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Yoga class for pregnant women in their second trimester of pregnancy.

Namaste Today we are going to do a prenatal yoga class specially directed for the second trimester of pregnancy

Let's differentiate it like this why in the second trimester of pregnancy is when we have the most energy we are going to be in better physical shape and it is the time to take advantage and that energy to work it a little bit with a little more intensity our body

In yoga although we seem to be going to stretch the body and then we don't need to warm up, it is necessary to warm up

It is necessary above all to bring mindfulness to our body

And observe how we are today, to always work from respect

Let's start on our feet we put our feet the width of our hips apart or a little bit more where we feel more comfortable, and we swing our weight forward and backward on the soles of our feet doing like a little massage

Spread your toes wide apart and just breathe, you're gaining surface area there

Let's do, let's lift our right knee and at the same time we make circles with our ankle

If we don't keep our balance here, we can look for a wall to lean on and do this movement

we do the same with the other leg

Try to bend your knee so that your thigh is parallel to the floor

To one side and to the other, observe how your joint and now with both hands try to lift that knee more

Always avoiding your tummy, inhale and exhale, release

Now from behind you grab your instep, same thing if you need the wall, you help yourself

And you release and now with your left knee lift as much as you can and back the same

With the hips, we're going to spread those legs a little bit more between us, between the feet a meter of distance more or less and here we bring our hands to our waists

we make circles to one side and to the other

We stop in the center bend your knees and bring your hands to your knees

And do this gesture, to open a little more

your hip activating it, back straight and up

Bring your feet back together and now inhaling, lift your arms up

Open your chest, exhaling to your center


Inhale, exhale, you can exhale through your mouth

or through the nose, whichever is more comfortable for you

I'm going to place myself in profile, so that you can see the next movement of breathing, we inhale through the nose Breathe through the nose or through the mouth as you wish and now interlace your fingers

Inhale and exhale, inhale, grow up

Exhale, release at the back


Stretch your arms back, intertwining your little fingers

Bend your torso forward, bending your knees, leaving space for your abdomen

Drop your head inhaling, come back to the middle

Release arms and relax your arms forwards, bending your knees shoulders, neck, everything relaxes

Grab opposite elbows and sway a little to one side and to the other

Another Release arms and we climb round until our shoulders and our chin come out last

We repeat one more time this complete exercise, inhaling, up

Exhaling to center, inhaling, interlace

Exhaling, flex

Inhaling, up, stretch

Exhaling, sideways inhaling, stretch your arms behind, bend your knees, lower your torso let your arms go up relax your head

Inhale, return to the middle of the path

Exhaling, release, grasp opposite elbows


And now go up slowly until you put your shoulders and your chin out at the end

All right, this way we've already warmed up our body a little bit and at the same time we have already worked on our breathing coordinating it with our movement and we are ready to start our yoga session

We are going to do a modified sun salutation for pregnant women

As if it were a sun salutation B a little more intense

Because we're going to add the warrior's posture but a posture of warrior with different variations, depending on your level, depending on how you feel today as well

We separate our feet the width of the mat, at least to have that space when flexing

forward for our tummy, first of all we're going to carry it palms to our center, we're going to close our eyes and we're going to think of a purpose, an intention, for our practice A sankalpa can be for your pregnancy ,for your baby, for everything to go well or because you simply want to transmit all your love and peace to him or her or because you want your family to be very happy with the arrival of the newborn of the new baby or maybe it has nothing to do with the pregnancy just think of something that is easy to remember and is an affirmation

To help you to find yourself better

When you are ready, take your arms to your sides inhaling, with arms to the sides and exhaling, palms to your center, with the following inhalation arms up, up big clap your hands together, open your chest a little bit

And with the exhalation bend your torso forward, chin away from your chest

When you can't do it anymore, bend your knees, look for your heels or your calves

from behind

Drop your head relaxed

With inhalation, hands on shins

Look at the front, stick out your chest and on the exhale, reach for the floor with your hands, bend your knees or whatever you need to do

