6 Tantric body massage of man woman, the ritual

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Learn the tantric body massage technique.

Once the shiva feels that the energies are circulating it will proceed to go to the feet very slowly, she continues inhaling and exhaling interconnected to him, Base chakra breathing allows the interconnection between both bodies to be permanent

An act of kindness, he bows, he will touch the soles of her feet which represent the divinity of being at all times within this world

He makes three pressures on her body symbolizing the three bodies of the being that will move within the whole process

Very slowly he pays attention to the end of the sarong to which he will be transmit all his energy through his hands

The sarong will be caressing her whole being and it will be fully moving a very subtle energy in her body

The process is slow and continuous and he continues to perform sacral pump at all times, the sarong is sliding over her body

Very slowly the shiva will collect the peacock feathers that are the symbol of tantra itself

The peacock can transmute any poison on earth and turn it into the most beautiful colors in the world for all its plumage, that´s what tantra is

Once he has traveled the main nadis of the body through the feathers he will be carried away by his intuition to generate a little erotic energy in her body and open her senses

He will be present and aware at all times, seeing what the erotic load is and where the erogenous zones of the shakti are that he has not discovered in a real way but through the ritual are discovered

Where the nipples swell, where breathing varies, where her exhalation varies

When he feels that he has completed an erotic cycle of veneration of her body, he will slowly return to place the feathers where they were collected

With his right hand, he will go slowly to the soles of her feet and with the index and middle fingers he will make a reverse journey of the nadis to activate her erotic energy

He´s placing his index finger and middle finger on her third toe which represents the yoni in the feet

His touch is very subtle and slow for the first time his hands are touching her body in an erotic way

Once the nadis tour is completed in an erotic way, he will go very slowly to her nape and start activating the chakra system from the crown toward the bottom of her

This chakra activation allows the body to activate the entire chakra system and also activate them in a different way

A brief friction of his hands so that the energetic frequency of the chakra system is more efficient within the massage process

He will go through every chakra

When he has reached the second chakra he will place both his hands on him making them vibrate

He will leave a hand on that chakra and the other hand on the coronary, simulating the circulation of sexual energy through the body

He will ask you to breathe in and out with him, This process causes an elevation of the erotic energy in all her body

Very slowly he will go to her feet, and place them on his own abdominal part and thrust against them three times

Very slowly he will put both her feet on the futon, holding one foot and one leg and roll three times representing the three states of being: physical, ethereal and spiritual

Very slowly he will place them

and he will go to her ear and ask her to turn face down

Very slowly he will placer her appropriately to receive the massage

arms back all the time so that there is no impediment in the energy flow of the body

He will cover her again with the sarong, also taking care that it completely covers her body and that the fringes are out

Remember that they are doing a job caressing the body

He will rub his hands and re-raising her sexual energy from the soles of the feet to the head, from the head to the hands and check how the energy in her body is

Then his right hand will rest on her sacral area and the left in the upper back

At all times he will ask her to keep breathing in base chakra

He will recite an ancient mantra: om mani padme hum either from the inside of her being or vocalizing it

Om mani padme hum

It represents a mantra of opening and closing of space and time, sanction and the kaula tradition, it means the sanction of the being through the sacred energy

Once he feels he has interconnected with her chakra system again he will go back to her feet and interconnect through them with her divinity

he will make three touches which are the activation from the three states of being means again: the physical the energetic and the spiritual

Very slowly he fixes his attention to the end of the sarong

before he starts to remove it slow and quiet

The sarong is always an extension of our hands on the body of the shakti

The sarong removes all the veils of the ego, remove the person and discover the being

The sarong is the stripping of everything and the meeting of being

The oil or ointment that he will use within the massage session will be sought and he will go to her head

Always, at all times the person who is giving the massage to the receiver generates an intention in all the tools his si using in tantric massage and it is a sacred act, it is a ritual

He will place both knees on the sides of her head, he will take oil on his fingers and start by activating the sensual areas of her body which are interconnected behind her back

With a very slow caress and breathing he will communicate his desire to her

The management of sexual energy in her body, the sensual area that he stimulates is the neck and under the ears, in the shakti it is a very erogenous zone

The second sensual zone is below the shoulders, in the middle of the armpits

These represent the intimate of the internal energy of the shakti And it´s a really deep sensual zone

Whenever a sensual area is stimulated the shiva must take new oil to activate it

He is performing conscious tapping

He is feeling what she is feeling

He conveys the feeling of his being to her

Next he will touch her third sensual zone which is behind the elbows

The sensual zones are called kamamarmas, they are marmas that interconnect different nadis that carry sexual and sacred energy throughout the body

The last sensual area to activate the back is the wrists and palms of the hands

Once he interconnects with her hands he will rest very slowly in reverence to her divine his head in the sacrum of her body, slow and quiet he will go slowly to the sacrum

He will continue to gently massage her hands and when he feels prudent he will raise his hands to her shoulders, towards her neck and once there, extract the energy that does not belong to her

Once this is done he will drip oil slowly onto her sacrum and with two or three fingers he will make concentric circles clockwise very slowly, that means the awakening of the kunda, in Sanskrit cavity, where the kundalini energy is, the sleeping energy

He will continue to slowly drip oil along the spine, He will return to the sacrum and call the kunda

And in metaphor he will raise the kundalini energy to the head first with one hand and then with the other, representing the polarities of ida and pingala going up the sushumna channel, Which is the spine

After that, very slowly, He will sprinkle and smear oil on her body, on her back

With a feather caress he will spread the oil all over her back, trying not to touch her buttocks

Once he has spread the oil all over her back, arms and shoulders he will start with a muscular massage but at the same time calling her erotic energy

He will very slowly push her hips towards her feet, his hands will be on the lower back and the strokes of the massage will be from the inner face of the back, spinal column towards the external face

Then he will change hand after hand the same touch trying to touch the front area of her hip, this movement allows her to be touching the labia with the futon, developing sexual energy with the same massage

Once the lumbar area has been worked, he will go to the rib area, both hands go to the outside of the sides and will move in concentric circles inward, he will continue to push the zone of the hip with deep pressure

he will keep touching the front part of her body and the touch will vary by advancing one hand to the other, This movement allows the interconnection of the yoni towards the futon

Very slowly the big toe of both hands he will focus on the sacrum area calling back to the kunda and now he will cover the scapular area of the back, covering the lumbar area again, rib area to armpit and back again

The shiva will return again and he will make a small vibration in the sacrum area calling out her erotic energy and now the touch will vary, one hand goes up, other hand goes down always remembering that there is a touch in the frontal area of her whole body

Once the lumbar area has been worked, rib or dorsal and scapular he will begin to move all of her energy with both hands, and raise his energy with her, all her energy will begin to move

He is expanding all the energy that has just moved throughout her body

To finish he will draw all the energy out of her head, it can be done in three terms

Once this is done, the massage will continue in the area of her feet, He will carry the oil with him

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