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Preparing the mind and body for the practice through a joint warm-up. Surya Namaskar, also known as Sun Salutation, awakens the musculature and circulatory system, as well as bringing the mental focus into the present moment. It is a class in itself and also conditions the body to link with any of the following practices.

Namaste Hello welcome welcome welcome, thank you for being here

I offer you to share a first practice in which we are going to devote ourselves to warm up the joints, to prepare the mind for its connection with the body

To prepare for the practice

After this joint warm-up in a detailed way Look for the meditation posture first

Whatever is most comfortable for your knees, whatever your hips allow

I'm very good at doing the half lotus

because it's the hip configuration that I have but you might want to just do sukhasana

simple leg crossing or maybe siddhasana

You bring the left heel very close to you and then the right heel in front of you

or in half lotus

Well, maybe look for a cushion at home to elevate you a little bit, the important thing is that the knees are comfortable and that you don't force them in any way

Release the weight from the hips Surrender the hips to gravity

Take a moment to feel it to feel your connection with the earth

You can close your eyes

Keep concentrating on your hips and bring them closer to the ground

and now from the coccyx start to move up the spine and stop at the navel a little higher up in the area of the solar plexus and from there perhaps taking an inhalation, take off Follow that complementary force, gravity, the force of consciousness

This force continues to rise through the cervical vertebrae helps to retract the back of the neck a little bit

Imagine that they are talking to you from the top of your head

by an invisible thread

Find the asana, the comfortable stable posture without effort and if you feel any discomfort in the knees while doing it some tension you settle in

Always seek to be comfortable

Relaxes the face

Begin to observe your breathing without intervening in it

Observe how you breathe

Observe how the air enters through the nostrils

Fresh and as it comes out warmer

Observe the natural process of your breathing how life itself will be observed and even without intervening in breathing

Imagine that it already occurs only through the center of the chest

That you inhale and exhale through the sternum

The right side of the physical heart

According to the science of yoga with its sacred scriptures a particle, a portion of the cosmos deep in the center of the chest of all sentient beings

Yours and that of all sentient beings as the spiritual heart

By directing your attention there you rest there your mind, your thoughts your mental projections, your fixed ideas

Allow all that to dissolve there in the meeting with your real self with the source itself Let's chant three times the sacred mantra

The sound the vibration and the word which contains all sounds

All vibrations all words

Imagine that when you sing it you're everywhere

You establish an immediate connection with the whole

Take a deep breath

Keep the attention on the spiritual heart center of the chest

Inhale deeply again

Inhales deeply again

Keep the attention in the center of the chest

Bringing your mind to remember that you are naturally love serenity bliss, fullness

Sing with me the mantra of compassion

What it means that all beings If you don't feel like singing verbally Connect with the vibration mentally

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu Sukhino bhavantu Lokah samastah Sukhino bhavantu Lokah samastah Sukhino bhavantu Concentrate now on the spine

Imagine that your inhalation goes up from there to between the eyebrows through the brain

And that your inhalation returns to the center of the chest, of the spiritual heart

Take your inhalation from the spiritual heart to the space between the eyebrows

and the exhalation back to the spiritual heart

as an engine to transfer the vital force

Once again inhale from the center of the chest to between the eyebrows

More connected in who you really are and your own master, maha The one who guides you during this practice

The yoga is the silencing of the fluctuations of the mind For the ultimate purpose of the supreme self-realization of the self

Of the highest self-knowledge

In this self-knowledge and recognize yourself in all beings

And so find in your own codes in your own language a way to dedicate your practice today To the limits of the ego and the small self

If you believe in God offer it to God

If there is someone who needs it offer it

Any cause any high purpose do it from the spiritual heart receive the benefits and fruits of this practice through our bodies of our senses

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti Shanti Keep your eyes closed for a few moments just to connect with the full breath

Let's use the central channel in shushunja energy along the spine Naturally physiologically when you inhale the inhalation goes down When you exhale, the air rises