Go to your right foot a big step back, support your knee and now your left foot

You support both knees, spread your knees the width of the mat

Join toes, stretch arms


Here the balasana posture we can do it with arms stretched and supporting the forehead, if we are already used to do this one asana

If not either we don't have flexibility or we are not so flexible today you can rest one hand on top of the other

One fist on top of the other

If it is still too intense, support elbows

the important thing is that your hips fall relaxed

And your lumbar can be released find the version that best suits that feeling

When you are ready you get into the quadrupedal position

For the quadruped position we can align well knees with hips hands with shoulders and from here we're going to bring our right foot between our hands or on the outside, if you already have a big belly

you can wear your foot on the outside to leave room for your abdomen

And here we're going to carry with our little toes, that knee in the back, a little bit further back, we keep always ankle knee alignment in front and from here we're looking for the hips with our hands, inhaling

And now we're going to lift both arms up, by the sides

We keep our arms apart, we look up to the sky, if we can, we put our hands together

always avoiding collapsing our neck and the shoulders going up, we want the shoulders relaxed

If you don't get the shoulders to relax

Put your palms together, then it's better

that you keep them parallel

And the neck the same, if it bothers you when you look up, look to the front, choose your variant

depending on how you feel today and exhaling, look down

You bring your right foot back

Two parallel knees and here we can do balasana in between again

If it's too intense Inhaling, you get back into the quadruped position

And now you carry your left foot, remember that you can carry it on the outside or on the inside

or on the inside of the foot depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy

Here we're going to do now, we're going to take our knee a little bit further back

And now we're looking for our hands with our hips, that alignment

look for it

Same thing spread your arms apart, otherwise, if you feel your neck collapse or your shoulders go up

if you can't bring them together you can look up or you can look straight ahead choose your variant Inhale and exhale arms, bring your left foot back Spread your knees apart the width of the mat, put your toes together and relax into Balasana again

Feel how you recover your breath as your heart rate goes down

And when you're ready, you get back into a quadrupedal position

as you inhale let's lift our sacrum our chest, our chin

And as we exhale hips up, up

Head between your arms, bend your knees

Legs apart so that there is room for your abdomen

We want to raise the hips a lot and stretch our back, feeling our chest wide open

If we are comfortable here we can try to stretch a foot, a leg flexing much the other way around

and go changing to the rhythm of our breathing

When you are tired go down to quadruped again and go to balasana

You choose your variant

And you get your pulse back your breath

When you are ready incorporate yourself in the quadruped position again

We now carry the left foot forward

Forward gaze standing upright, feet in front, mat width apart, hands on shins, look straight ahead inhaling And exhaling, bend your knees, round your back lower your head

And with the next inhalation come up with your arms straight by your sides

Bend both knees, as if you were sitting on a chair, lower your hips

look in front of you, inhale and as you exhale, grow, stretch your legs

Palms together, exhale, palms to your center

Inhale, exhale, recover

your breath

Bring one hand to your chest, one to your abdomen

Feel the benefits of the practice and only when you are ready you sit back up for the practice

If you still notice that your breathing or your pulsation are too fast continues to breathe, calming down gently this is a work from respect and love for this whole process

Let's go now to place ourselves in front of the mat, we separate feet width of the mat

Inhale and exhale, palms to your center

With the next inhalation, raise your arms up, bring your palms together, open your chest and with the exhale flex your torso forward, palms to your core, lower, seek the ground bend both knees, take your right knee one step back

And now your left foot, support your left knee

You get into a quadrupedal position

We are going to do the cat cow posture alternating with Inhalation and exhalation, for that inhaling, you lift your sacrum, you pull your chest out lift your chin in the cow posture and when exhaling you round from your sacrum your chest and your chin

Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

Now stretch your right leg back support yourself toe on the ground and now as you inhale, lift that leg straight up and on the exhale, lower

