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Benefits of having a fitball in pregnancy.

Namaste Today we're going to talk about the benefits of having a fitball during pregnancy

I got it in my third trimester

But I recommend that you do it earlier, because it's going to be a very therapeutic way

to alleviate many of the symptoms we can have during pregnancy

I recommend that you keep it handy in your living room

where you pass most of the time

The fitball is highly recommended during pregnancy and not only during this process, but also during as a very important way very good way to sit down

This is because our hip when we sit down on the ball it sinks, then our knees are a little bit higher than the hips

And this allows a better alignment of the whole spine, so just sitting on it is going to give us a lot of relief

We can work different exercises of movement with the hip in a much more subtle way

that if we have to do it standing or sitting, where we are going to have to help us with our legs and then the movement will not be so organic and so fluid

An easy exercise to start with is to just sit on the ball

and start to make small movements, to one side and to the other, separating the legs well

And we don't need to move too much from the place

but to feel this more subtle movement of the hip

If we move too much what happens, is that we are displacing the whole body and we're working the legs more

That good at any given time, we may be interested in but for to work the hip movements and make us more aware of the whole range of motion that we have of our pelvis as we it's better to do it trying to make more subtle movements

There are two ways to work with the ball, it can be with the fixed ball as I am right now

With the ball I was coming this disc, but well, if you don't have a disc, you can put two wedges on the sides

Or find your own way in which the ball is kept static

To begin with, we are going to work without the disk so that you can see the movements that we can do

As I was saying I advise you to keep your legs apart

Because this way we are already working on our hip opening

so necessary during this process

Here simply that, we try to move back and forth breathing

And we can make circles backwards and forwards and to the other, back and forth and to feel ourselves connected with that part of our body

We could also do eights or infinities

Eights forward, so we would make a little circle forward

We cross, another circle to the back, I do not know if it is well appreciated but good would be this doing this movement with our hips

You can imagine it if you try to draw it there, maybe at the beginning it's more difficult for you and little by little, you gain awareness in that part of it of the body and we are improving our proprioception

Somehow we can also do as I said infinity sideways

so eights like this

We would start here, do a bobble, cross over, do another bobble

We cross over

And to the other side as well, it will always try to do it to both sides to move in all directions

Also a way to of relieving a little the pressure of our pelvic floor, right? and of the sacrum, isn't it? to feel it freer? is simply launching

A little bit here this is going to relieve us too

Our column is going to be like relaxed and at ease

A lot of times during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester when we have more volume

in our abdomen we don't feel comfortable on the couch or while we have to work on the computer

And the ball can be very helpful in these cases

Instead of sitting on the couch we sit upright like this and at the same time we can be working

Our hips while we are watching a movie or talking to our family or whatever

Or if we are working at home we have the possibility and take the ball to work

Then look for a table that is at your height and work from the ball will always be much healthier than a chair, which many times then that because of lumbago or sciatica

all the discomfort that we can have, because in a chair maybe we don't feel so comfortable

With the with the disc or with whatever you can find to fix it

your ball we can use it also to do some yoga postures

If we don't feel very tired and we want practice in a way that is perhaps less intense, but also receiving all the benefits of the postures For example we could do the position of warrior two

We positioned ourselves well in the center and here then flex our left knee with the foot pointing to the left side and stretch out our left knee

right leg

Here we open our arms in a cross and so we are working the warrior's posture

but Our legs have no to make so much strength if we are very tired or that at the end of the pregnancy we don't have as much energy, we could use this, we could make movements and inhaling Exhaling, we can support our forearm and bring our right arm up and do several breaths in and out here, inhale and exhale and you feel how you're working your legs, although not as intensely and how you are you keep on working your upper torso

And to the other side

Always do both sides, feel that your body stays balanced

You bend your right knee, straighten your left leg

Arms crossed

Forward gaze, inhale and exhale inhale and exhale

Another exercise that we can practice Prasaritas for hip opening working Exercising our breathing and our torso too Inhaling we incorporate upwards and exhaling, palms to our center, inhale and exhale Inhale and exhale, sitting here we can also work on lateral opening

Inhaling open your chest to one side exhale, come down inhale, open exhale, lower, inhaling you can look towards your hand or gaze straight ahead if you find it too intense

Exhaling, you come down

With the other side the same

Inhaling and exhaling

You can also do small twists inhaling with both arms and when you exhale you rest your right hand on your left knee

Open your chest and turn and also like this our hips are kept in the same place because as we are sitting down Inhaling, you go back up

And exhaling you change sides

You inhale Exhale, look over your right shoulder

Inhale, up

Exhale lowers

We can also support on our knees inhaling, bring the chest forward and exhaling, round the back to the back

Inhale and exhale

Inhale you exhale

Or even the other way around Inhale Inhale, in the round And when you exhale, with your mouth open

You inhale

And exhale

You inhale

And exhale And so you're also working forward hip forward hip backward Y chest extension and closure

Another exercise that is very beneficial and relieves a lot of discomfort especially in our lower back

It's kneeling in front of the ball, stretching and stretching our arms, relax on our head, we can rest our forehead on the ball, we can rest our forehead on the ball and breathe here

Here it is very relieving our lumbar area, our abdomen is relaxed in the third trimester it's also a good way to help our baby to settle down in the cephalic position, getting ready for the birth

If it is not too intense for our shoulders to be so far away we can get closer

And leaning back on our heels, somehow hugging the ball

Feeling how our lumbar area opens up and how we the back is relaxed

head to one side and then to the other, it's okay not to hurt our necks

Or we could even hug her all the way by leaning on her chest

And so we feel more like our scapulae relax, so if we have any tension in the neck or in the shoulders, it's more relaxed

resting posture, it's going to relieve us a lot too

We would do the same to one side and to the other

If we can practice also do it upside down, chest opening here it is important that the ball is well fixed, so that it does not we don't fall backwards; we don't hurt ourselves if we can't put it in place if we can't to fix it, so let him help us our partner or someone from our family a friend to get into this posture

Here what we need is to support the soles of the feet

on the ground looking for the ball support as in the lumbar area and from there you are dropping your whole back

You can either do it here or you can do it a little higher

Putting, your ass, your buttocks a little bit higher

and feeling a greater opening

This posture is also very relaxing like a little massage for our back after all day if we are very tired, we feel our back heavy it will relieve us a lot

It will relax our shoulders and neck

arms, everything

And to go out slowly, we join in

and we go out

And another position that we could also practice would be lying sideways, always sideways we lie down close to the ball, here also we could use it to make lateralizations leaning on it and stretching one arm to one side and to the other

Or also what I was telling you, lying down here on our little side always with the help of our arms, to lay us down to make force in our abdomen and from here we we put on our back and support the feet the legs on the ball

And here simply we rest, we leave our legs here rest, this favors the return circulation as we can do it with the wall we can do it on the ball and if we see ourselves with with desire working alternating legs, stretching one leg, taking advantage of the fact that the other leg is resting in a relaxed position

you don't have to do so much force and you work both legs separately

To go out, we do it the same way we came in

We go down the little legs on one side we lie down on the side and we join in with the help of our hands

And finally another exercise that we can do on the floor

with the ball stretching both legs as much as we can and leaning on it the same as before, relaxed

Head to one side and head to the other

Even rolling the ball to one side and opening up to that side and the other

So as you can see, the ball can be very useful

to alleviate different symptoms that we can suffer during pregnancy, either for the symptoms of the tired legs by leaning on them

Gaining proprioception in our hips and greater opening of the hips

how to alleviate discomfort in our back


your neck above your left shoulder we can even without the disk, it would be

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