative and keep an eye on the woman's reactions. She is the one who sets the pace and gives all the signals about what is working and what is not. Keep in mind that it is much better to fall short than to overdo it.

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