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This Yin Yoga practice is focused on balancing and unblocking the liver-gallbladder meridians, associated with the wood element and the spring season, a time of rebirth and renewal. On the physical plane, these meridians, or energy channels, run through the adductors, psóas, glutes, and iliotibial band. The liver is in charge of synthesizing proteins and plasma, stores vitamins and glycogen, in addition to carrying out metabolic and organic detoxification functions. Through immobility I propose to listen to your body, which will be surrendering to gravity and gradually opening. This style invites you to explore and create interior spaces, helping you progress on the path of self-knowledge.

Hi I'm Lorena and I welcome you to your Yin Yoga practice

Yin Yoga is a style of Hatha Yoga that works on the energetic meridians of traditional medicine


Working in immobility and without warming up so that the cold muscle does not stretch and we can work on the deeper connective tissue

It is a practice a deep relaxed meditation every asana

I hope you enjoy it and whenever you want we start

You go lying on your back rest your whole back comfortably on the floor chin towards the chest, stretching the cervical area

Breathe in and bring your bent leg towards you and exhale

bring the other leg also

Hold your feet on the external side making sure that the soles of the feet are facing upwards and here you are See to it that the sacrum reaches the ground or tends to rest on it and that the whole back is supported well on the ground and slowly you surrender halasana

Breathing always through the nose paused

Relaxes the face and on each inhalation you are dissolving all the unnecessary tension You're loosening up and it's yielding to you

more and more

You can close your eyes try to enter the asana from there

and you will notice that in immobility the fluctuations of the mind become more perceptible

Every time that a thought wants to take you back the over and over again To dissolve the Asana and to exhale slowly and softly the feet on the ground

When breathing in, you cross your right leg over your left one

arms crossed, palms of the hands downwards inhale and look to the right and when exhaling slowly you rotate Once you're there you can slowly adjust your hips and place the left hand on the outside of the right knee the left foot Your two shoulders must remain resting on the ground

Surrender to the torsion Every asana is a landscape Different physical and mental that invites you and to explore your mind

To dissolve inspiring turn your head forward and when exhaling very slowly and very carefully and leave all your back resting on the floor, breathe in, feel how you feel like lines

Slowly we prepare the other side

Arms crossed, palms down

inhale and left leg Reposition your feet a little bit breathe in you bring your legs to the right side

Here you can reposition your hips a little bit to align your spine

Right hand on external face of left knee, attempt to grasp the right foot separating the heel from the thigh the buttock

Remember that you can rotate supported on the ground

In this type of asanas that are asymmetrical you can observe that you have two different parts of the body

You have one more part cut stiffer

You have another part more flexible and longer

To dissolve the torsion, breathe in and carry the head back to the center and with great care always the exhalation all the support on the spine, on the floor all the back again aligned

Inhale, right arm long and stretched behind the head

and slowly rolls to the right side on exhalation with the help of your hands, you stand up

Always very slow movements between asanas

You're going to bring the soles of your feet together

you leave the hips totally relaxed and we're going to try to cross each other and interlock our toes

Slowly one after the other you intertwine them

This helps to open the fascias of the feet don't close up on us

Keep healthy The dedeos are our support and we must take care of them

With the back always long, breathe in long and activate a little bit

the navel towards the back and on the inhalation slowly to the pubis because maybe support the forehead on the plantar arches

It is a zone of recollection Watch the sensations so different with respect to the previous twists

Allow your hips to relax just because of its weight

Maybe you have the shoulders with some tension, let it go

To dissolve the asana in one breath, vertebra by vertebra, rounded you're getting up, lumbars, dorsals

The shoulders relax and finally the head slowly

If you had your eyes open open them or half open them and now spread your toes

You're going to rest your right leg, right foot on the ground


Rest your hands on your thigh The navel is slightly toward the back

You can activate your bands shoulders relaxed

You are going to rest your left hand on the ground, in the same line as your skin

I breathe in and when I exhale I'm going to open a twist, be careful that you don't get place the shoulder very close to the ear

You open space look or drishti up towards the sky

If you had cervical problems you can take your eyes down

Notice that now working the force is engaged in maintaining the Asana

Manage it


and always on the exhalation the torsion dissolves

I rest my right hand on the outside of my right foot

I flex the knee that I rest on the ground between my hands

I lengthen I check that the back leg is well positioned

I don't open my the hip

Pushing slightly the ground with the fingers of the hands I give up

You can cross one arm over the other and rest your head

I want to dissolve and in an inspiration you move with your hands, stand up, support the toes of the back foot bring the right leg back and in one breath Before secure your lineup right with heel

