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Xuan Lan takes us into the world of Yoga through this beautiful practice of Pranayama. In the following video Xuan Lan will tell us what Pranayama is, which translates from Sanskrit as "cosmic energy" and refers to the set of breathing techniques included in the practice of Yoga. The aim is for you to get to know it so that you can control your breathing during your yoga classes. Learn to enjoy all the benefits of yoga.

Hi, I'm Xuan Lan

Welcome to this yoga session 20 minutes to relax and calm the nervous system

Any day that you feel a little bit down in the dumps But you want to do yoga you can do this session With this class we are looking to calm the nervous system and rebalance it

You can do it at night, in the morning, at any time

To calm you down

Let's start with crossed legs and a comfortable sitting posture

If you need a cushion to raise your hips a little bit, no problem, add a cushion or a blanket

And look for a comfortable leg crossover Close your eyes for a moment to bring attention to your presence here

In this class

Relax the eyelids, relax the hands on the knees

You grow, at the same time you root the base in the ground Join hands in front of the chest And let's sing together Just one Om to start this yoga practice

Inhale Make your intention for this practice And open your eyes Let's start with Pranayama or breath control exercise

Nadi Sodhana or alternate breathing

We're going to put the left hand In Chin mudra Thumb index finger together and relax the hand on the knee

Other hand in Vishnu Mudra

Victory fingers inward And let's work with The ring finger and the thumb to plug the nostrils

If you really have A lot of tension in the fingers, you can rest them on the forehead, if not there inwards Let's gently rest the thumb on the nostril and the ring finger on the other one

And with these fingers we are going to cover one side and the other

Close your eyes, I'm going to guide you Quietly Cover the right one inhale on the left and exhale on the left just verify That our nostrils are not plugged

We change the left one, inhale through the right one

Exhale on the right And now we start from the left, top right inhale Left We cover both, hold the air in

4, 3, 2, 1 open right 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 same side inhale 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 We cover four times air inside 2, 1 opens left 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 Another cycle inhale same side 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1 We cover 4, 3, 2, 1 Open right, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 Inhale same right side 3, 2, 1 Cover both 4, 3, 2, 1

Open left for 6

3 2, 1 another cycle, inhale left 2, 1

We cap both, four strokes Open right, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1 inhales from the same side 3, 2, 1 cover both 4, 3, 2, 1 Open left to end this cycle Inhale left We cover both, four strokes Open right to exhale Inhale same side We plug both of us and hold air inside Open left Last cycle Inhale left We cover both Open right Inhale right We cover both, four strokes

Finish left 6 strokes, exhaling Lower the right hand, keep the eyes closed

Chin Mudra with both hands Bring your attention to the breath Observe if there is any change in your breathing In your mental and emotional state Try to connect a little bit more with your breathing

And with your presence In the here and now And open your eyes, relax a little bit your hands Interlace the fingers of the hands and push the palms forward Round your back, look towards your navel, lower your head, if you want you can close your head

your eyes

What we are looking for is to calm the mind and move the body in a soft way

Stretch the arms upward Keep breathing through your nose

You can move a little bit, move your ribs a little bit, move your neck a little bit

Always with a lot of awareness

and the hands

Back on the back, stretch the arms, bring the shoulder blades together and open the chest

Deep breaths And relax

Rest the right hand on the floor and without collapsing the shoulder stretch the other arm

And stretch to the side, observing the stretch in the ribs and without dropping

The head

Inhale back to the center and switch to the other side


Inhale to the center, exhale, stretch to the other side We look for smooth and coordinated movements with the breath

Inhale to the center and exhale

Last And we come back To the center hands on knees and we make big irregular circles We are not looking for a direction

You can do the movement To draw infinity, we don't care about aesthetics, you can close your eyes

You can move your neck Still breathing through the nose Forward, backward

Sideways And slowly come back to the center, stretch the spine, relax the shoulders

Relax the eyelids, hands behind the neck, drop the head without throwing the arms

Only by the weight of the head and arms stretches the cervical spine, relaxes shoulders Especially after a long day of work, to rest a little bit this part, where we accumulate a lot of stress

Tensions Back to center, and left hand above the ear placed over the head

And we stretch quietly Listen to your breathing

Observe the Stretching

and we change sides

Don't forget to close your eyes in the postures Take the opportunity to connect, to listen and to feel

In every instant what is going on in your mind, in your body And we go back to the center

We get down on all fours, hands and knees to the ground

Hands just below the shoulders and knees underneath the shoulders From the hips, hip-width apart

Let's do some circles or infinity again here

Gentle undulating movements Don't look for a special form

Move your body, what it needs: Arching, Rounding, moving And down Relax your instep to the floor, big toes together and sit back on your heels

Face forward on the floor, leave your hands in front of you for the moment, we are not done with these crouching postures

Listen to your breath against the mat And we crawl back on all fours and do the cow cat, just to move your back a little bit more and coordinate with your breathing

Activate your core and move your shoulders away From the ears on the inhale look forward and arch a little bit opening the chest and on the exhale Enter the navel rounded look towards the navel

Inhale and look forward, softly and Slowly

We are not in a hurry today

Exhale Inhale again And exhale

Last, inhale and exhale We go back to sit on our heels, open our knees a little bit more and we are in Balasana We lengthen a little bit more the back and relax the arms on the sides

