Class 7: Special back II

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In the last session we worked on the upper back and paid attention to the shoulder area, neck ... In this class the work is more general. As we saw before, it is essential to work on the hips, not only for the moment of delivery but to have a full consciousness in the back and you can benefit from the practice of yoga. With the weight of the baby as it grows, the back feels this transformation ... just as if you are under a lot of stress. Well, with this session you can work clearly on each part of your back and relax it.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén, I welcome you to today's class

We are going to pay special attention to the back work and the correct stretching of the spine

to the relaxation of all the muscles that are close to your spine and that due to stress or fatigue tend to tense up

This section is also dedicated especially for you if you are pregnant, for those months of pregnancy when your back is very tired and your spine is very tired

tends to tighten, the lumbar curvature is shortened, there is tension in the area of the shoulders, the trapezius muscles with this session you will be able to find the softness and relaxation in all your spine and back

We're going to start by crossing our legs, you make a very good base with them

You place your hands comfortably on your knees

and once here you find little by little the position of your back

You want to say the inertia and the usual is that one goes forward or if there's a lot of stiffness in the groins in the hips the tendency is to go backwards, so let's find the middle ground

Just with your hands you bring the buttocks sideways backwards

and look for that point where the ischia are in contact with the ground

Just that one and even if it gives you the feeling that you're going backwards where your back is completely vertical, done this

Stretch your spine well Good and feel the stretch of your back towards the sky

Take a deep breath

Observe the position of your shoulders all the time they go backwards downwards and feel the expansion in the chest

It is very important to feel the space in the chest because there you are going to give more action to your dorsal spine and therefore as a result there is going to be an expansion in the sternum, chest, clavicles and shoulders

So watch at all times that you create a lot of space in this area

and once you feel physical space, direct your breath

let it move again and again to the sides

Take a deep breath

All right, now we're going to stretch the whole upper part of the zone

of the shoulder blades, of the shoulders, yes for this you bring your right hand to your left knee

and with your other hand you take the arm

You have to pull it as if you want to pull the shoulder out of its place but carefully

and you have to bring your back backwards, pulling it out like a kind of a lateral hump

Where you notice that there's a clear stretch in the area of the shoulder blade upper zone, stop and direct your breathing there

Increase the stretching of this zone by bringing the head up

to the opposite side and let it fall

Feel the air going all the time to that area

stretches it and relaxes it

All right, you go back to the center and do the same thing on the other side

Now you take with your right hand the left wrist

you pull the arm and you and your back on the opposite side and drop your head to that side

Again you are going to feel the stretch in the shoulder blade in part of the shoulder

So direct your breathing there

Calm, serene breathing

All right, you go back to the center and we do one more time

you bring your right hand to the opposite knee, you pull and drop your head

and you feel that apart from the shoulder blade, that side of the neck also stretches and relaxes

You take a deep breath

That's it, you go back to the center and we change last side

You drop your head and stretch well you stretch your arm well

Breathe That's it and now with both hands on your knees, straighten your back again

Find that point, just that point where it makes your back grow well

towards the ceiling from verticality

Remember that the trunk does not have to bend forward or go backward because that would the only thing it's going to do is put tension in your hips, in your groins and then not allow your spine to stretch

buttocks are clearly resting on the floor and once you've done that Observe at all times how these sensations of the body are changing

like all these zones Feel how much more relaxed they are

Gently bring your chin to your chest

try to keep your back from sinking and make circles with your head to one side, go up the right side first and you turn out, go down the left side

Breathe in and exhale

All right, you stop in the center and do the same thing on the other side, you go up the left side first when you breathe in

and when you exhale you bring them down on the right side

That's it and so one more time

Well To stretch your back, to feel it calm

it is very important that your shoulders and neck are relaxed, so we are going to devote a few more exercises before the postures to them with your right arm around them

the head bringing the hand towards the opposite ear, hold with the left hand your knee and stretch your arm

And little by little you bring your head towards the shoulder

right, that's it

Try not to shrink your spine, keep it straight all the time

That's good, with your hand now hold your head from behind

and you carry it directed towards the chest and right knee

As I feel the stretch, breathe deeply

Return to the center and do the same with the other arm

Lateral first breathes and then diagonally

All right and now with both hands interlocked fingers behind just at the back just at the and you bring the weight of your arms, just the weight of your arms, your head towards your chest

Try not to push it just with the weight of your arms is enough

You return to the center, breathing in

Very well, you leave your hands on your knees and observe again

how is the whole upper part of your body, shoulders, shoulder blades, shoulder blades trapezius neck that's it

All right, now very slowly You're going to stand up Leave your feet hip-width apart

Try to always keep them parallel to each other, so that the alignment of your entire spine is correct, stretch your arms next to your body

Keep your legs steady and stretch your spine well

Tadasana Breathe deeply, always shoulders down and back

Head in line with your spine so as not to put stress on your neck the sacrum searching for the ground


