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Completing the three sessions of "Awakening the body" we reach the last class of this block focused on releasing the body. In this video you will work on twisting postures that allow you to loosen, release and calm the nervous system. Increase the capacity of your rib cage, the ribs regain their place, enhancing breathing. Your back area reconnects with its natural balance.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén, I welcome you to my yoga class, which today we are going to dedicate to especially to stress, a disease that is kind of like a kind of plague that concerns us all, and in the end what you get is to have a series of blockages, malfunctioning organs, blockages at articular, muscular level

producing therefore the discomforts at the level of the neck, the trapezius, even blocking the shoulders that what we get is rounding the back, by sheer tension and in the end what it is going to cause is a great tension in this whole area, so what it is going to lead to is a lack of deep breathing

What happens with all of this? when there is a physical blockage, obviously what comes after, is going to be a respiratory blockage with which, there will be a blockage at the nervous system level

What we are going to try and work on in this session, is going to be a series of postures

in torsion

Right now we're going to do them standing up, so that we can unlock the whole area, the whole area

of the dorsal spine, and to be able to increase the mobility in this space, apart from unblocking, by the twists, by the torsion itself, we're also going to get a big opening at the level of the chest and the diaphragm, that's what we're going to get with this, is a great freedom, a great expansion, of all this area to be able to improve breathing

So, let's get started, sitting down, let's start by becoming aware of the body, feeling how you are now, bringing attention, from your big toe, to the top of your head, try to stretch your spine, without this producing stiffness in it, what are we going to do?, we're going to direct the ischia towards the floor, really feel your lower back, lower towards the floor, to be able to erect the rest of it, towards the sky

You can help yourself with your hands on your knees by making a slight attraction with the arms, so that the shoulders go downward and backward and at the same time stretching your spine, we're going to produce a very clear space, in this whole area

upper, which then what we're going to try and what we're going to get, is that there's a wide and deep breathing in that whole area, to be able to unlock, to be able to unblock, to be able to release, to unstructure

and calm the nervous system

Let your head go in line with your spine, in order to get more verticality

in it

Once you create that consciousness in your body, that awareness of more openness, more space

bring attention to your breath, let the breath be longitudinal, but at the same time expand sideways, increase the capacity in your rib cage, that you may feel that the ribs move, that they have a balanced sway, uniform and deep

You can close your eyes or you can keep them closed open

As you are more comfortable

To achieve this effect, you may find it easy to bring your shoulders down, keep them back and with the help of your hands, make that attraction that I was telling you about a little while ago

Once you have done this, when you breathe in, try to project the rib cage forward, as well as the sides and the back and upper part of your back

Begin to breathe in deeply, feels the space through which your breath can move, notice the mobility in your lungs, the movement of your ribs, and in a more subtle way, the movement of the skin

Feel the firmness and at the same time, the calmness

internal of your body

There is a slight activity in it, but deep looseness within it, you can check it out when your breath moves freely, that doesn't go tapping, nor by time, but moves freely again and again

Very good, slowly, open your eyes, don't do it all at once, raise your eyes from the ground, little by little, until you look in front and like this, we're going to stand up

All right, once we're up on our feet, let's warm up the joints a little bit

They're the place where the tension usually builds up, produces a shortening also of the muscles and what it achieves in the end is that we end up shrinking, then, what we have to do is to warm up these joints, give them mobility, so that all the musculature is extended and with the help of breathing we can relax it, releasing it

So we're going to start with our feet together and we're going to elevate

the right leg up, we're going to do ankle turns to the side, one big turn, avoid doing leg movements, we'll do that later, is only the ankle, how to describe a circle in the air

You switch to the other side

All right, you put the leg on the ground and we do the same with the other leg, you go up and do a very big circle with that foot

And now to the other side

Okay, once you've done that, we're back up the leg


Okay, we're going to kind of kick it forward, so what we're doing is we're releasing all of the knee joint, it's like kicking a soft ball

Move only the knee, not the whole leg behind, only the knee

Keep your spine upright and breathe

Remember to breathe

All right, we put the leg down, and we do the same thing with the other one, little soft kicks forward, releasing the leg when it goes to the front

We leave the leg on the ground and now we go to the joint

of the hip, so let's elevate the right leg and do big hip circles backwards, that's it, and now forward, that's it, that you feel that area loosening up

When you work on something in yoga, always bring your attention to the point where you are working at that time

Okay and to now, we're going to continue with the other leg, really big circles with that hip back there, feel that rotation

All right, and then you stop, and you do the same thing forward, very big circle

That's it, you leave your feet hip-width apart, try and remember to do a good base with the soles of your feet

Let's try to separate the toes a little bit more, to stabilize the posture better, you bend your legs a little bit and we make a big circle with the hips, to one side, trying to move the pelvis in as big a run as you can