Let's visualize that process in the spine

Imagine that deep inhalation all energies move to the base of the coccyx spine It moves up the entire spine to the top of the head and keeps you upright and projected upward

10 times let's do it

We begin with a long inhalation towards the base of the spine

Exhale long exhale towards the top of the head without losing posture

Inhale toward the base of the spine

Exhale toward the top of the head

Inhale toward the base of the spine

Exhale to the top of the head


Exhale Exhale Complete 5 more cycles in silence Maintain concentration where you reach the concentration you carry the vital energy

Last as the exhalation approaches the eyes, open them slowly

Keep that connection with your full breath

With an inhalation extend your arms out in front of you with your fingers interlocked

and palms up

Exhale there with your next inhalation, growing rotate the shoulders bring the back of the head to the back of the head make sure the neck is loose

As you inhale grow more and as you exhale lower your arms, bring your right hand away from you From there inhaling, lean and lengthen, grow and open the chest

reach out from the left side, diagonal line toward the fingers of the left hand and beyond

Look at the hand and continue pushing from the right hand

lengthen the neck the head is not heavy

Creates space

No friction

Breathe together bring arms to the other side, exhale expanding From there inhale open the front and on exhaling open all the right side feel it from the hip which is still heavy on the ground This force rises up to the fingers of the right hand and continues to ascend

Extending the neck he looks towards the hand

Breathing find the balance find the asana

In the balance between these two outside breathes

Inhale return to center, exhale hard

Release the legs little by little

Leave the left leg under, place the right ankle on top

if not maybe you don't need it anymore and you can release the cushion or support you're using

Inhale, grow from the abdomen from the solar plexus and on the exhalation lengthens forward from the base of the spine

It does not matter that it does not reach so low look for the lengthening of the back and there where you have reached place your hands, use it as an aid as a support

When you get there you can even place your fingertips

Inhale lengthen a little bit more opening the chest and when exhaling continue projecting forward, observe the hips, observe in which of them there is more reaction

Imagine that your exhalation releases them, helps them to release the tension

Imagine that you inhale all the life force that you need from the cosmos and that you as you exhale you move all that life force there, where you feel the reaction

Maybe pain corrective pain never pain that hurts you, watch it again

of the breath

With your full loving attention, 2 more breaths

With your next inhalation, lengthen the front and now you grow

Exhaling, release the arms out to the sides and change the crossing of the hips

The same the crossing of the ankles

Find the sufficient separation between the ankles and buttocks to work on the hips

Inhale lengthens from the solar plexus

Exhale lengthen forward from the base of the spine where you reach with the hands

The important thing is not to reach the bottom, it's to stretch the back to impact the hips, once you get there, open a little bit more making the chest grow

and when you exhale keep projecting forward, even if you don't go down

The same takes all the vital force on the inhalation

and on the exhalation transfer it to the place where you feel the reaction

Breathe in

Inhale, grow

Exhale, release

And look for 6 points of support, legs, hands, knee

and then the little toes, use the metatarsals

Place the hands well, wrists under the shoulders

Knees under the hips and also use the extra support of the toes

I start to move you in circles releasing the joints, try to synchronize the breath with the movement

You can start to release the neck elbows, shoulders, hips, breathe

Maybe one long inhale will give you for one lap and then the next exhale for the other

Three more

Change direction, maintain support of hands, knees and toes

Breathing in the joints

Three more

And return to the previous position, adjust what you need

Again wrists under the shoulders, knees under the hips and toes wide

We do the sequence of the cow and the cat

working with the spine

When you inhale you are going to lengthen the spine from the base to the head

and try to open the knees a little bit without taking them off the ground to work on the opening of the sacrum

And when you exhale round the back from the base of the spine towards the head

looking for the knees to close a little bit

Always working on the sacrum


Inhale, lengthen, always start at the coccyx, end at the head, lengthen the throat

take an inhalation to get there


You round

Let the head loosen, stretch like a cat



Visualize the separated vertebrae

Opens to the front


Round off



Next inhalation opens and on exhalation leaves toes as they are

And bring the hips back, concentrate on the coccyx bringing it further back

in the direction the hips are going

And lengthen the arms more by walking the hands forward, finding the point of maximum lengthening of the arms, without connecting the elbows to the ground

