Class 8: Special back III

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In this session we will work more in-depth on the flexion of the hips in phase II apqrte of the twists that will be especially good for you to decongest the back, especially if you are in an advanced month of pregnancy.

Hello my name is Silvia Jaén, I welcome you to today's session, which we are going to dedicate as we've been doing, these sessions from the back to especially the spine work, the back work, so that you can relax it, so that you can have different movements in your spine without need to tense, nor to force your posture and that neck, lumbar area, lumbar area, spinal dorsal area of your whole back are healthy

This session is also dedicated to to the woman who is pregnant, whatever your gestational stage is, as long as you do it from the third month, so we are going to take special care in the different postures that you so you can do them safely

So without further ado we're going to start with cross-legged, with your hands on your knees and with your spine stretched out, balance well

your weight, the position of your body just towards the center avoiding it to be pushed forward

the trunk or going backwards, try to create a straight line from the bones of your buttocks to the top of your head Close your eyes if you are more comfortable and breathe normally

become aware of all the parts of your back, from the lowest part to the highest part of your head, passing through the lumbar area, dorsal, cervical, and of course, in the area of the shoulders, shoulder blades, and trapezius Bring all your attention to these areas Feel how with the breath you can get more in touch with them and release them

but don't stop stretching and growing well towards the sky All right, bring the attention to your hips

little by little we're going to be flexing from them

the trunk forward, place the tips of the fingers on the floor

that's it, walk slowly to the front

avoiding at all times that the back is rounded, always try to keep the back rounded

completely stretched even if you descend less, but it always has to be very stretched

The buttocks go down, you direct them towards the floor, the spine stretches forward and upward

You look calmly

And you breathe calmly

If you can, you breathe in, stretch once more, and when you breathe out you're going to bend down

bringing your chest to the floor always avoiding the rounding of your back as far as you reach, stretch your spine well

Breathe deeply to the sides and bring again and again the feeling of calmness to your hips, let them loose to be able to better stretch your spine You go back, walk with your hands slowly towards your legs, straighten your spine and we're going to stand up

You leave your feet the width of your hips apart, always parallel to each other remember, and now you take your arms, interlock them closer to your elbows, close to your elbows, stretch your elbows towards the ceiling and little by little taking advantage of an exhalation you bring the trunk as much as you can stretching it forward

That's it, once you're here you keep your legs steady with the help of your hands you pull your arms more towards the ground in such a way that you so that the trunk can lengthen more, lengthen the belly and widen it at the same time Let it loosen up and fall down more and more

that's it always legs very firm with feet pushing the ground and with the hands pulls the arms down to stretch your spine more Loose head and hold these three shares breathes calmly that's it, now place your hands in front of you on the floor supporting your fingertips, keep your legs very firm, don't let your legs get too tight

knees to go down, all the time the kneecaps are going up, you stretch your spine, you stretch your spine and you bring your gaze forward a little bit in front of you, avoiding an excess of neck flexion in the cervicals, that

from the hips, as we've seen on other occasions, stretches your spine to the front move your breath and observe how little by little you can stretch your spine more and more

let the movements be calm, gentle, no bumps All right, now holding ankles or calves as you are more comfortable and bending your elbows outward

you help yourself, you make a lever with your arms to lower your trunk more and more towards the ground

the head completely loose, as the legs are stretched out further the trunk is going to loosen up more too

calm look


you come back stretching your arms you stretch your spine and interlock your elbows and with one inspiration you come back stretching as far as you can with your legs very firm


and on the exhale you lower your arms down by your sides

Right there with your feet as you have them Tadasana Firm legs arms firm Sacrum down and with the shoulders wide apart breathe deeply Go checking every part of your body, go feeling how little by little you are becoming more in the postures, feel your back

there doesn't have to be no tension of any kind, it has to be loose all the time now stretch your arms in front of you towards the sky very firm the legs, don't stop pushing with your feet also on the ground

and with an aspiration you go forward that's

with the left hand you hold the opposite leg wherever you can reach, either the ankle or the calf the right hand at the waist for the moment to stretch the spine forward and upward and little by little you turn your chest towards the sky, making a twist there

That's it, you go back to the center and change, you're carrying your right hand to the left leg, go around the arm, go around the waist behind you

with your arm and stretch the spine forward and then little by little you turn to the side, bringing the chest and the gaze more towards the sky moving your breath well

stretching your spine every time you breathe in, turn a little bit more each time you breathe out

and you come back to the center


Put your fingertips out in front of you

very well, and spread your feet a little bit more apart

you separate your heels from the mat as well

In previous series, we placed a blanket under the heels

to stabilize the posture, to keep better balance

you can do it again or if not already having improved your posture surely we can stay with our feet in the air, we can try, first you put one hand in the air on the knee, then the other one and help you to stretch the spine

little by little towards the sky, remember, if it is not easy for you to keep the balance place a blanket under your heels as in previous sessions

