5 Connection exercises

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In this session, you will discover the first steps you must take to get started in tantra after having learned how to prepare the room for this sacred encounter. Connection exercises, energy activation, kriyas, physical cleansing for the session.

Very slowly the couple approaches each other, looks into each other's eyes, greets each other and begins to perform conscious breathing, which consists of breathing through the nose

breathing through the mouth to raise the energy through the sushumna channel to redirect it

Both people clench their fists, squeeze the buttocks, squeeze the perineum, stomach in, breathe in through the nose, hold it, they open their chest, they throw their heads back and they come back exhaling through the mouth

They are both moving the energy from their sacrum upwards, that energy is directed up the spine to the head and from the head to the hands, they exhale through their mouths

This action is repeated three or four times, squeeze the buttocks, the perineum, the stomach inwards, head back, you breathe in, you exhale through your mouth

They both open their eyes, they look at each other and they begin to breathe through their mouth which is the base chakra breathing

They continue to squeeze buttocks, perineum and stomach inwards, Base chakra breathing causes all energy to move up the spine

Breathe in through the nose, exhale through your mouth, clench your fists, glutes, perineum, stomach in, breathe in, open your chest, head back, tongue on roof of mouth, exhale and come back her look in his eyes, inhale and smile

The person who is going to perform the massage will take the recipient by the hand and ask him to inhale through his nose and exhale through his mouth

While he is squeezing glutes, perineum and stomach inward, He is making anisara or sacral pump, in order to raise your sexual energy to his head and from his head to his hands

He is guiding the recipient to conscious breathing, she is going to ask him to close his eyes very slowly, in order to keep him out of his thoughts and be fully present, aware within his being and within the tantric process

Very slowly he will begin to delicately caress from feet even face with long passes to the recipient, both in front and behind

She keeps breathing through her nose exhaling through the mouth entering a kind of semi-trance

This whole-body worship allows energy so positive as aspirin of being, redistribute itself and create an energy balance throughout the body

Once the person performing the massage has taken these steps, place his left hand on the recipient's sacrum and the right in the lower abdomen, making circles with noticeable pressure

He will ask her to inhale, hold it in and then he will go up in the left hand with some pressure all over the spine

Very slowly he is going to withdraw, he will be placed in the front part of the person, place your right hand on your forearm and he will ask her to open her eyes very slowly and look at him

He will ask her at that precise moment to start inhaling and exhaling through her mouth

This type of breathing is called the base chakra

He continues to squeeze glutes, perineum, and stomach inward

and that allows all the prana and sexual energy, expand in a much faster and more dynamic way on both their the bodies

This exercise continues for 2 or 3 minutes and he will be guiding the shakti at all times to raise all its energy

After doing this for the third and last time, he will ask her to close her eyes very slowly, let your breathing be slow and slow

He will continue with the tantric hug technique, place his left leg in the crotch of the shakti, his left hand to the sacrum and his right hand to the head

He will direct the posture of the shakti and in turn will perform the same posture, it will direct the breath of shakti at all times

Once he feels the interconnectedness of his breath and her body in him, ask to hold it and feel his heartbeat, second arrest

He will ask her to feel his sex on her leg and will ask her to breathe out

The tantric embrace allows the interconnection of the entire chakra system and the heart of shakti and shiva in a single process

It will culminate in a great long and drawn out hug and a great retention of breathing

Very slowly they will separate, his hands will approach hers, ask her to stand with her eyes closed, next a cleansing ritual is performed in

The shiva is raising his energy and he is going to play from the crown to the shoulders, to the arms, forearms, then come back, goes his chest, to your stomach very slowly

And this is a worship ritual but also energetic cleansing of the whole body, while the shiva is worshiping shakti, you are releasing energy that you no longer require in your body

They stand behind the person and will ask him to feel his touch, it is a way for her to begin to recognize in herself the conscious touch of him

He places his hands on the top of her head and then lowers them by sliding them from the shoulders to the front of the chest without touching them reach her abdomen