Inhale, exhale

Inhale, exhale

Inhale, exhale, now let's make circles

we put that leg parallel to the ground and we make circles with the foot to one side and to the other, always breathing

All right, we stop, we support right knee and we go to repeat the same thing with our left leg

Stretch that leg support, inhale, exhale

Look ahead

Or look between our hands, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale

Lift the leg and now make a circle to the side, breathing and to the other

All right, you feel that leg activate, flex your knee, support your knee

both knees and return to the balasana resting posture with your knees apart

bringing toes together, choose your balasana posture and relax your forehead in your hands

When you have recovered your breathing you sit up again

in quadruped position, two knees aligned with the hips and now we are going to inhale lifting the arm forward and on the exhale backward

Inhale, up, exhale back and now, inhale, up

and on the exhale we're going to bring that arm down by the side and we're going to put that arm through the little hole that's left by the left arm

Rest your right shoulder, your right ear

and stretch out the opposite leg, the left leg in this case

And breathe here

Support knee and you come out the same way you came in, up and down

We do it now with the other arm first we inhale in front and exhale doing a circle back, inhale and exhale

And with the next one, inhale up and when exhaling you put your arm under the right arm, support the left shoulder left ear and stretch your right leg, do this three breaths, whatever you consider

When you're ready, you put your knee on the ground, pull your arm out, just as you come in, you come out

lower both hands, open again your space between your knees, put your toes together

And relax into your Balasana variation

Get up into a quadrupedal position again, adjust, knees aligned

And now we're going to stretch our left leg back, parallel to the floor

and our opposite arm in front

Inhale and exhale, look towards your middle finger

Same thing you can do two, three breaths, as many as you feel you can do today

Exhaling down with control that's right

And we switch sides, stretch your right leg back

Left arm in front

Inhale and exhale, look towards your middle finger, stay calm

Remember your sankalpa

When you go down do it slowly with control and go back to balasana

When you are ready you get back in the quadruped position

And we are going to do the last exercise in this position for this only if you are ready and strong, otherwise you can wait in balasana

Let's do the same as before, stretching the left leg

and lift the right arm in front, let's inhale here, stretching well and when exhaling we're going to flex the elbow the chin we tuck inward, bend our knees inward and round our back Inhale and exhale

Inhale and exhale

You stop

And we do it now with the other leg

We stretch the right leg, left arm, and here you inhale

round And exhale

Inhale and exhale, stop

in the center, spread knees apart, hips back choose your balasana variation

and breathe


Take your time think it's not a competition, it's a job for you, with you

When you are ready, you join in quadrupedal position


And now, we're going to bring our right foot forward, we support our hands we bring our left foot forward, we're going to put our left foot well hip width apart or mat width apart, sorry inhaling, look straight ahead, stretch arms, stretch legs, stick out our chest exhaling round up, grab calves from behind, lower your head and with the next inhalation we go back to the chair, rest our toes and fingers on the floor raise arms to the sides, lower your hips, inhale and exhale

Grow up, lower palms to your center

All right, now let's do the posture of the warriors, the warriors give us strength, they give us stability, they root us to the ground

They are powerful because we work hip, chest are very complete, so here we go

We're going to take our left foot one step back, the foot in front

is pointing forward and the back foot aligned parallel, with the short part of the mat, here stretches both legs, two hips point forward arms cross and from here bend your knee, forward

We don't want those knees to go past your ankle, so you can either straighten the leg, open the back leg more or on the contrary don't bend the front knee so much, as you feel more comfortable

Crossed arms and look over your right shoulder

And here without moving your legs, inhale, raise your right arm up, support your hand left arm back, and as you exhale, you rest your forearm in front of you, left arm up





You return to the center and now you stretch both legs, hands on your hips turn your hips toward the front of the mat, toward the short side

Pick up your stride a little bit

Now the back foot also points a little bit forward

This little gesture, to feel both hips

how they point forward, how they close, that change is important to feel it

And now we're going to go with a balancing posture, for that we're going to do one step very conscious