Okay, and to now, the other side

That's it, making it very wide

Good, and you stop in the center

Once here, you release your arms, leave them relaxed at the sides of your body and make circles with your arms

shoulders back, very large

When breathing in, take advantage of this to raise the shoulders and when breathing out to lower them, feel how the whole area is unloading and now the same thing, forward

Very good and you stop in the center

Okay, now, with your left hand, you're going to take your right wrist and you pull the arm to the side opposite, the head falls, now you have to focus your attention on the scapula, on the right side of your neck, a little below the shoulder blade and once you feel the stretch, you bring your breath to that point, so that it loosens, so that it goes relaxing

Exaggerate your breathing and feel how you are releasing

All right, you're coming back to center, and we do the same thing on the other side, and pull well to bring the breath to that point, and notice how it's releasing that area

That's it, slowly, you're back

Now let's bring your hands to your shoulders, keep the same separation on your feet, your legs steady, and we work the elbow in there a little bit, so you extend your arms forward and then you bring them towards the shoulders, and so on, as you breathe in, you extend the arms and when you exhale, you bring your hands to your shoulders, focus your attention on your elbows, let them stretch equally, and when the hand goes to the shoulder, let them lean equally


Once your hands are here, we make circles, very big circles again with the shoulders, notice how this area is also getting another mobility, it is decongesting, loosening up; the beams backwards and always remember to pace yourself of the breath with the movement, when breathing in they go up, when breathing out they go down

You stop and do the same thing forward

Breathing with movement

Very good, and you leave the arms at the sides of the body already

Okay, let's weave in your fingers and pull your palms forward, as if you want to touch the wall in front of you, so that the whole palm of your hand is stretched

That's also where a lot of tension builds up, in the fingers as well, due to computer work, with cell phones

they tend to be rather shrunken and to generate a lot of tension, which spreads to the arm and, in turn, to the shoulders, trapezius and neck

So, open your palm wide, breathe, very well and release and making fists, turn your hands to one side, very big circles, don't take the whole arm, this is not it, stretch your arm wide and turn, that's it, as if you were drawing in the air

And then to the other side

Very good and then you leave your arms loose, at the sides of the body

Okay, let's go with the head, with the neck, with the posture

very upright and doing tadasana, you let your head go down and when you breathe in, you come up on your right side, without bringing the head too far back, go down the left side and do two more times; breathe in, go up, when you exhale you go down, once more, and leaving the head in the center, we do the other side

And one last time

Very good, and you leave your head in the center

Okay, we're going to take the head from behind, interlace your fingers, not at the nape of your neck, but rather, where you would put a ponytail, the middle-high part of your head, and pull your elbows up towards the ceiling, little by little keeping the push with your feet on the ground and the firmness of your legs, pull your elbows towards the sky, without separating them, as if they would come together and feel the dorsal area, how it enters, how it is activated and consequently as a result, how it open the chest and the diaphragm


Very good

And slowly, loose

Well, stay a few moments, feeling the body, observing the sensations, breathing deeply

Okay, let's spread our feet apart

Okay, a separation where you can control it without over pulling the inner side

of the leg

Turn your left foot in, right foot all the way out, keeping your legs, stretch your arms out and lengthening your right side, hold the leg as far as it will go

That's it, for the moment we're going to bring your hand to your waist, keep your legs very steady, and little by little, take your left shoulder back, to open your chest

That's it, we can put our arm around your waist from behind, to open it up a little bit more, elongation of the spine when inhaling, when exhaling turn a little bit more

Okay, you stretch the upper arm, breathing in you come back and turn your feet to the other side

With your legs very firm you lengthen your left side, as much as you can hold on, hold on as far as you can reach

and for the moment, hand on your waist, bringing your right shoulder back, and turn your chest, apart from stretching your sides, go turning the chest towards the sky and if you have done it before, you go around with your arm around the waist from behind and continue opening the chest


You're coming back, breathing in, turning your feet and put them together to do "tadasana"

Good, legs firm, shoulders down and back, and head in line with your spine, bring the attention to the chest, expand the diaphragm when breathing in, and gently directs the shoulder blades forward, so that the posture opens more, breathe

Okay, let's separate arms and legs, like in the posture we did before, a little bit more, turn your feet and bring your hands to your waist, we're going to spread a little bit more, spread the heel apart that you have behind the ground, place your left elbow on the other side of your right knee, palms of your hands together and stretch your spine forward, and then rotate

That's it, with the help of the hand on the thigh, you're turning a little bit more


You come back

Okay, let's spread our feet apart, hip width apart, and once you're here, with your legs very firm, you stretch your arms up towards the sky

As you exhale, you go forward, and with the finger index, middle and thumb, you hold the big toes, stretching your spine forward, remember the sensation, when we worked the dorsals, how they enter towards the chest, opening it up, totally, so, try to look for that action in the legs, so that the result of the bibs will be the entrance and the lengthening of the front spine, the opening of the chest