From there raise the palms of the hands up the sides of the body again, up to the shoulders and go down very slowly to the back, from there to the buttocks, legs, ante-legs and exit through the feet

Always remembering that it is a conscious touch, the shiva is feeling every touch of his hands on her body, to be able to have an intention in that touch

Repeat the action and this time the shiva will open her senses, she is asked so that she can communicate to the 3 senses of the body of the being, the physical, the energetic and the spiritual or causal

Repeat the same action, He goes to his shoulders, to her back very slowly and he is varying his touch, it can be with the fingertips, with soft scratches

From there his left hand will go to her heart and very slowly it will go clockwise protecting the person

First touching the stomach in the first round, the second round will touch her abdomen, lower belly and on the third round her breasts

This indicates that you are protecting the three shells of the body, the 3 cores of the body, the bass, the middle and the superior

He is tapping all over the body of the shakti, worshiping her, but now is also a time when sexual energy is recognizing it at a sacred stroke He continues to do sacral bomb, squeezing glutes, perineum and stomach in, without interrupting at any time

Once you have made the chest pass, very slowly he will go with his right hand to the sacrum, will squat and the right hand will automatically go down and the left hand will go down to one of his feet

Very slowly he will call for the energy of Mother Earth so that it travels through her body and give three slow puffs behind the knee to call sexual energy to the three bodies

It's a sign of worship and a sign of intimacy

Repeat the same process on the other foot

You are managing the polarities of the body throughout this process

She continues to breathe inhaling and exhaling through the mouth

Very slowly he will rise to his feet and will begin by taking off the sarong, stripping himself of what identifies him with the mundane and will bring the divine to her

Very slowly he will accommodate your sarong to the side of the futon

In an act of veneration he will also remove her sarong, is a divine act of dispossession of all that identifies her with the mundane

To receive the divine

It is a very sensual act

The sarong glides on the skin and it is the first time that he will touch her naked body

Very slowly after removing the pareo he will put it on his shoulder, place his right leg between hers, his left hand on his abdomen and the right towards the heart

This is an act of protection and surrender, he will lean her body against his body, ask her to breathe in and exhale in rhythm with him

The shakti will be doing a sacral bomb squeezing buttocks, perineum and stomach inward

They will do this three times and there is a process of holding the breathing Very slowly he will bring the shakti, he will leave his left hand on her chest and his right hand on her back, ask her to open her eyes very slowly and to be present and aware of what is happening right now, since at this moment the shakti is probably coming out of a trance state

Very slowly the shiva will ask the Shakti to turn on her back, head towards the archetype that they have chosen to have in their sacred space

Very slowly she turns on her back and will cover the Shakti again with the sarong, reminding her that there is always a past that is interconnected with them and we are always linked to the world

He slowly put the sarong with the fringes out, covering her completely

He will perform later, after having covered her, an energetic rise through the palms of the hands

He is raising your sexual energy from the soles of her feet, abdomen, spine up to the head and from is towards the hands, making a hold

exhale and check the energy his body has generated so far, a hand on her abdomen and a hand on the heart very slowly

He asks her to breathe in and out with him and both are circulating energy through his body and his hands

His right hand gives energy to the body and the left hand receives from the body, there is a circulation of all the energy of both and there is a union of those energies

Once the shiva feels that the energies are circulating will proceed to go to feet very slowly, she continues to inhale and exhale interconnected him, the base chakra breathing allows the interconnection between both bodies to be permanent

He will touch the soles of the feet representing the divinity of being at all times within this world

In an act of kindness he bows, he makes three pressures on her body, symbolizing the three bodies of the being that will move within the whole process

Very slowly he will direct his attention to the end of the sarong, to which he will be transmitting all his energy through the hands

The sarong will be caressing her whole being and she will be completely moving a very subtle energy in her body

The process is slow and continuous and he continues to perform sacral pump at all times, the sarong is sliding over her body

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