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This yoga practice consists of a guided relaxation that makes you immerse yourself deeply and little by little in a sea of calm and sensations. You will become aware of the body and the mind, reaching a state of deep relaxation. But before starting the practice of Yoga Nidra it is very important to warm up the body and prepare it for the session. Follow all the steps in this yoga session guided by teacher Silvia Jaén.

Hi there My name is Silvia Jaén and I welcome you to today's session, a special session in which we are to work conscious relaxation, yoga Nidra, consists of a relaxation guided which makes you immerse yourself deeply and little by little in the sensation of the whole body, mind

Deep relaxation in which little by little you will be submerged in a sea of calm and sensations

Prior to this we are going to start by stretching the body a little, to do this get into the easy pose, help yourself with your hands to push your buttocks out to the sides and out, with the help of your hands, leverage your knees to stretch your spine well, and from here intertwine the fingers of your hands, stretch your arms, turn to your right side, and pull especially with the opposite side, everything you can stretch and rotate and without losing any height, on either side, little by little lower your arms, your left hand to your right leg, the right hand supporting behind, inhale and stretch, exhale and turn a little more, help the body with your breathing, let it become slower and more fluid deeper

Come back to the center and change the crossing of the fingers, turn the palms of your hands and stretch your arms to the sky, this time we're going to turn to the left side

Turn as much as you can pulling especially of the right side and without losing height on both sides, right hand to left thigh, other hand behind stretch your spine well, take advantage of an inspiration and turn a little more when you breathe out when breathing in you turn more, and when you breathe out you stretch more

Go back to the center, very good and once here we are going to change the crossing of the legs, always important to continue balancing the body and thus also the two cerebral hemispheres once this is done you will place the right hand on the ground, as far from your body as you can and with your left hand you place it on your waist, you stretch both sides well, lengthen the belly well and little by little turn your chest and look towards the sky without falling on the shoulder that you have below keep the upright posture lightly and let the breath move

Go back to the center and do the same on the other side

You advance as far as you can with your left hand towards that side, extend everything you can, both sides as you did before always one the same as the other, and from there stretch the spine and you turn your chest and look up at the sky

With each inspiration stretch your back more and when breathe out, you turn more go back to the center

Very well, from here we are going to put the soles of the feet together let them be together with the help of your hands pull the buttocks out to the sides again and back, once this is done if you can bring your heels as close to the pubis as possible If the knee or lower back hurts, move them away, if not, move them closer

Once this is done, with your hands, holding the ankles or calves, you lever your legs to stretch more and let it little by little the knees are loosening, more and more towards the ground, let this be progressive let it go little by little, take the opportunity to open your chest wide Breathe, very well and holding the toes, little by little we go forward, you do not have to go too low, the important thing is that when you go down, you do it with your spine stretched

So little by little and observing the work that the hips do, go flexing from the groin, from the hips, help yourself with your hands to remove the buttocks back and thus allows you more opening in the hips and flexion forward

Stretch your spine well and little by little stay where you can get stay there

When you breathe in, the stretch of the back increases and when you breathe out, observe if little by little you can go down a bit more, but without forcing

Breathe easy feel how little by little your hips give way more and more Breathe in and return to the center hold again your ankles or calves and bring your knees and feet together

Alright now we are going to lie on the back so for that, we are going to use a blanket that we usually place just below the head, remember that the round edge has to be in contact with the shoulders, you lie on your back

Let the whole neck be completely inside the blanket that none of the cervicals is left out so that it is comfortably located

With the legs bent and with the help of your hands, direct the buttocks towards ahead, so that the entire lumbar area is stretched and comfortable if you need it you can use a height under the legs

I can be either a blanket as we have done on other occasions or a chair to place the legs on the seat

If you are comfortable stretch your legs, drop your feet to the ground and place your arms in the Savasana posture, relax posture

Relaxation always lowers body temperature, so if you need to, place a blanket over your body settle in, and above all, feel that you are warm and calm

Hold this posture for a moment, make the adjustments you need, until you feel completely comfortable in it

Let the body melt towards the ground allow the breath to accompany the body in deep serenity

Let's start with yoga Nidra, so let your body be completely abandoned, relaxed let it be completely delivered in space where are you or on which you are now lying and feel that your breath accompanies the posture

Let's start with the Nidra practice

Once you have found the right posture, you should not change it for the entire duration of the practice, unless it is essential

Gently close your eyes and do not open them until the practice is over, forget everything you've done during the day until now and don't worry about what you have to do next

Focus your attention on the present here and now

Before you begin, make a firm determination not to fall asleep during yoga Nidra, mentally repeat to yourself: I will stay fully aware all the time

I will consciously direct my Yoga Nidra practice

If at any time the feeling of sleep appears take a couple of full breaths and then continue listening to my voice become aware of your whole body lying on the ground breathing feel the whole body comfortably lying and breathing effortlessly breathing happens inside you, softly slowly, silently

Through your senses, become aware of all the stimuli that come to you from the outside world and watch them carefully, as a passive spectator without making any judgment, no feedback perceive tactile sensations, ambient temperature the contact of air with the skin

See if you can catch any scent even if your eyes are closed, become aware of the ambient light that comes from outside, perceive all these sensations maintaining the consciousness, without evaluating them, without analyzing just perceive and feel become aware of all the sounds that reach your ears from the closest to the furthest from the grossest to the most subtle ones Visualize the room where you are in, the four walls, the ceiling, the ground and your body lying on the ground