And from there pulling the base of the spine and the hips backwards helping you with the hands, lengthen

Let the chest open towards the floor you can rest the forehead on the floor

Breathe, stay there


Come forward a little bit and as you exhale, come back to lengthen and from there, trying to come as little forward as possible, extend your legs

Direct the base of the spine backward

Adho mukha svanasana

Move as you need

Still to start to loosen up the body

You can alternate bending your knees: Always directing the base of the spine upward and backward

The focus of the posture

Downward facing dog Ado mukha svanasana

You can rock the torso up and down, short movements

and yielding a little bit in the shoulders


Head loose

Stop the movement and look at the front

Step by step


Come here with your feet apart at the width of the mat, look for the connection of the feet to the earth

Expand your toes as much as your feet will allow

Full feet connected to the ground

You can bend your knees

Take an inhalation and on the exhalation surrender

Surrender to gravity completely

Let go

Release the torso

Release the arms

Surrender completely

And now inhale, get in the front

Put your fingertips in front of your feet

Leaves the right leg flexed and extends the left leg

Inhale, exhale, surrender, stay there

Surrender the torso, surrender the head


Move the life force on the exhalation to the place where you feel the reaction

Two more breaths

Extend both legs for a moment and as you exhale, flex the left leg and leave the right leg extended

and stay there surrender completely

Transfer the vital force where you feel the reaction, with loving attention

Inhale, extend both legs for a moment and observe if you feel comfortable, leaving them extended

If not, you can flex them for a moment and take your elbows under your head and give you gravity again

Feel the full weight of the body and the earth holding your feet

Feel the weight of the elbows

The rest of the body following them

Take the inhalation and on the exhalation I release the arms by the sides

Hold yourself a little bit more with the big toes, sink the belly and on your next inhalation slowly curl your back to sit up

The last one to come up is the head

Find the Tadasana posture, put your feet together, try to do it

Expand the toes and feel the full support in the feet

Feel gravity holding you, feel the weight of the hips

following the same as in the meditation posture and activate that upward force that counteracts it

and balances it

Mountain pose, let the shoulders also release towards gravity while the force continues up the neck

to the top of the head and beyond find yourself comfortable

Maintain connection with your full breath

You may find it helpful to keep visualizing the in the column

Inhaling towards the base of the spine, exhaling towards the top of the head

Take an inhalation, lengthen and grow upward

Hold with the right hand on the left wrist, you can do Chin mudra on the left hand

and also with the fingers of the right hand holding the wrist and inhale lengthen open the chest, exhale lean to the right

Look upward

Inhale back up grows

Change hand

Inhale, lengthen

Exhale, lean left, look up

Breathe in

Inhale, grow

Let go of the arms, inhaling grow from the abdomen to beyond the hands, go to the sky and on the exhalation look for a simple twist to the right, keep the hips facing forward stay in the axis of the spine

With elongated neck look beyond the right hand and if this is too much for you bring the right hand to the waist, keep the shoulder open and keep directing the left arm to the front

Breathe, feel the support of the feet and gravity

Inhale, look straight ahead, grow, and as you exhale, maintaining that opening Again if you need to bring your hand to your waist, open your shoulder

It's important that you open the shoulder first, always

Look over it, as you continue to lead

your right arm forward, breathe


Return up and center, exhale seeking pranamasana

Samasthiti, hands to center of chest, maintain connection with your conscious breath

Preparing for the sun salutation, that that one be the main guide, your complete breath and avoid doing a mechanical sun salutation

Use all your concentration all your attention stay in the present, in each breath

Guiding each movement prevents the movements from overtaking the breath

We make a first cycle a little bit slower feeling each posture and the following flowing with the rhythm of the breath