We are gradually bringing all the weight to the front leg

leaving the back foot free of weight, that pointed foot

And from here you're lifting that leg back without opening your hips, you can flex your forward knee a little bit

And your torso is flexing forward

look for a spot on the floor or on the wall to keep you stable

If you find yourself in balance here you can try to carry your arms forward, if it's very intense, you can bring your palms to your chest or keep them on your waist

And to go out you bring your hands back to your waist, bend your knee in front of you support your back foot, back

And now we do warrior one, inhaling, flexing the knee, from the front stretching the back leg

And here as before, we've done the warrior one version, supporting both knees

supporting the back knee on the ground now we are doing the full version

You can keep your arms apart, look straight ahead or if you're already used to it to this posture, you can join palms together keeping that space between your shoulders

Even looking upward to go out in front, arms apart, hands at your waist

Stretch front leg turn hips to the front, before going to the other side, with the other leg we're going to stop here in the middle, to do a few exercises of breathing, also working on opening the hips

We're going to inhale, raising our arms up, and as we exhale, we lower our arms to our sides

and now flex your torso forward

Arms crossed, flex your torso forward

Let's do the movement like a bird, lower rounded down

you drop your arms down and when you inhale you stick out your chest, stretch your arms

Inhale, exhale

And now we're going to coordinate it with the knees as well, bend your knees, bend your torso and when you inhale you stretch everything out, you look straight ahead, you can exhale

through the mouth

All right, inhaling up, exhaling arms to the sides and now let's take the hips to the other side

Well first we just turn now our left foot

The right foot is now parallel to the short part of the mat and from there arms crossed, we feel our hips open, flex that knee that we don't over your ankle

So adjust your pace y you get ready in the warrior 2

We do Warrior 2 inverted first

Right hand back Left arm in front and when exhaling, you support your forearm

Right arm up, open your chest, look at your right hand


When exhaling back to the center stretch both legs hands to the waist and now turn your hips and pick up your pace: DOs hips pointing towards the short part of the mat

Do the gesture we were saying before to make sure

And now from here same we are going to bring all the weight to the forward leg as a very conscious step, with control

Slowly you're lifting that leg from behind stretched

You can flex your forward knee a little bit

And from there you're stretching your leg back, lifting that leg up and feeling your torso flex forward

If you keep your balance here, you can try to lift your arms up

to the sides of your ears or to your center

Look for a spot on the ground to keep the balance and when you want to get out of the posture you do it bringing your hands to your hips, flexing the forward knee, supporting the back leg straight

And here we are ready to do the warrior 1 leg back stretch

forward leg bent, arms up, inhale

Here you can do the same if you can if you want, if you are already familiar with this posture clap your palms together

You can look up, you can interlace your fingers, leaving only the index fingers to leave the same

Spread arms, gaze forward low, stretch both legs

Back to bringing the hips forward and now here

let's inhale, arms up, up, exhale, palm down to your center

And now we're going to make the step a little bit smaller

and we're going to leave the little toes pointing out, now

let's get ready for the malasana posture

We're going to go down to release our sacrum our pelvic floor and opening our hips, if this posture is very intense for you you can do it leaning on a wall

Just like we're going down, I'm going to do it with my back straight, you lean on a wall and you're going down

Because maybe if you haven't practiced this position before you might find it a little bit uncomfortable then

watch how I do it and choose what suits you best

Let's inhale, raising arms up, palms together, and exhale flexing Palms to our center, lower the hips, when you can't lower the hips any more, you flex your torso forward

From there you lower your hips more

You can to carry the weight to one leg and to the other

You can rest your hands on the floor and look for your stability there

Hips drop

Knees apart

And here if you can, clap your hands together and with your elbows you push your knees out, if you are not comfortable because your heels are in the air I recommend you to lean your back against the wall

so that you can enjoy the benefits of the posture, which is what it's all about

If on the other hand you are very comfortable here that you can spend then go a little deeper, take advantage of it

