Class for the first trimester

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Yoga class for pregnant women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

Namaste Today we are going to talk about the first trimester of pregnancy when, you've just found out that a life is being created inside you

Well it is a unique process and we can feel in many different ways, we can alter different states of mind and everything is normal understandable and we have to accept the process as it comes without feeling guilty

If you suddenly become afraid, insecure, you don't know what to do

you suddenly feel euphoric and want to tell everyone about it

Respect it and feel it and enjoy it because it's a unique moment that you will remember all your life

As far as the precautions that we have to take, well during the first trimester it is when that little embryo forms and it's perhaps the most delicate moment in the development of our pregnancy, isn't it? This is the moment where it will be defined if it will really arrive

to form a baby or if on the contrary it doesn't have to have a baby

occur, whether it is one way or the other, nature is very wise

Always think about that and if for whatever reason you lose your baby

think that it's because it's the best solution

It is a perfect system and it works as it has to work, then those first 12 weeks of pregnancy we are going to consider it a moment of risk, a moment of pause and a moment of to respect our organism so that it can be well centered

Send all the energy to this process

Even so I repeat it if for whatever reason that pregnancy is not fruitful, it is because it was not meant to be, that you do not feel you will be able to and you must always keep a positive mind and believing that nature always acts wisely

During the first trimester they discourage, I as a teacher also discourage the practice of yoga

because each one of us is different and I am with a teacher

I don't know very well, a lot of times the students where they come from, what their usual practice was

So when in doubt the teachers because you go out of yoga we prefer to is that you start coming from the 12th week, when the first ultrasound is already done you listen to your baby's heartbeat and they tell you that everything is going forward

If you're at home you're upset, it's going to be the beginning of pregnancy, so that's what it is

a very unstable moment, not because you don't really know what's going on but you're going to find yourself that maybe you're feeling very tired, you're finding that your body is going to be different, you're going to be feeling more maybe with nausea or foods that suddenly make you sick good smells good different sensations, no? because of that hormonal imbalance suddenly I imagine that inside your body the hormones are just like that

working very hard and that has repercussions in your day to day life

And in a way that you weren't used to then allow yourself to the time to get enough rest, eat well, try to well, let the organism go at its own pace

But if you feel any discomfort in the body or well a little bit tense, especially because you might have a little bit of anxiety or a little bit of stress about the situation that it entails

So I'm going to propose a some small guidelines of restorative asanas

Always from passivity, tranquility and to transmit to your body that serenity, which is going to be the final objective of these asanas

We are going to start sitting on the floor, we support our knees and we're going to go into balasana position

The balasana position, we're going to spread our knees wide apart

knees, bring the toes together

and here what we are going to do is to help ourselves with several pillows, if you have a puff, that's fine

or if you don't, then pillows and a blanket whatever helps you, to keep your torso relaxed forward in this pose

We do a restorative balasana

So here you hug your blankets, your pillows

and you relax

And here you can stay as long as you need

You calm your breathing

You feel how your back relaxes, how your hips relax

I advise you to put on some relaxing music

That you do it with a light more subdued, perhaps to calm everything down

your nervous system and favor this moment a little more

We can also do it backwards you can do the same with several blankets, if you don't have any

a puff and here simply you lean back and relax your back

You can even drop your knees to the side

letting your hips open up and this is a very good posture because the chest opening it also relieves us a lot of anxiety and stress

You can use some essential oil that produces relaxation

some incense

And the same, here spend as much time as you need

To get out of the posture you do it sideways with control, you incorporate

And you stand up

Also you can do small lateral twists, sitting comfortably, you inhale raise arms and as you exhale, right hand to left knee, left hand behind

Inhale chest out, exhale, look back: And so you mobilize your spine in all directions, gently and slowly

You can also do some breathing exercises inhaling, raising one arm bending, to the opposite side

Inhale and exhale, to the other side

always very slowly, very gently

You can bring both arms up, opening your chest, exhaling, bringing your arms up, opening your chest, exhaling

palms to your center

And repeat several times

You can think and you must think statements positive about the process you are going through