Back toes supported slowly, breathing in you sit up, adjust yourself if necessary, support your hands on your thigh

Shoulders back relaxed eyes open to the force

I link right hand

Support wrist elbow shoulder on the same line

Breathe in and always when we exhale is when we open the torsion

Back leg firm hand also

Activate fingers stretched as if they were energy antennas that you pick up

I breathe in and when I exhale slowly support my left hand on the external side

of the left foot

Flex the knee resting between your hands

and slowly the back instep must be supported so that the hip is supported is well

In neutral position I can breathe in a little bit

pushing I give up

I rest my forearm on the other one and make a little pillow for myself

and support my forehead

Observe the sensations so deep We have been working on the connective tissue directly on fasciae tendons and bone mass

To dissolve the asana always with very slow movements

you rest the hands under the shoulders

In an inspiration you're slowly getting up

Bring your back leg forward spread your legs allow your spine and back to be very long

If it buckles in your lumbars close your legs a little bit or put on a lift

Always feeling an external rotation of the thighs so that your hips don't close

Breathe in long

Feel how you stretch from the lumbar spine all the way to the crown of your head

and when you exhale slowly or forearms on the floor where you land

you give up again you lean your forehead if you could Now watch the sensation the musculature and on the inner thighs

To dissolve is always an inspiration and you go slowly round incorporating yourself vertebra by vertebra

Feeling how the inspiration lifts you up

When you reach the top the shoulders relax and exhale long and deep

sinking the navel and slowly you mount You can help yourself with your hands to bring your feet as close as possible and maybe you could your knees on the same line

Take elbow to elbow

You open me, expand seek to open the splendid chest

Relax legs

Feel how the opening expands your energy

Open the heart smile

Breathing in and exhaling slowly you dissolve the wide arms that go down

Change the crossing of the legs and bring the feet closer

as much as you can, breathe in as if you were breathing in for your back and embrace yourself

We give a hug and transmit to us a little bit of affection never hurts

Feel now as if you were breathing from the back as if the chest were behind I breathe in and exhaling slowly You are dissolving You are going to support One knee on the other Try that hip and knee are in the same line, open your legs as much as you can without bringing your sacrum back

Stretch the spine well we always look for the energy

free flowing through the spine always long stretched

If you could rest your chest on the ground and stretch your arms out far

Now if the shoulders could be Maybe you could put your big toes together

Slowly take your hands under your shoulders

Maybe you could slide your legs

Put them together

Support the instep

Elbows close to the body

Breathe in Bullanga

Shoulders back

Legs together

Belly button well to the back protecting your lumbar area

and try again to open chest, expand


The arms can remain stretched in front or if you prefer You can bring it to the sides of the body and relax the shoulders

To dissolve slowly always an inspiration

Always round you are placing vertebra by vertebra

lumbar, dorsal

The shoulders are placed lastly the head

and slowly you prepare for the inversion

Shoulders well supported

Arms at the sides of the body and palms of the hands

towards the ground

In an inspiration and connecting with your navel you slowly bring your knees to your forehead

I give you options you support your hands You remain here in viparita karani

Maybe you want to look for Sarvangasana

Walking with your hands shoulder blades lowering your legs

or support the knees Karnapidasana

You can bring your hands to your ears and like this inside you

To dissolve very slowly if you don't have enough abdominal strength to be able to go down without support you go back on support You bring your knees to your forehead and very slowly on an exhalation connecting your navel to your back vertebra by vertebra You lengthen your legs

Hands upward

move a little bit your cervicals

Put the sole of your left foot on the floor Long right arm stretched behind the head

Rolls very slowly to the right side and slowly

with the help of your hands you get up

Let's go to a sitting position that is comfortable for you

And in which you can always always always always always have a long back

Joints all fingertips and keep them as well as who kept the seed It is the mudra of the inner being What you keep between your hands and that treasure your inner self Very slowly keeping status of peace of serenity

Little by little with very slow movements that do not disturb

Don't be disturbed

You are going to savasana you moisten your lips that remain half-open

That the lower jaw to be totally relaxed

In a last mudra I ask you gently your relaxed tongue on the upper palate

Serena the face

Relax and get lost in your physical body

You simply contemplate yourself seeking peace serenity and emptiness among the fluctuations of your mind

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