Well let's go on to the next posture which is gomukhasana then

towards your back

Then with the other arm go up your right hand, if you can't possibly be able to hold on your hands And so it is much easier

It would be by putting your right arm up and holding the belt with your left hand

you go looking with one hand the other hand you go closing until you Finally the fingers find themselves closing together, but for the moment we are going to be with the belt

That's it, then but for the time being we'll be if you need it with the belt

If this is not the case you leave it aside and once here you pull the arm you have up towards the sky

Keeping the whole gesture of Tadasana on your legs, you pull the arm upwards what you have down towards the floor and start to rotate so that it opens shoulder blade and shoulder

The usual in this posture is that when you do this, the sacrum tends to slip away, that is, you lose that Tadasana gesture that makes sure that your spine is fully stretched

What we have to do is we have to keep lowering the sacrum

more clearly

Do not lose the firmness of your legs and little by little you enter the posture with your arms, of gomukhasana

We're a little bit more in it trying to mobilize the shoulders and also observing the space that is now at the level of your chest


All right, now the arm we're going to lower first

You stretch the upper arm and lower it to the waist as well you let them relax here, let the shoulders loosen up and take a couple of deep breaths

Now you are going to do the same but with the other arm

You raise the palm of the hand that is going to turn towards the back

and then the other very wide arm goes behind it holding your hands, remember if you don't have the belt your hands should look like this We continue with him with your feet apart with your legs firm and pulling the arm that you have

underneath towards the ground, pulling your upper arm towards the sky

And remembering that firmness in the legs, bring the sacrum down

That's it and each time moving your shoulders a lot more

you turn your upper arm towards your face

Prevent the chest and take a deep breath

That's it, don't stop directing the breath towards the ribs, feel the movement in them

Very good

First we're going to lower the left arm then you stretch the opposite one and bring your hands to your waist

Again you let him relax here, take a deep breath

Let's continue This time we are going to do something similar I turn around so you can see the position now new arms, you bring it up on the sides and let the palms of your hands look at each other

at this point once you've done that you start to rotate them from the upper arm outward bringing the palms of the hands outward as well

And making a very wide circle backward together the palms of your hands

and bring them upward, that's it

Once you're here, try to bring the palms of your hands together as much as you can, the interesting thing, the important thing is that are completely glued together, the elbows going all the way back so that the movement of the shoulders is also very wide backwards and you open the chest well

Press with your hands and try to make them meet and seek each other

Direct the elbows well back and let the shoulders go with them as well

Again as before close the sacrum down and feel how the chest expands, breathe deeply

At each exhalation take the opportunity to bring your hands a little bit closer together

and observe how there is more and more mobility in the shoulders, in the elbows

All right, very slowly, you lower your arms

so that they relax, you bring your hands to your waist and you take a couple of deep breaths

That is we're going to continue with the feet hip-width apart a little bit more maybe

With your hands on your hips as you have them, bend your legs a little bit, remember we're going to do a pushup now, remember the pushup has to come from the hips and avoid coming from the spine

It means that I'm not going to round the back but I'm going to stretch it

completely accessing the movement of the hips for correct flexion

Let's start with the legs flexed so you can see the difference

and how to access them and stretch your spine well

You bend your legs and little by little imagine that you have in your hips a hinge that are moving

That's it and the spine completely stretched out

It goes as far as you can go but let the spine be fully stretched

Then stretch your legs a little bit at a time

Keep the spine very straight with the elbows, shoulders far back

and the chest very open, lengthen the neck

He takes a deep breath

That's it, good and slowly, we come back breathing

Very good we are going to repeat this time with both legs stretched from the beginning, firm legs

You breathe in

Stretch the front spine well and when you exhale you go forward from the hips, remember that movement

Legs very fitness little by little you flex you leave your back parallel to the ground

That is and now you rest your hands on the mat, you walk backwards for a few moments

in Adho mukha svanasana and support the knees, the insteps, stay sitting on the heels on your feet and breathe calmly

Breathe deeply and feel how your back stretches more and more with less effort

Okay, you sit down on either side

you stretch your legs out and you're going to lie down

You lie down on your back

There you take a comfortable posture and let your left leg stretch very active with the vertical foot

you bend the right leg holding with the left hand the heel, the other hand on the inside of the thigh leg you bring it closer to you

Go work with the breath, especially observe the work that we are going to do now, once again

in the hip in the clearest way, you breathe in and when you breathe out with the force of the arms you bring the leg a little bit more to you

You breathe in and you bring the leg to you

Once again you inspire you bring the leg to you

Try not to put tension on the trapezius or shoulders

all the time down Breathe

You can also go a little bit further by supporting your foot on the flexion of your elbow and knee on the other arm ,there is no tension in the belly, the straight leg is still very firm and little by little with the breath work the flexion in the right hip


