7 Tantric massage from woman to man, the ritual

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Tantric massage from woman to man, the ritual, éáac

Conscious breathing is a way for the body both mentally and physically can be present and aware at all times within a tantric practice

The legs spread a little apart, the spine stands straight and the person begins by inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth

By inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth there is a rethinking of all negative and positive energy of the body and there is an energy balance of the body

In the tantric kaula technique what we do is incorporate the anishara which is a band on the body

The person will clench their fists, buttocks, the perineum, stomach in, breathe in through the nose, hold it, tighten perineum again and exhale through the mouth

That will make all the energy move in a tantric way throughout the body

Squeeze the gluteus, perineum, stomach inwards, inhale through the nose, open his chest and exhale through your mouth

The person will pay attention to the spine and throughout the chakra system

Conscious breathing connects with the entire sushumna channel from muladhara to saharsrara and it is a vital tool to be present and aware at all times, just before any tantric work

breathe in again hold it When the person holds breathing, the prana expands, the person places the tongue on the palate raising the energy of the lower chakras to upper chakras

Once the conscious breathing has been carried out, the person will check that the energy is moving Uniformly all over the body and in a tantric way it is calling for sexual energy

Then start doing the base chakra breathing what is breathing in by mouth and exhale through the mouth

The base chakra breathing is called tantric breathing

and that moves in an accelerated way all the prana in the body, goes from higher chakras down to the lower chakra much faster

The person continues to perform anishara squeezing glutes, perineum, and stomach inward, clenching fists so that in a matter of seconds all the energy goes through the whole body in a much more effective way

It is a way of placing mother earth and universal energy at the same time in the body

Base chakra breathing is done throughout the tantric process to raise sexual energy through the spinal canal

When you hold the breathing prana expands, it goes from the base to the head, from the head to the shoulders, from the shoulders to arms and then to the fists

The person when starting the tantric massage can rub their hands and do the same band and the same respiratory process, rubbing the hands will call give more energy

You will do a long hold and continue to inhale and exhale and check the tantric energy in the palm of your hands

Very slowly the shakti and the shiva will approach to the center of the sacred space and both will greet each other with the sign of námaste, recognizing the divine of the two and immediately she will begin

She will take the shiva by her hands, very gently and ask him to breathe in through his nose and exhale through your mouth to do conscious breathing and try to make the shiva forget about everyday problems and be present and conscious within the tantra session

She will be squeezing, buttocks, perineum and stomach in, doing anishara to raise your sexual energy with him

At all times she maintains eye contact with him since drishti is done, which is the energetic connection of man to woman, From the woman to the man or man to man or from woman to woman

She will ask him to slowly close his eyes and she will continue to breathe, inhaling and exhaling and leading him to that breathing

Her hands very slowly will slide down the forearms towards the shoulders, in the form of a caress, bringing the hands to the neck and the other towards the nape

From there she will be at his side, one hand will remain on the nape and another on the chest

She will continue to guide you through the breathing process of inhaling through his nose

And exhale through the mouth, she will do a chakra system recognition from there

Very slowly both her hands go down his chest and back until the hands reach one to the sacrum and the other to the abdomen

She will guide the breath up her breathing, until making a containment of inspiration in the two, jointly and she will raise that energy that is in the lower chakras towards the head

Very slowly she will stand before him, with her right hand she will reach his right forearm and she will ask him now his eyes, she will ask him to breathe in and out through his mouth, performing the base chakra breathing that you will carry throughout the session

They will be interconnected at a high frequency through the base chakra breath, creating synergy through this breath

She continues to squeeze buttocks, perineum and stomach in, in a lilting way what she is achieving is creating synergy, interconnecting all the energies of her body with his

Once she has connected with his breath, very slowly she will ask him to do all four breath times

With her left hand she will indicate that breathe in and hold it

He will do this, she will count 6 beats and then exhale

He holds the breathe in she tells him to exhale and then she instructs him to hold it in and out for a few moments

Once this is done, she will ask him to close the eyes and perform the tantric embrace

Her left leg will be placed at his crotch, she will guide his hands towards the sacrum and towards the nape and she will place her left hand on his sacrum and her right on the back of his neck, she will guide the shiva in this breathing process

When she sees fit, they raise both sexual energy

The tantric embrace can be done on three levels, the spiritual, the only causal and quite sexual

It will depend on the shakti how to raise energy in the tantric embrace process

Very slowly she breaks away from him, he will remain with his eyes closed and she will initiate a standing ritual to him, she will flex both palms of her hands, continue with the respiratory process and from the head both hands slide down the front, slowly, quietly she will go to his legs, forelegs, feet and is a sign to praise the man but also withdraw energy that does not belong to him

Slowly it will go to his back, at all times she is breathing through her mouth starting from the head she will go down to his back very slowly and is that process in which she will say to him: feel my touch

Slowly she moves her hands behind his back, lower back, she will feel her buttocks, legs, forelegs and feet in a sensual way and calling erotic energy, it will come out through the tip of the toes

she Will do a second round in the back and this time she will tell him to open his senses

Communication of the senses it will directly open the three bodies of being

She will go slowly from the back to the buttocks, from buttocks to the legs, forelegs and she will end again on the feet

Once this is done she will place her left hand on his chest and the right hand in the center of his back, she will turn the body three times very slowly

Her caress is seductive, it is of energetic movement, the touch will vary as she wants, with the fingertips with the nails, with a firm touch, she will go to erogenous zones and she is wrapping his heart around the shiva at all times

She is enjoying this whole process, when she enjoys the conscious touch immediately the shiva will receive that caress four times more intense than normal, it is the intention energetic at the mental level, it is what makes tantric massage different from conventional massage, there is an intention involved, a feeling and an emotion

After finishing the third turn, the shakti will place her right hand on the sacrum and they will come down very slowly squatting at his feet, will place the right hand on his ankle and then lower to the left hand to be able to raise the energy with both hands up

After having raised the energy of mother earth to his body, she very slowly will remove her sarong, stripping herself of all identity and interconnecting with her own body and sexual energy

Very slowly she will remove the sarong from him in a very sensual way and will use it as an approximation caress

The sarong represents that it is covering him but at the same time that it interconnects with the maternal part it does it with the female sexual part, protecting him but also sensualizing him

She can use the cold wind on his nipples or armpits

The sarong will be lowered very slowly to the stomach and then to the lingam, to which will be his first sexual approach

It´s a sensual caress that will be awakening sexuality in him

She will begin by moving the sarong so that it is placed under the phallus, stroking the testicles at the same time

She will perform a pendulum motion determining the appropriate speed for the caress

Once this is done she will place the sarong between his legs, one side almost on the nape and the other almost touching the phallus

The sarong will caress his entire back at the same time as muladhara and the testicular bag and at the same time the phallus

Part of the cloth will be caressing the glans, the head of the phallus, It is a subtle caress but at the same time very intense

Very slowly she will lay on top in sarong, she will move behind him slowly, her left hand will go to his abdomen and her right to his chest

She will perform an act of surrender and devotion to him, that will also surrender to her

She is interconnecting with lower and higher chakras and at the same time raising the sexual energy of both in the same breath

When she considers it she will hold it to raise the sexual energy of the man and very slowly when she sees fit she will separate his hands

One hand will place it on the chest and the other on the back and she will ask him very gently to open his eyes, to be present and aware since in these processes the person may be in a state of trance having experienced a ritual

Very slowly she will withdraw her hands and she will ask him to lie on his back on the futon

Very slowly and carefully with the head of the shiva always oriented towards the archetype and has been chosen for the session

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