Stretch your back well let your legs have the strength and firmness in them and from there on you can stretch as far as you can towards the sky


breathe calmly

let your gaze be wide and panoramic, let it not stay fixed on one point well

you support your hands on the ground, stretching your legs and stretching your arms out towards forward very stretched, try to make the spine go towards the tips of your fingers, breathing in come back strongly with your legs and when you exhale go down on the sides, very good

You bring your feet a little bit together, just enough to stay at the width of your hips

and we go back to Tadasana well

Tadazana always to somehow remind the body of the posture, that the breath calms

to remember the different actions to do and then carry them out in the following Asanas So we quickly review, push well with the feet

keep the legs firm and lower the sacrum elevate your spine and stretch your arms bring your shoulders down and back your head in line with the spine and breathe


now that the breathing has normalized, we're going to continue with Prasarita Padottanasana so place your hands on your waist and separate the feet much more always making sure that they are parallel to each other never one goes out and the other stays in

keep them always very aligned, that's very important as I have already commented other times for your spine, so keep them very parallel to each other without outwardly, so hold your ankles and push a little bit more with your big toe on the ground that's it

done this legs very firm, the Tadasana review that we did before, legs firm, kneecaps going up

and the spine like this for stretching, well

with the elbows backwards and the shoulders also back, you're going to feel now a clear space

chest, clavicles

and shoulders

you stretch your front spine well, creating more and more space and from the hips you do the forward flexion

that's it

pull as far forward as you can

support your fingertips on the ground just so that the wrists are in line with the shoulders, that is

do not leave the weight on the fingertips of the hands you have to balance by bringing the weight towards the heels, once you are there keep the legs very firm to stretch the spine forward and upward the belly is calm

the arms very firm

the cervicals lengthening without any tension

while breathing calmly we also remember the arm of Adho Mukha Shvanasana where the upper arm rotates outward and in this way remember that the shoulders could be opened more and thus create more space in the chest other than that the trapezoid area will be soft without tension and therefore your neck and cervical vertebrae will be calm so let's go over that upper arm swing out


and keep the leg awareness connection arms so that your spine is stretched out breathe To facilitate the return you put your hands to your waist and with an inspiration stretch as far forward as possible up

you're putting your feet together

and when they are separated the width of the hips, Tadasana

All right, now let's do a few sets of Surya Namaskar

in such a way that we are going to integrate everything that we have seen in the previous sessions with a lot of awareness

in the work of the spine, they are going to be simple movements as you have seen in other occasions

and in some of the Surya Namaskar (the sun salutation) we will make some variations at some points; without further ado, you will place yourself right in front of the mat

with your feet apart, with your hands on your chest you apply here all that we have already seen in Tadasana legs very firm to always stretch your spine well

wide gaze, straight ahead, and very conscious of your body

very conscious of your mind

very conscious of your breathing observing in every moment the movement With your hands on your waist, you breathe in and look at the movement towards the sky, extending well the frontal spine, breathing out from the hips you go forward, that's it

and place your hands between your feet if you need to, remember, bend your legs a little bit, but you better have them

stretched, release the trunk and bring the right leg backwards

a big step, a big step with your leg always respecting the line of the knee

and the ankle so that the ankle is calm and has no tension

with the pelvis falling towards the ground stretch your back, stretch your spine open your shoulders and chest wide, take deep breaths bringing the left knee back you place yourself in the cat position to do the cat gesture, when we exhale we do it three times, you round your back when you inhale you sink your spine looking at the sky A lot of consciousness in every movement, in the breath

and when breathing out, once again, that's

and now already together big toes, separates knees Adho Mukha Virasana you inspire

