What's wrong with my body?

Conscious TV

September 28, 2020

Your body, brain and soul are linked, you know: if your brain tells your body "you are beautiful", your body will look beautiful and your soul will be radiant.

If your brain tells your body "you have to be everywhere", your body will inevitably get fat, to be all-encompassing and your soul will feel that you live outwards and not inwards, and it will feel pain.

If your mind loses interest in life, if it is no longer attracted to enjoy and enjoy the small and great pleasures that life has to offer, your heart will suffer, your blood will cease to flow with vigour and a terrible drowsiness and weariness will take hold of your soul.

But when you tell your body "I don't have time for you", all the physical symptoms that derive from a lack of self-esteem and self-worth start to become evident... It weakens, dwarfs, sickens and your soul feels frustration and sadness at your misunderstanding of the great opportunity offered by living in the flow of everyday life with a body, mind and soul in balance and in tune.

And this is where we wanted to get to, where most of society is, in the "I don't have time for that". We live on the run, occupying every minute of the day, as if allowing ourselves a free moment of relaxation was something negative, of losers. We are continuously focused on our projects and we focus our attention, our energy, our time, on that future, without paying attention to the present.

Now watch: What does this tension, this rushing, this pushing of energy and time towards a final result, which always, always, always ends up being disappointing and unsatisfactory because it does not fill the Soul?Indeed, it reminds you of the way most people make love.

Indeed, it reminds you of the way most people make love.

The proposal of M&M Spiritual Tantra is this: Transform your way of Loving and you will transform your vision and behaviour in all facets of your life.

If you can relax, be present, enjoy the moment, without seeking, without striving for anything, without doing anything but "Being Love" during the sexual act, you will gradually attract spirituality into your life.

Just stop focusing the loving encounter towards orgasm or any other purpose and simply enjoy and breathe every moment. Let yourself be invaded by the electric currents of each caress, be flooded by the amazement of a bristling skin, lips and eyes that open the door to a space you have always wanted to enter, because something in you knew it was possible and existed. Don't look at the clock, don't worry about time, where you will be, time as such, disappears.

You will see how serenity, self-confidence, understanding, calmness, compassion and smiles become more and more part of your life.

Even your priorities will change and one day you will surprise yourself by giving priority to making Love before anything else, because in that intimate place where the world stops, you are filled with energy, light and you grow as a human being full of attributes and virtues.

A change in our way of life is necessary, the rhythm we impose on ourselves, our elders and our children is undignified and unfair.

A change of learning in our sexual relationships, in our love encounters, is also necessary. Always focused on an emotionally and spiritually unsatisfactory outcome, always in a hurry, without attending to the love we need to nourish.

Everything, absolutely everything your mind can imagine, is closely related in one way or another. A small change today leads to huge changes tomorrow.

Start changing your intimacy and your way of loving, and you will see how your body, your mind, your soul and your whole life will change on its own, flowing harmoniously from a real source: Love.

And who knows, maybe with our attitude, others will change theirs and we will achieve a kinder, more respectful and tolerant world. Because life has been given to us to savour it slowly, all of us.


Spiritual Tantra M&M

Matruvani, Mataji Das (Monica)

Shiva Rudra Das (Marc)