Surya Namaskara, sun salutation

Inhale Urdhva hastasana

Opening the front, open the chest, as you exhale lengthen from the base of the spine

forward, bend the knees if needed and seek to lengthen the back

Stay there

Look for the abdomen connection the chest and the forehead with the legs, making sure to lengthen your back from the base of the spine

It is not the legs that have the priority, it is the spine

Surrender the head, breathe

Inhale lean forward and if you need to, bend your knees more until that you can place your full hands, look for the alignment of the roots of the fingers and toes

and the roots of the toes and thus guarantee that you have the distance that your body only needs

With your next inhalation bring the right foot back a long step

flexing the toes, let the knee come down and bring the torso up

The torso separates from the hip

Raises the chest and looks up

Try to keep your hands on the ground, if this is too difficult for you and you can your fingertips to start with

Stay there for a moment breathe sanchalanasana equestrian posture

Feel the succession of the toes of the right foot, you don't carry all the weight on the left hip

Also lengthen the torso from there: take an inhalation, place the hands on the right side of the right foot, do not carry all the weight on the left hip

and hold the air for a second in the plank and when you exhale bring the knees a little bit to the chest forward of the hands, elbows close to the sides, lengthen the throat

Ashtanga namaskara, eight points of support, caterpillar

Release the open chest on the ground let it collapse and surrender to the earth

Inhaling already follows the direction of the head, let the head go up too

the throat while the legs are extended and the heels are brought together, go up through the chest and forget about the back

Open the chest, keep the elbows connected to the sides, open the shoulders

Look up, little cobra, baby cobra


Inhale, exhale, flex your little toes and if you can from here now, start to come up on your toes

the knees, directing the base of the spine back adho mukha svanasana, stay there

Base of the spine ruling the posture

Bend the knees and help yourself as if pulling a spring to bring the right foot forward

Make a horizontal movement forward and if you still can't reach your right foot, do the following let's use a couple of little tricks, the first one support your knees, raise your right hand up even Or if not try bringing the right foot where it goes, support the left knee

and help yourself with your hand find the alignment again, at the roots of the toes of the right foot

hands and toes

Stay there, if you need to support your fingertips

Breathe, sanchalanasana

Inhale and when exhaling, releasing the weight of the head, sinking your right big toe on the floor, bring your left foot to join it and look for that connection again

Lengthening the back


Surrender the head

Inhaling he sinks over all the big toes and begins to lengthen to the front guided by the arms, lengthen and upon reaching, it grows

Opening the chest, exhaling pranamasana

Second round we're flowing a little bit more, second apart from the first round I mean, inhale

Back urdhva hastasana, exhaling uttanasana

Stay there for a moment, breathe

Again flex and look for the connection, look for that alignment

that works with each body

Inhaling bring the left foot in, long step back

lower the knee chansalanasana

Lengthen the torso

Feel the toes of the left foot holding you well

Take an inhalation

Hold the air for one second in the inclined plane of the plank, shoulders open, and on the exhale eight points of support, the two feet, the two knees, the two hands, the chest the chin, lengthen the throat, release the chest

Inhale, cobra

Up through the head, throat, chest, heels together

Exhaling, head back adho mukha svanasana

The base of the spine pointing upward and backward

Inhaling again look for your easiest, most organic way to carry the foot

forward as you did before with the right one

Stay there


Exhaling, sink the big toe, bring the weight of the head to help you to bring the right foot, uttanasana

