Relieve low back pain

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Yoga class for pregnant women focused on alleviating low back pain.

Namaste Today we are going to talk about low back pain, as a frequent symptom in pregnant women

Low back pain occurs due to that our hip is going to move backwards

If we look at the profile we would do we would have the movement of retroversion and hip anteversion backward

What happens is that our tummy, it's going to move our hips further and further back

It's going to compress the area lumbar thus compressing our intervertebral discs to that area

And that causes pain

In some cases lumbago will occur

earlier, and in other cases, when the pregnancy is more advanced

But in most cases we are going to present this symptom

So I'm going to propose you a series of asanas specifically indicated to treat these discomforts, when we get home and you can't take it anymore, it hurts a lot

or you're at work and you find a little bit of time to make nothing 5 minutes of stretching

We would place ourselves in quadruped position

You know the quadruped position must be aligned

correctly, hands shoulder width apart

Knees open to the width of the hips

And here when inhaling

We're going to do cat cow a couple of times, to activate our spine, inhaling lift your sacrum, your chest and your chin

And exhaling round down, inhale and exhale

Especially on the inhalation you don't need to be so deep, but on the exhalation you should try to round down

go to your maximum, feeling like that lumbar zone is gaining space

We stop in the center, neutral posture and now we are going to make circles with our hips

Circles to one side

Massaging a little bit, as if we feel ourselves becoming more conscious of that area of our body and towards each other

All right and here we would go to balasana position, this posture is going to give us a lot of relief

We separate our knees the width of the mat, we join our toes together

and we can do balasana as I have explained in the previous classes

Choosing the variant that best suits your needs and today

You can stretch your arms completely and support your forehead

Rest one hand on top of the other

One fist, another fist

Or if you are at home you can search if you have bricks then with bricks with several pillows to raise a little the support

And to be able to relax in the posture longer, allowing that area to relax and to be able to you feel comfortable

We would lean on one ear first and then we would try to do at the same time on the other side for not to bother our neck

Another posture that we can practice maybe a little bit more intense depending on your pain and and your elasticity would be that of anahata asana or fourth heart chakra posture

That is, opening of the chest

This posture will benefit us because the hip will be above of our chest and it's going to cause a greater extension of the lumbar area as well

So what we have to do is to keep our hips aligned with our knees and just stretching our arms forward and lowering our chest towards the floor

You can rest your forehead

The complete posture would be supporting the chin but in this case the chest opening is not essential, so the important thing is that we maintain a posture in which we are comfortable and that we feel that extension of our lower back

If you are too intense we can support elbows and let our head drop, looking towards our knees or even support one forearm, on top of the other one and relax our forehead on them

Provided that the hip is above the chest

This opening is already occurring at that level of the back and we would return to the quadruped position

If we want to go a little bit deeper, stretch a little bit more, this area of the back

we can also do Adho mukha svanasana or downward facing dog

For this, as always, we place ourselves in a quadrupedal position

hands wide open, well supported

Toes on the ground and now Inhaling, we go a little bit our sacrum, we take out our chest, we take out our chin, and when we exhale, we lift our knees

Up here, we put our head between our arms, we look down towards our toes

and from here, what we can do is we can try to stretch out one leg, flexing the other leg a lot

Changing the rhythm of our inhalation and exhalation as usual

we have to work at the rhythm of the breath, because it favors the movements

It is very beneficial

for our muscle fibers not to collapse

We would go down to the quadruped position and here as it's a little bit more intense posture

Balasana rest, choose your variant

Another position that we can also do It's a little bit more active balasana

For this arms remain active and little fingers of the hands as in a cup shape and here simply we relax our heads, we try to go as far as possible, walking with our fingers producing a greater extension of our spine

Thus releasing the space between the vertebrae

And here we can walk to the right side

And we relax the head again

We feel that major extension

Now on the left side we would go back to the center as far as possible, we would walk to the left side relaxing the head

Feeling the extension now on the right side

To return we pass through the center and we lean on our heels

And finally we can do a position Some asanas on the floor, for it we lie on our side, with the help of our hands

We go down and we lie down on our backs, supporting the soles of our feet on the floor

Here we can go doing first with one leg with the left leg for example, we flex that knee towards our shoulder always avoiding the belly

And from there we can try to do some circles with our hip feeling how to massage that area on the floor to one side and to the other

We can even rest the ankle on the other knee

y push with the other leg towards our chest

Feeling a bigger support surface in the lumbar area, we would lower and we would do the same thing with the other leg, first we would flex that right knee towards our right shoulder and from there we do circles in one direction

Breathing and circles in the other direction

We support the right ankle on our left knee y we grab our thigh from underneath and we lift

We lift that leg to now feel that extension in our buttock

And that maximum support surface of the lumbar area

And we would go down and we can also lift both knees at the same time, always leaving room for our tummy

And from here swing us a little bit, to one side and to the other

Feeling that massage

And we could also do the happy child posture

Grasping the soles of the feet pointing towards the ceiling

In addition to doing hip openings we also do a maximum support of our lumbar area

It can also be relaxing to go out

We place ourselves on the side of the road with the help of our arms, we stand up

And these would be the asanas that I propose you for when you have these discomforts of lumbago


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