Clearly feel all the contact points between your body and the ground intensify the awareness of your whole body in complete immobility all the immobile body, perfect immobility

See where your respiratory drive is born and let it manifest freely

Now give it a broader course until you get the breath to be complete but without effort

Take three full breaths and when you exhale mentally repeat the word: relax, relax

Feeling a wave of relaxation and comfort that bathes your entire body from head to toe

Relax the whole body relax, whole body, relax now let the breath become natural, spontaneous and when the air comes out gently notice that your mind is clear and calm, silent

At each exhalation, increase your alertness, your presence in this moment, your body-mind, relax

We continue with Sankalpa

Sankalpa is a short phrase concise, clear and very evocative that you mentally repeat three times at the beginning and end of Yoga Nidra

Its objective is to awaken and enhance some positive aspect of your personality on the subconscious level, your resolution will come true in the near future if you don't have a personal resolution you can use some general for example: confidence and security in myself and that's it

Mentally repeat your resolution three times, with faith, will, full feeling and conscience

Now following the instructions you will become aware of all the parts of your body, your attention has to move from one part to another quickly and continuously, do not stop at any time, you can mentally repeat the name of each zone or visualize it and simultaneously become aware of it

Don't make an effort

Just follow my voice start with your right hand, become aware of your right hand thumb, index, heart, ring finger, pinky, Palm of the hand, back, wrist forearm, elbow arm shoulder armpit, right side hip right thigh knee leg ankle heel, sole, instep big toe, second toe third, fourth fifth

Left hand, thumb index, middle finger, ring finger pinky, palm of the hand back, wrist, forearm elbow, arm armpit, left side hip left thigh knee leg ankle heel sole instep Big toe second finger, third forth fifth

Upper head area front right eyebrow left eyebrow frown right temple left temple right eyelid left eyelid right eye left eye right ear left ear right nasal fin left fin tip of nose right cheek left cheek superior lip lower lip chin mandible neck right clavicle left clavicle right breast left breast center of chest belly button abdomen lower belly right groin left groin genitals right thigh left thigh

Right knee left knee right shin left shin, right ankle left ankle right instep left instep, right toes left fingers right floor left sole, right heel left heel, right calf left calf, right hamstring, left hamstring posterior part of the right thigh posterior part of left thigh, right buttock left buttock, right hip left hip

The whole spine right side of the back left side right shoulder blade left shoulder blade back of the neck nape back of the head upper area of the head

Now the largest parts of the body right leg whole left leg both legs at the same time whole right arm whole left arm both arms at the same time the back abdomen and thorax together whole trunk at the same time, neck and head together

All internal organs, the whole body whole body, the whole body at the same time

Become aware of Chidakasha, it is the dark space you see ahead of your eyes closed or in front of your forehead

Watch carefully Chidakasha, the space of consciousness, a dark screen on which images, memories of the past, visions, thoughts emotions darkness, nothing

Keep watching Chidakasha closely keeping your conscience witness without identifying with anything that may appear there be a mere impartial spectator who does not judge or value that does not reject or feed anything that may be presented on the mental screen, keep watching Chidakasha, expecting nothing inwardly detached, whatever arises in Chidakasha is a manifestation of your mind, subconscious, observe it objectively without getting involved continue observing Chidakasha

Now try to clearly visualize the images that I am going to propose you capturing the emotions involving, you do not have to make mental effort, rather let the images appear in your mind by themselves if it doesn't happen like this it doesn't matter, continue with the exercise like everything, visualization is a matter of practice and also of being well relaxed, keep your conscience witness, visualize the sunrise a calm lake, some birds chirping, a red rose, a smiling baby, the blue sky, the cool sea breeze a train entering a tunnel an endless desert, a fountain springing from some rocks, a town house, a lizard, the blackboard of a school classroom an underwater landscape a galloping horse a busy market a ceremony in a church, a cat resting, very white clouds passing, an amusement park a plane landing, a field of olive trees, a brave bull a very thick forest a big bonfire a subway car the door of a cinema a dog looking at you lightning and thunder, torrential rain a smoking fireplace a field a hospital the sun setting over the mountains a pair of lovers a ship arriving at port, a green meadow, a car on a lonely road, a human skeleton, a deserted beach distant lights a convent a fluttering butterfly a starry night a shooting star

Fireworks a temple emanating an aura of light and scent of sandalwood a yogi sitting in deep meditation full moon Om symbol the calm sea, the calm sea

Become aware of Chidakasha, your mental screen, the dark space that you can see in front of your forehead or inside your head look carefully at this space, without expectations keep the conscience witness, without identifying yourself with nothing that may appear in this space

Remember your resolution, the same one you repeated at the beginning of Yoga Nidra

At the same time that you repeat it mentally you can visualize yourself in a daily life situation, developing this quality effectively

Your resolution has to come from your heart, from the depths of you

Repeat it mentally three times with full feeling and awareness

Bring the attention to the breath, observe your natural breathing, slow and quiet

Become aware of your whole body, lying on the ground feel the whole body, all your sensations, feel the breath and the whole body relaxed, rested, full of life and vitality

Let your attention turn to the outside world, take awareness of all the stimuli that come to you from outside, visualize the room, visualize your body lying on the floor, very relaxed, gradually give a broader course to your breath

Lengthen the duration of the expiration and inspiration, take three full breaths, collaborating with the natural impulse of your breath

Start moving your hands feet and face, little by little move, stretches and stretch the whole body

Let the body do the movements it wants to no hurries, take the necessary time, when you are ready open your eyes, and when you want to, get up slowly


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