As for example my process is unique and perfect or my pregnancy is unique and it is perfect, you can also say I accept and understand every part of the process or I send all the energy into this process so wonderful

I open myself to new experiences Well any phrase that works for you, sonora that is a simple statement to understand

That I can repeat to you throughout the day, you're going to see the positive effects it has on on your mind, on your attitude and finally I'm going to For relaxation, you can either sit still or support or your back on the wall and you can help yourself with a cushion to feel upright, but comfortable, or else lying on the floor, with a pillow and elevating your knees a little bit with blankets or with other pillows, it would be something like this

Or even on the side, too

If you prefer you could stay here like this or face up

dropping your palms to your sides, feeling your knees a little bit higher, you drop your knees also, a little bit to the sides so that your elbows are fall relaxed, your whole chest relaxes

Choose the posture that you like the most from the 3 options that I have just given you

And when you are ready follow my instructions

First of all close your eyes take a couple of deep breaths

Inhale, again deeply, and now exhale, through the mouth

Feeling how your body relaxes

Keeping those points of support on the ground that give you stability and tranquility

We are going to make a small scan of our body starting from our feet watch your feet your little toes your insteps

The soles of your feet and your ankles

And feel how it relaxes And now he takes the attention to your twins to your knees to your shins

And feel them relax

He now carries the attention to your thighs to your buttocks to your hips

And feel how relaxes

Now bring your attention to your abdomen to your dorsal area and to your lumbar region

Inhale and exhale bring now your attention to your chest to your shoulders and to your shoulder blades, from behind

Inhale exhale, relax

Take now the attention to your arms your forearms your elbows your biceps, triceps, inhale

On the exhale, relax your arms

Now bring your attention to your wrists to the back of your hands of the palms of your hands, every finger of your hand


And exhale, relax

Now bring your attention to your neck your jaw

The tongue detaches from the roof of your mouth

Inhale, exhale, relax

Feel the muscles of your face your cheekbones, nose your forehead, your brow

Inhale As you exhale, relax

You have your eyes closed, with a soft inward gaze

Micro Inhale, exhale, relax

Feel your whole body heavy on the mat

And at the same time feel your soul free, light

As if you were rising and you could see yourself, observe yourself

from the ceiling on the ground lying down or sitting

Completely relaxed

Little by little you start to make breaths deeper, inhaling through the nose feeling, seeing how your abdomen, chest expands Exhale through the mouth repeat

Little by little start to wiggle your toes

Your little fingers

Move with subtlety your ankles your wrists your neck, to one side and to the other other

If you are lying down lie down now

with your right side in the fetal position

And note the difference from the shavasana position, dead man's position with the lateral position, fetal position

of rebirth

If you are sitting keep breathing giving back to your body consciousness

If you are lying down on your side little by little; with the help of your hands; you sit up on your side and you sit down as at the beginning

Observe and enjoy this moment with a soft and natural breathing

Still with your eyes closed feel lighter

With less tension

Although your mind is perhaps thinking in many things in the head, the mind is always generating thoughts

We have to try to observe them without hooking up to any of them

As if they were clouds in the sky, passing by

There are denser clouds lighter clouds

Watch them

Let them pass

Find maybe a second between thought and thought

Between cloud and cloud

Where there is nothing watch that second

of lightness of mind

Where you gain space in your mind that space that is so necessary to connect with your essence

Where there are no physical or mental distractions

Although more thoughts will keep coming don't get frustrated, don't get angry

Accept it, it's part of the process part of learning

Just being aware that it's happening, it's already a big step to initiate in meditation, to connect with that part of yourself our unique part of each being

Where are all the answers to all our questions

Little by little take deeper breaths again coming back to your physical body, to this present moment in which we are we find ourselves

Bring your chin towards your chest and slowly take off the eyelids of your eyes

Open your eyes looking down little by little raise your eyes He looks ahead


Bring your palms to your center

Namaste, means I see enlightenment in you

I see happiness in you

That's a very nice way of wishing to all that surrounds us Love and happiness that independently You who are not So that Namaste

bad, don't even think that you won't be able to get pregnant again, because you won't, of course you will

guide for a little final relaxation

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