Would you like to know the millenary stories of India?

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

In Almeria is the temple and ashram Jahnava Mandir. A place to breathe yoga, peace, spirituality, fullness. We could say that it is a piece of the deepest India in the West.

In Jahnava Mandir coexists a dedicated and committed community where they put into practice the millenary science Bhakti Yoga, fully oriented to spiritual advancement.

They understand devotion as surrender, for this reason the members of the group, whether Swamis or Bhaktas, give themselves to the maximum. Only in this way is it possible to reach balance, providing solutions to all those who are on the path of self-realization or are working on their spiritual side.

The type of methodology she applies helps all those who have passed through her center in Almeria. Her maxim is to work every day in an integrative and profound way.

Their helpful spirit and great motivation as a group has led them to write a book about the "Millenary stories of India".

A story that shows us why when the West forgot the East, it became disoriented. The best of this creation is its crowdfunding character. A journey in which each one of us can contribute, either by accompanying the members of Jahnava Mandir or by creating this wonderful book about millenary stories.

Do you want to collaborate? Create this book with them, soon you will be able to do it collaborating with very little. How? It will be easy, you will anticipate the purchase of the book and they will be able to produce it and send it to you.

Thanks to your trust you will be able to make this dream come true and at the same time give yourself a unique book.

Will you join them? For more information about "Millenary stories from India". click here. To learn more about the rest of their work do not miss this link: http://www.templodekrishna.com/.

A truly magical and inspiring project.