That's it, you put this leg on the ground, keep it steady

the vertical foot First with the hand you hold the foot then with the other you go around the inside and with the shoulders very low Breathing in and breathing out only the strength of the arms those that It is the strength of the arms that bring it to you

Feel the movement from the hip, feel how little by little you are accessing it more clearly


Now as before, if you have done so, pass your foot

at the right elbow and then the knee to the left elbow

The straight leg very firm and little by little you can work on it

with the exhalation, more mobility in the hip, you breathe in and when you breathe out You breathe in and so on

All right, you release your leg and you bring both knees at the same time towards the abdomen and very slowly you turn on your left side to go sitting with the help of the hands

And we're going to continue to work on the hip space, the mobility in the hip and then as we've seen before correctly

Let's bring the right foot forward

Let the right foot line up with your sternum, right in the center of your chest so that the knee is going to be on the outside

The back leg very straight with the foot in flexion

and the hands in front of you on the ground

Once here little by little as you did before with the exhalation working the opening of the right hip and at the same time stretching your spine from both hips

Propel the spine forward and upward by opening the chest


All right, let's switch legs

You do the same thing with your left leg, you bring it back, you stretch a little bit on the left leg

Adho Mukha savasana

and you bring the left leg forward

Same as above you just leave the foot that is in the center of your chest at the level of your sternum, you do not let your left knee fall outward and the back foot in Flex, you keep the other leg straight, that's it, now little by little always with the breath take the opportunity to let your hips loosen up more, you may notice less resistance in one hip or the other but as you know the two sides of the body are not the same and in yoga we work to balance them, so work with the breath

Notice how little by little it can give a little bit more and stretch your spine


And you go back to the center, you take your foot back stretching in Adho mukha savasana and support the knees, the instep, very good and done this you're going to do two fists with your hands, one on top of the other

You rest the point between the eyebrows on the first one

and with the knees slightly separated you let your head rest on your hands, let your back relax completely towards the ground

And breathe deeply, calmly and serenely

Feel how little by little with the exhalation, the pelvis rests towards the heels

The lower part of your back besides stretching of course relaxes and widens as the rest of your back also loosens and loosens up and the shoulders relax

Breathe all the time conscious of your breathing

Well help yourself with your hands to come back you sit down to either side to lie down again

You bring the knees towards the abdomen with them in the air

Be aware of the whole lumbar area how it massages and how you are releasing more and more

Now on the other side feels the massage of the lumbar area and how at the same time it is loosening, loosening

Now do the same on the other side

Now you increase the size of the circle to feel that you reach a little bit more to other areas You do the same on the other side and now hugging your legs you move to one side and to the other one and now so you massage the middle and the upper spine of the back, releasing the muscles, relaxing them completely

Good and you come back to the center, you rest your feet on the floor

you stretch your legs and with an inspiration, you stretch your arms overhead

Stretch your legs

With an inspiration stretch your arms above your head

Careful with the shoulders, careful with the trapezius at this point, no tension in them

Pull your arms as far back from your feet as you can

As far forward as you can

Feel the belly lengthening, the sides lengthening

and with your right hand you hold the left wrist and you pull gently on it feeling more now the left side in its stretching

Now you change your left hand holds your right wrist and you pull as much as you can Now feel the stretch on your right side

Do not stop breathing, you loosen your arms bring them close to the body and bend your legs again

You drop them to the left side and you look at your right hand, right shoulder in contact with the ground

Take a deep breath and with each exhalation he feels himself more and more abandoned the upper back on the mat

You return to the center breathing in and switch to the other side, that's it

Shoulder to the ground so that the twist is correct

look at this left hand and take a deep breath

Breathe in and as you exhale lower your shoulder more

and you come back to the center breathing in

All right, you stretch your legs with the help of your hands look at your feet to check that it's straight

You drop your feet sideways

Leave your head on the floor and arms in savasana

Very good you let your head fall heavy to the ground

Feel how the whole space what you need releasing every muscle on the ground

Abandon the eyes eyelids, nose relaxes the lips, leaving ajar to let go the jaw

Loosen the skin of the face feel how it falls sideways towards your ears

Relax your throat

Feel your neck calm and quiet relax your shoulders, arms and hands

Palms of the hands relax

Feel your back completely surrendered Resting, letting go relax the buttocks the pelvis

Abandon your legs deeply and feet

Chest and belly relax

All internal organs release them all organs, relax

All the body relax

Do your breathing Start to get in touch with your body again moving your feet, your hands

Moving your legs, your arms any movement, gesture you need

Bring your knees towards the zone turn slowly to the side and with the help of your hands you sit down

Make sure that your eyes are still closed

With your hands at chest level, namaste

Let all these sensations that you have been experiencing now feeling them throughout your day

May you be able to maintain a calm breath while you feel things calmly too

Thank you for being there

Hari om TAT SAT Smoother and smoother

to relaxation


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