Tantric sex: much more than infinite orgasms

Conscious TV

July 06, 2021

Still not familiar with tantric sex? It's time to find out more about the benefits of tantra and how learning tantric massage techniques can help improve your relationship. It is very possible that you have been thinking for some time that your sexual relations are not fulfilling you and you want to take a step further to achieve greater confidence with your partner, so we want to give you some initial guidelines so that you can get started in tantric sex.

What is tantric sex?

Tantra is an ancient wisdom about which thousands of interpretations have emerged over time. Tantra can be subdivided into two main categories:

1. White tantra: this is tantra linked to the energetic aspect, both physical and mental. It focuses on meditation and ritualism, leaving sexuality aside for a mystical process and interconnection with the divine.  It is a more spiritual and less physical tantra.

2. Red Tantra: focuses on the sexual energy to reach the divine being that we all have inside and create an intimate union beyond the physical with your partner. To access the spiritual part it is necessary to know the sexual part. This type of tantra uses the practice of healing through sexual energy.

Tantric sex teaches us to enjoy the journey, to focus on the small details, to not seek orgasm as an end in itself. Feel your partner as a divine being, take care to know their concerns, to know what they like and what they don't like, to give them pleasure without expecting anything in return. The journey is the important thing, only by stopping on it will we reach our destination.

Keys to get you started in the practice of tantric sex:

1. Give importance to the ambience and take your time in preparing the room.

Surround yourself with objects that generate good energy and make you feel good, look for adequate lighting with candles, play music that relaxes you, scatter rose petals around the room, light incense and make sure that nothing interrupts this sacred ritual. Now is the time to enjoy each other unhurriedly and without interruptions from outside.

2. Tantric attitude, know your body.

It is very important to connect with our body. To do this, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself straight in the eye and recognise the beautiful human being that you are. Leave the established canons of beauty aside. Just learn to see yourself without judging yourself.

Another way to recognise you is to gently massage your face, touch you with your fingertips and feel your face. Such a simple act becomes a ritual that you can also practice with your partner. Let your body feel the other, caress him or her without any expectations. Let yourself go and let the energy flow by itself, when you let things just happen is when you get to unsuspected and tremendously exciting places.

3. Take off your clothes by also shedding negative feelings.

Do this little exercise with your partner, take off your clothes leaving aside negative feelings. Any fear that comes to your subconscious is valid, take out your fears with each garment you take off to be completely naked in front of your partner. You will reach a deeper meditation.

Give each other an unintentional hug completely naked in the sunlight. Then you can see who you really are and who the other is. Being completely naked means that we have nothing more to hide afterwards.

When you learn to accept yourself, you become more self-confident and this is the moment when you will understand the true power of tantric sex.

4. Avoid rushing and stress.

Tantric sex is the antithesis of sexual intercourse today. Don't get carried away by speed, it is not a competition to see who can reach orgasm first. As we have already said, the important thing is to discover each other, to enjoy every caress, every look, every gesture. Find your moment and give it the time it deserves.

5. Listen to the other, you owe them the utmost respect.

Before beginning a tantric sex session you should ask your partner's permission. More intrusive movements without prior consent can cause the other partner to feel invaded and can result in a radical cut-off of energy. Communication should be two-way and fluid. We must let the other know everything that we like and also what we dislike, in this way complicity will grow and your sexual relations will improve.

If you think that the time has come to initiate you in tantric sex, we will be happy to have you in our online tantra course.