Adho Mukha Shvanasana You rest your left knee on the floor and bring your

the right foot forward, stretching the back leg a lot stretching your back well open your chest wide carry the shoulders well down and back, lengthening the cervical vertebrae breathe

and take the other foot between your hands, hands to your waist

and with an inspiration from the hips with the legs very firm you come back breathing in upwards and when exhaling with hands together, the same thing with the left leg, legs firm, spine straightened chest wide open, deep and calm breathing

you breathe in you stretch your front spine exhale from the hips very stretched your spine go forward, hands between the feet inhale, left leg back in one big step stretch your spine well, open your chest wide, shoulders always backwards Don't shrink your neck pelvis lowering more and more, giving movement in the hips well

you put both hands on the floor and bring your right leg behind you

you stay in the Cat's Pose to do the gesture of the cat three times, when breathing out rounded the back you release the head as you inhale you sink your spine and look up to the sky and so on two more times Very good, join your big toes together spread your knees apart Adho Mukha Virasana stretch your back well and when you let the air out Adho Mukha Shvanasana Resting the right knee on the floor and bringing the left knee forward as before, now you can probably stretch it much better, feel the pelvis much more open

feel the hips much more in movement and a breathing especially in rhythm with your body in rhythm with the movement of your body You bring your right foot between your hands in a big step and with the hands on the waist you breathe in, you stretch the spine well forward as much as you can forward and upward and on the exhale hands together Ok, let's do one more lap, this time with variations as before, hands to the chest Namaste

you inspire

exhale forward that's

left hand to the right ankle or calf, stretch your spine forward with the legs very stretched and now wrapping the right arm around the waist from behind while stretching the spine you turn to the right side and you turn more opening your chest a lot and serving you already that you can move the shoulder back a lot more to improve the torque

you come back to the center and do the same on the other side, right hand side opposite leg, first stretch the spine forward remember, always before turning or doing any of the following spine movement you have to stretch it to leave space in the vertebrae, and without losing that space then it is now when you go around with that arm around the waist from behind and you go around the chest and look to the left side, take deep breaths You come back to the center, rest your hands on the ground, bring the right leg behind you with a big step

okay, and from here we're going to flex the toes of the right foot inward place your hands on your left thigh and separate the knee from the mat if possible, if you can't continue with the knee on the floor and the instep extended either way is fine the important thing is that above all you feel confident and comfortable in the posture

once with any of the forms you have chosen you bring your hands to your waist you stretch well the spine upwards and bring the hands to the chest in Namaste breathe

that's it, stretching your spine well, stretching your neck well too

You support your hands you rest the knee on the ground, the other one too the cat three times big toes together, knees apart adho mukha Virasana releasing the air breathe

a lot of awareness on your back that's it, Adho Mukha Svanasana

A lot of awareness in the leg-arm work to stretch your spine as much as possible

let go of your head very well, you rest the left knee on the ground and bring the right one between your hands, straighten your back open your chest, breathe you bring the other foot between your hands hands on the waist, with an inspiration you stretch forward and upwards and breathing out Namaste you breathe in

exhale forward stretching as far as you can

left hand left ankle right ankle right arm around the waist from behind, stretching your spine and then turn around there

stretching as much as you can, when breathing in stretch, when breathing out rotate back to the center change to the other side, first stretch, take an inspiration and then you turn around when you release the air you turn more return to the center, support the hands, left leg backwards and do as before, just as you did on the previous leg repeat on this one, or with your knee on the ground and your instep on the ground too

or with the toes tucked in and the knees apart on the mat done this hands on the right leg little by little if you have your foot in Flex you separate it from the ground you bring your hands to the chest Namaste opening a lot the chest, stretching the back well and breathing leaning the hands on the ground, bring the right leg backwards to do again the movement of the cat three times movement and breathing together feeling all the time now the movement of the vertebrae, how they loosen up that mobility that is going to release all the nerves of the spine and musculature of the back Spread the knees apart

adho mukha virasana

Adho Mukha Sanasana releasing the air

Release your head well, stretch well arms and legs, stretch your spine well very good

legs straight supported on the floor, left side forward, stretch your spine well

bring the other foot forward breathing in you stretch the spine forward up Namaste one more turn, before rest here for a few moments inspires exhale

hands between the feet, right leg behind stretch the spine and open the chest, calm face the other leg back, cat movement three times movement breathing always 1 that's

Adho mukha virasana pelvis toward the heels Stretch your spine well breathe adho mukha svanasana Mukha svanasana here you're going to put your feet together bring your heel as far to the floor as you can, left heel, bring your right leg up

backwards, up and flexing it turning turning from the hip, stretching the arms as far as possible feeling the lower back relaxed stretching back towards the sky and with an inspiration leg between the hands, stretches the spine, breathes in calmly bring the other foot forward, and with the legs very stretched, stretching the spine you inhale exhale namaste you inspire exhale

release the head well Uttanasana left leg back inhale stretch your spine well look at the front opening the chest breathe in that's it

resting both hands on the floor movement of the cat movement and breathing in one feel all the time your body, carry the attention your mind, feel how the movement is fluid