You rest your right hand inhale, raise your left arm, up, by the side, opening chest exhaling, lower and do the same with the other side

Inhaling and exhaling you come down

And then with the help of your hands you support yourself

on the ground

And let's go to the ground positions

We position ourselves with our feet parallel to each other fingers pointing inward

And with the strength of the soles of our feet and the soles of our hands we are going to inhale and to lift our hips up

So that they are aligned with our knees and with our shoulders

If you are comfortable and it doesn't bother your neck you can let it fall down if not, look straight ahead and exhaling, lower

Let's repeat it two more times, inhaling, up and exhaling

down, inhale, up exhale, exhale you can always do it by the mouth if you find it more pleasant, inhale

Exhale, very good and the last one

Very good and to finish let's make a position with the help of the wall, I do it here on the glass

It is important in this position, this posture that we get very close to the wall, we sit on the side of the wall very close, getting our buttocks as close to the wall as we can

And from there we lie on our side, supporting our elbow

we lay down and we lifted our feet to the wall

We rest the soles of our feet on the wall

You place yourself in a posture in which you are comfortable

With your back straight lean it against the wall

Drop your hands, on your knees, on your thighs

where they fall relaxed

Keep your chin parallel to the ground and relax your shoulders, close your eyes gently

And when you are ready and comfortable commit yourself not to move

We are doing shavasana or no movement posture in a variant adapted for pregnant women

We have been sending orders of movement coordinated with our breathing to our body

And now we are going to send a final order to it which is not to move

It is the meaning of shavasana

It is just as important as the rest of the practice

Since now is, when our body assimilates everything it has occurred

Benefits of all postures all extensions and flexions of the spine

The movements of our joints our vital organs as well have been compressed and have expanded in some way with our movements

We have provided a breath in accordance with these movements

Thus allowing our muscles to better mobility

Oxygenating our blood and allowing those oxygenated cells to reach all the tissues In order to provide a better functioning of the whole organism

Our mind has been present with our body concentrated in every movement in each hip opening

Every good alignment

That mind and body coordination That connection of both parts at the same time coordinated with respiration keeps us here and now our body feels lighter and relaxed

Letting our organism benefits from all that

And our mind too enjoying this moment of relaxation

Let's observe the support points with the ground

On the side of our feet on the edge of the knees on our buttocks

The points of support with the wall in the back

Now we are going to feel that skin in contact with the air in our hands in our arms, maybe we wear short sleeves

On our face

The pores sensitive to temperature

Feel it see how you feel

See how you feel

Heavy and sunken on this wall, in this armchair

And at the same time lightly

If you could watch yourself sitting here from the outside

Take advantage of this moment in which your body flows your cells work with ease

Your mind enjoy the experience

Producing perhaps less thoughts soft breaths


It's a good time to look inside watch that ESSENCE YOURS UNIQUE

It makes you different from everyone else look at it from LOVE

Without judging it you're just giving her space

This mind always wants to be the protagonist makes us believe that our physical body is what differentiates us

But that just depends on who looks at you and how they look at you

but your ESSENCE that is YOU

When you connect with her you accept it, you embrace it

It is reflected in your face

That sincerity The yoga makes us work from the outside

From the most physical part of the body inward

Starting from the mind our connection from the inside to the outside

through the breath

So that once coordinated these three parts

You can give space to your SOUL or your true SELF and recognize you

All questions we ask ourselves have an answer

Maybe the first question is who I am

And there is the work of yoga

Little by little take deeper breaths, now exhale through the mouth

Give movement to your fingers and toes to your neck

As your body asks you to your shoulders and to your wrists

Bring your chin to your chest Take off your eyelids from each other

Little by little, you raise your gaze bring one hand to your abdomen and the other to your chest

Say thank you for practicing today

Send him from the center of your chest your fourth chakra, your love

All the love you have to share with your baby

With everything around you

We are LOVE

Enjoy every sensation

Feel more connected with the process

Remember your purpose for your practice

Bring your palms to your center


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