Keep your legs very steady

Okay, from here, you place your right hand on your left ankle, with your other hand on your left ankle, with your other hand on your left ankle, with your other hand on your left ankle

waist, stretch your spine forward, and then you're going to rotate from that angle, from that stretch, to your left side


You go back to the center and we do the same on the other side, first you stretch your spine and then little by little you turn your chest towards the sky

Legs very firm


And you go back to the center, you hold either ankles or big toes, you stretch your spine well forward and bending your elbows you fold over your legs, let your sides lengthen, let the trunk gradually drop lower

Shoulders towards the sky

Good, and slow to return, you place your hands in front of you, again at the waist and with an inspiration stretch forward and up, okay, hold for a few moments there

Take a deep breath

Okay, we slowly sit down

Okay, let's put your hands on your knees, straighten your spine, stretch your back well, take a deep breath

Good and with the help of your hands, little by little we're going to go forward, the hands are going to do leverage on the knees, so that your spine can be stretched to the front, and a little at a time go forward

You can bring your hands to your thighs, pull them back, bringing your shoulders back as well, freeing your neck from any tension, opening the spine wide, opening the chest wide, breathe

Good and come back inspiring to the center

Okay, we're going to take a blanket, which we're going to leave folded, to sit on on top of it

Left leg stretched out, the right flexed, supporting the foot, you embrace the right leg, to stretch the spine well

Take a deep breath, open your chest wide

Okay, and with your left arm, wrap your left arm around your waist from behind, "Marichyasana 3", with the help of the other hand on the blanket, stretch your spine and pull yourself up, feel how little by little, the spine is already much more flexible and with it the muscles, And with it the organs much more relaxed and therefore the respiration flows better, feel the release, the space you generate at chest level, observe how with the breath, the whole nervous system calms down, you become more relaxed

You return to the center

Okay, you drop your leg, to the right side, carrying your heel towards the same groin and holding with your hands, the edges of the foot, if you can't reach it, you can use a belt placed like this, at heel height and if possible, so by holding the feet, remember to always hold the feet by the edge internal and external, sideways, so that all this part you can keep opening it, never put your hand on the foot, because this way, I'll close this whole segment and it's going to be very hard to breathe, so, that being said, keep your left leg very steady, stretch your spine well forward, that and feel the opening in your right hip, the deep entry into your left groin, and the stretch complete, from your spine to the sky


You come back breathing in, stretch your arms wide, breathing out you go down the sides, we're going to do the same on the other side, you go to the left side of the blanket, to bend that leg and bring the heel back in contact with that groin, you pull the right buttock out, you stretch your spine and repeat, inner and outer edge of the foot, very firm leg, the vertical foot, and now feel the opening in the left hip, the deep entry to facilitate flexion, on your right hip, and in this way, to be able to access the complete stretching of your spine, in order to release the whole nervous system, breathe

Very good, to go back, stretch your spine forward, up breathing in and down on the sides, well, let's put down the blanket aside, you lie on your back, always make sure you're on your back, always make sure you are straight, and little by little, you're lying down

Okay, let's place your feet, hip-width apart, you raise your pelvis towards the sky, and when it is up, you take a step and another one with the hands towards the feet

Push with your feet on the floor, to raise your pelvis higher

And vertebra by vertebra, support your back in a rounded position, on the ground

The last thing to be supported is the coccyx

We do it one more time, you bring the hips up, always from the action of the feet, not from the action, not from the lumbar pension, it is the feet that push the ground and little by little, vertebra by vertebra releasing your back, very little by little

And in the round, you rest your whole back on the ground

One last time

You breathe in

you place your arms a little more under your body, interlocking your thumbs if possible

You bend your legs, you check that you are straight, and you prepare yourself for the final relaxation

We're going to place any of your hands, the heel of your hand on your forehead, the rest of your fingers comfortably on your head, and carries, the skin of the forehead slightly towards the eyes

A very calming gesture, for the nervous system, to calm stress, to release body and mind

You leave your arm on the ground, you relax deeply your head, your neck

Relax your shoulders, your chest, allow the belly to sink down more and more on your lower back

Relax your lower back, deeply loosen the buttocks, the hips

Feel the weight of your legs and the looseness of your feet, falling sideways

With the next deep exhalation, abandon your whole body at the same time on the ground

Slowly, begin to move, to feel again your whole body

Wake up, make any gesture you need

Feel your body again, but this time more liberated, looser, clear

deeply relaxed, and go spinning, on your right side

With the help of your hands, you sit up

Breathing calmness, ease

Breathing the space, relaxation

Observe the difference, without judging, simply from how you started out

the session, to how you are now

Check your breathing, soft, deep and light at the same time

Attempts to maintain this feeling of well-being in your day, calm and tranquility

Thank you very much once again for being there


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