Yoga to fight stress during exam time

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

The practice of yoga promotes relaxation and concentration, helping us to regain the energy to face the new term with good results. Yoga brings benefits not only to adults in the face of their worries, but also to young people, who will notice the benefits not only in the short term but also in the long term. Practising yoga during exam time will help to adopt an upright posture, manage anxiety better, sleep better and increase self-esteem.

During the month of February, students experience a time of stress, nerves and anxiety as a result of exams.

From Conscious Television we want to share with you the importance of practising yoga to combat this state of mind and get ready to face the next trimester.

What the practice of yoga offers

To promote concentration, yoga techniques are recommended for their multiple benefits:

  • Practising yoga increases the capacity to believe in ourselves. Students are stronger to face the next term.
  • Back position. According to experts, 51% of boys and 69% of girls between the ages of 13 and 15 suffer from back problems. This percentage increases with age, as the weight of backpacks and poor posture while studying exacerbates the health risks. Thanks to yoga, students stretch their backs and muscles, adopting an upright posture.
  • Benefits for the whole body. Most people think that yoga only improves the area of the body that is worked in each posture. However, attention is given to the whole body as all parts of the body are worked.
  • Energy. Through continued practice, young people will feel less tired as they will not waste effort on unnecessary tension, channelling energy into what is important.
  • Blank mind. Thanks to this discipline, the person finds a moment of peace, removing stress and negative thoughts. In this way, the mind clears and relaxes.
  • Concentration. Students will notice that the time they spend preparing for exams pays off. They will need less time.
  • Stress resistance. Yoga helps to manage anxiety, clears the mind and gives a clearer vision.
  • Intellectual capacities are raised. As they calm down, they concentrate all their energy on spending time studying.
  • You will sleep better. Relaxation through yoga makes it easier to fall asleep.

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