Observe what you are feeling in the back, in the lumbar vertebrae Try to relax the whole body towards the ground And stretch the arms forward And we're going to go up in a soft downward facing dog, toes on the ground we hold Heels up and legs bent pushes hands On the floor to bring the chest towards the thighs and relax the head And here we walk

One leg stretches and we switch to the other leg

Without changing the position of the back you're walking here on your downward facing dog

Breathing, pressing the Hands on the ground to carry weight back buttocks upward You do yes and no with the head try now Stretch both legs and bring the heels towards the ground And go a little bit deeper into your posture And put your knees back on the floor with your toes

Fat together and in Balasana again Relax here, take advantage of this resting posture to reconnect with your body

And up the trunk, we go to the side

To sit

The bending postures In general they help us to collect ourselves, to listen to the breath and not to look at what we Is going on outside without this stress is pressure of the things that are going on outside we're going to do to them

A gentle Paschimottanasana, bending the legs lengthening the back we're going to look for the Outside of the feet, and we glue the chest to the thighs

From here we lengthen our back a little bit more

And we push our feet forward without taking our chest off our thighs

And a little bit more as much as you can while maintaining this contact no

We are interested in stretching our legs, but in stretching our backs And when you are at your peak, the best thing is this Relax your head And breathe Then a little lower Listening to your breathing No tension in the shoulders And little by little maybe you can stretch your legs a little bit more and let your back allow you to go down

that your hamstrings too Every practice is different Depending on the day, the fatigue The activities of the day The plans And all those tasks that we carry in the day to day, they create tensions in the body There's no need to add more tension with yoga

We want to calm everything down, stretch and relax

Inhale, look ahead, lengthen and stretch your arms

And exhale

relax We're going to bend our legs for Baddha Konasana, you want to bring your feet pretty close to your pubis

And we lengthen back is the chest that was going to come forward we don't shrink but we open the chest up Inhale here

Exhale chest forward just a little bit

Here it will depend on your hip flexibility, it doesn't matter if you go down a lot or a little bit


Exhale Relax the shoulders Try to lower back straight, inhale Exhale Keep going down close your eyes don't worry about the altitude because of the Knees Keep listening to your breath and help yourself with each exhalation to go down a little bit more

Last breath down Inhale long, look ahead and come up Exhale

Move your feet away a little bit, now we're going to do the softer version more gym Parasana In this version we are going to pass the hands Underneath From the legs And we put our hands on Of the instep and relaxes the legs again and you see that There is a stop And it rests on top of the arms Here instead of lengthening the back we round up And we let the head And maybe your head can Rest and rest it on top of your feet

No, if it doesn't touch, nothing happens Lower your shoulders on the neck and stay here in this very comfortable position, with very little effort

And you can bring the attention to the hips and notice that it's opening up

And keep breathing by consciously breathing Look forward, lift your knees up a little bit, we remove the hands that are underneath

And we relax, here we go with the last postures

Let's do an inverted one Smooth and easy Trunk and head on the ground And we're going to do a gentle Sarvangasana not looking for height With an impulse we bring the legs behind the head like Halasana We support the hands At the sacrum level We join the elbows and support Hips on top of hands, legs stay diagonal And we are in softer Sarvangasana Breathing Bend knees and rest knees on top of forehead And you stay here If they're well supported, you can take your hands off your back

And you stay quietly, here The center allows you to keep your balance And interlock the thumbs, palms downwards Stretch your legs a little bit, to go down, controlling the descent Your arms slow you down Don't let yourself fall And keep your feet on the ground Last posture the posture of the fish stretches legs the legs Both on the floor together and hands under the buttocks Let's push on the elbows to raise the chest And we drop The head And if you can The crown of your head on the floor, open your chest and breathe here closing your eyes

And we go out pushing the elbows and relaxing Bend your legs take your hands off under your buttocks embrace your legs Move your legs a little bit to massage your lumbar vertebrae And you stretch in Sarvangasana, the best of yoga relaxation Final, drop the feet to hip width or wider than hip width, feet outwards

Arms spread a little apart From the trunk the palms upwards Align the head and close the eyes We are looking for a rest of the body The mind no longer has to think about the body to keep you on your feet And you are relaxing From the feet Ankles Knees and hips

Relax Relax fingers and toes Palms and wrists Relax everything Arm up to the shoulders And the neck Breathing is totally natural They move subtly With the breathing of the abdomen Ribs and chest And you're relaxing your head too

forehead Eyes and eyelids No facial expression Dropping all body on the ground Your face relaxed And fluid breathing Slowly move the hands and feet without opening the eyes Moves a little bit the head To one side, to the other Awaken your body Awaken your breath inhaling stretching your arms backwards a deep inhalation Stretch your whole body And exhale here Bend your legs Turn your body to the right side and you can leave the head On the arm And with the minimum effort push the left hand on the floor and find your sitting posture Legs crossed Lengthening the back as at the beginning From the class You can keep your eyes closed Hands on your knees Watch your breathing Observe your physical state Observe if you have changed anything since the beginning of the class If you have managed to calm your mind and rest your body If you have less tensions And put your hands together in front of your chest Thumbs touching the sternum We do an Om together

Inhale Remember your intention for today Namaste Thank you very much for practicing yoga with me See you soon

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