Adho mukha virasana Adho mukha svanasana Both feet together and bring the right heel more towards the ground by pushing it down you bring the left leg up and flexing it, you bring it to the other side stretch the arms a lot loosens the head a lot and feel your lumbar spine calm very good

take your leg towards the sky breathing in you bring it between your arms, you stretch your spine well the other foot forward breathing in you stretch well from the hips, stretch your back well, come back to the center Namaste A few moments to calm the breath a few moments to let go of the whole body and to keep bringing the attention to body and mind over and over again very good

now already interlock your arms, keep your legs steady

and when you exhale you go forward Uttanasana completely release the whole trunk towards the floor, help yourself with the hands to pull the arms down sides very long, back stretching in a quiet and calm manner legs working for the back to loosen very good

rest your hands on the floor, flex your legs place one hand in front, one hand behind and sit down

with your legs crossed we do a twist here, left hand the right knee, right hand from behind inhale, take the opportunity to stretch as much as possible when you exhale turn as much as you can and feel how the back gives much more of itself, you can feel it perfectly

stretched and turning smoothly gaining much more travel in it feels that the musculature is softer, softer, and that the breathing as usual posture support to get more out of it to enter in this case more in the torsion, breathe back to the center and change you stretch well


and exhaling you go spinning breathe in and stretch exhaling turns and back to the center all right, we're going to go lying down

that's it

lay down on your back

hope you're comfortable bend your legs towards the abdomen and hold just below the knees spread the elbows apart until they rest comfortably on the ground which little by little apart from the hips loosening up that you feel that the back is soft and loose overlay that's it

lengthen the sides let the back relax while the hips do the same

Okay, now you're going to take feet at bridge or toe height, whichever is more comfortable for you let the back flatten and with the strength of the arms directs a little more the knees towards the ground without tensing the belly you maintain the posture You have to bring the sacrum down a little bit more, that you feel that the lumbar area does not stay in the air for that the arms have to make a little bit the intention to look for the ground so that the lower part calms down, relaxes

loose belly in calm

breathe very good

crosses her legs as if she were sitting you hold with your right hand the left foot the one you have on top, and with your left hand the foot you have under it crossed well and you just let the weight of your arms fall on your feet and your legs completely relaxed over you breathe let the whole body let go, let it calm down you change the crossing of your feet and the same now with your left hand you take the foot you have on top, with your right hand the foot you have under it and continue to carry with the weight of your arms the feet down without pulling them down, just with the weight Breathe calmly very well

uncross your feet you leave them resting on the floor with your legs flexed and now you're going to take the big toe, the thumb, just at the level of the groin

you put it in just at the level of the groin and the rest of the fingers at the sides then without putting tension on the shoulders, the shoulders keep in mind that they go down all the time

you are going to push a little bit with your hands thighs to the front in such a way that what we are going to achieve is that the lumbar spine is stretched and also you're going to notice that the belly sinks and lengthens but especially notice the calmness of the stretching in the lumbar area how the vertebrae are separating and this produces a lot of relief in this area shoulders down and take a deep breath let the breath move in the ribs, not so much in the belly the belly is lengthening now with your hands, with the whole palm of your hand you bring your feet a little bit more towards the buttocks and with the whole palm of your hand you push now more the upper thigh towards the front but the same, try to keep the shoulders down all the time

the arms are working they are active but they are clearly pushing to the front to stretch the lumbar area further and this is a stretch that you can help yourself at any time of the day

when that whole area especially is loaded because you're sitting for a long time

standing for a long time to catch the children, so for the help with this exercise that is not posture is not asana and you help to stretch the whole area, breathe

very good

and you stop pushing

you leave your arms close to your body

You stretch your legs

you check by holding your head that you are straight and little by little you are getting ready for the final relaxation if you need it remember that you can put a height under your legs either blanket or more blankets or chair that you are completely comfortable in the posture close your eyes little by little loosen the throat the tongue separates the lips from each other, letting the jaw fall down dropping down and let the skin and all the muscles of the face soften shoulders neck and trapezius


shoulders neck and trapezius


arms hands relax

arms and hands relax

the chest the belly the pubis relaxes deeply relax

legs whole leg, from the hips to the ankle and the whole foot relaxes

the cervicals upper back middle and lower widen deep into the ground having more and more space head, neck and back relax

buttocks relax

arms and hands legs and feet relax

Take a couple of deep breaths contact your whole body again make movement that you need any gesture that your body asks you Turn slowly on your right side and with the help of your hands you stand up the hands in Namaste at the level of the chest I wish you a happy day good sensations in your body and in your mind Thanks again for being there Hari Om Tat sat

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