Inhale, urdhva hastasana, arms lead, lengthen from coccyx to back

and upon arrival open the chest, pranamasana, exhale

Two more cycles, one breath, one movement, inhale

urdhva hastasana


Uttanasana, place hands, inhale, sun


And on the exhale Ham

Bhujangasana, open the chest

Exhale, ham

Adho mukha svanasana

Inhaling, find your way to bring the foot to the front

Exhaling, ham

Inhaling, so


Exhaling, so ham, the mantra of unification, the mantra inherent in the breath

Inhaling, so

Left foot back

Holding the air in the plank, exhale Ham

So, Ham, exhale

Inhale, left forward, so

Make the foot to come, make it to come



So, inhale

Ham continues, flow so

Be present and offer it, Ham

Straight back without wings, so

Hold your breath, ham on the exhale

So, complete each posture, ham

So, straight ahead


Inhale, so

Exhale, ham

So, ham

Left, so, ham

Hold it


Inhaling, so and exhaling, ham

Left, so

Ham, exhale

We begin to vary, inhale so Exhale, ham

straight back

Inhale so, plank

So, ham

Knees to the floor

Inhale, so

Ham back, support forearms and inhale from here slide the cobra always up through the chest

Inhale as if sweeping the mat with your nose

Always come up through the head and chest

Exhale, ham

inhale, so

Exhale, adho mukha

Inhale straight ahead, exhale support the instep and bring the gluteal back

If you can bring your knees closer together, lengthen your right leg a little step forward

Inhale hold with your hands grow, remember rather than reaching down look forward

Breathe 2 more

and as you exhale, uttanasana

Inhale and go up leading by the arms and when you reach lengthen the back and upon arrival open the chest, pranamasana, exhale

One more, the other side, inhale uttanasana, exhale

Inhale left back, plank

Adho mukha on exhale

Inhale, knees to the ground

Ham, hips back, inhale slide into cobra

bhujangasana, cobra

Exhale, back

Inhale, bhujangasana cobra

Exhale, adho mukha

Inhale left forward, exhale backward

Get comfortable on the heel, if this is too much for you you've checked it out on the other side

When you are comfortable there lengthen your leg a little bit more forward, try to bring your knees as close as possible, inhale and grow

Exhale lengthen

Breathe in there

Two more

Inhale Exhale, uttanasana


Urdhva hastasana, pranamasana, exhale

Stay there

Close your eyes

Find the consciousness of the posture of the mountain, the balance between these two forces maintaining the hands in the center of the chest and forget everything

Let the agitation of the breath, if any, dissolve

in the center of the chest, let the mental fluctuations if they appear or emotional dissolve in the center of the chest

Let everything return to the center of the chest

Center of the chest and you remember what you really are

Concentrate on the center of the chest, so as you inhale

Ham on the exhale

So, ham

So, ham

So, ham

Keep that vibration going mentally

Open your eyes if you are ready for shavasana

Final relaxation posture, corpse pose

Lie on your back

Spread your hips wide enough so that they rest and with it they rest, the sacrum the legs and feet, opens the shoulder blades

Create the maximum space, the natural space between them

for the back to rest, rest on the arms

Shoulders open in their natural opening surrendering to the earth, palms up

Allows the spine to find its natural alignment

And lengthen the nape of the neck a little bit by bringing the chin slightly towards the chest

Keep the cervical spine aligned

Allowing the blood to continue to rise in the brain and the prana to continue to rise to the higher centers of consciousness

Leave the breath behind, let it happen by itself

autonomously, leave everything behind

All is well

Everything is perfect, observe if there is any remaining muscle tension, physics and let it go, give it to Mother Earth

Watch the points of contact of the body with the ground

And they feel themselves sinking deeper and deeper

Heavier and heavier

The rest of the body the last cell and and merges with it

You are not the body

Take a moment to observe mental fluctuations, mental activity

As if inside the forehead a screen will unfold and it observes without any judgment and without attachment, observes

Observe as if you will watch the clouds pass in the sky

Let it go, let it pass

You're not really that mental activity either

It brings all the tension to the center of the chest

Identify totally with the heart spiritual

With your deepest and innermost silence

Stay there to meet your real self

sinks into the ground Leaves the body behind

With the next inhalation return to equestrian, ashwa sanchalanasana

Exhale, back

Inhale you can use a prop, a cushion, a block if you have one, a soft block

return to equestrian, sanchalanasana

accompanies them and until Ashtanga Namaskar on the exhale

Bhujangasana on the inhale

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