Class 2: Mobility in the hips

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With simple exercises in this session we are going to work on the awareness and mobility of the hips. Little by little we will work with exercises and asanas the space in them so that you can feel more agile and of course prepare for delivery.

Hello let's start with today's series that I have prepared for you and your baby

I hope you enjoy it, let's start as we usually do in every beginning

of the session, make sure your legs are well crossed you have a very good base with them

and that with your hands you help your buttocks to go sideways and backwards so that you are more comfortable seated

If you prefer you can sit on a blanket or a brick so that the pelvis is a little bit more comfortable

higher so you can feel more comfortable, place your hands on your knees, leave your arms calm and roll your shoulders backwards to lower your pelvis

and stay in that position, bring your head in line with your spine and you can close your eyes if you feel more comfortable

Remember to always create an attitude in the posture of a certain activity

of attention, of awareness to your whole body and at the same time with your baby

To do so, pronounce your breath feel it perfectly both when breathing in and when breathing out

And feel how all that space, that calmness is coming to your little one

Again and again, breathe in and out

all the time

Slowly open your eyes, start as usual from the ground

go up your gaze until you finally do it looking in front of you

Okay, continue with your back straight, keep your shoulders in a good position at all times

And from there bring your hands in front of you on the floor

Start by resting your fingertips in front of you and walk your fingers in small steps in front of you

trying to keep your back as straight as possible

If your belly is already too big and collides too much with your feet in the flexion, back off

and always create space for your baby

If not go forward, as long as you don't put tension on your belly

We can stay in a middle way and then just stretch the spine a little bit more from there

Bring your shoulders back and keep the opening in your chest

in the clavicles

Take a deep breath

Take advantage of each breath to stretch your spine more

Each exhalation to release the hips more, groins towards the floor

Slowly, unhurriedly observe the whole body and sensations with your baby

In the same way that you were going forward now step by step you do it also to straighten up

your back, okay and from here we're going to lie on the sword

Well for the moment leave the legs always bent as we have discussed

at other times with the feet separated the width of the hips, to keep all the space in the belly

to respect your baby's space

And for the sacrolumbar area to relax

place your hands on your belly

Let the breath move while you are carrying the If you feel comfortable you can stretch your left leg

If this is going to mean that there is tension in your lower back then flex it

and stay as you were at the beginning

With the help of both hands and holding the leg underneath, you separate your elbows and bring it further out

Noticing the movement of that hip feeling how that area relaxes and breathing again and again

Take advantage of the fact that with each exhalation the belly may loosen more and more, more and more towards the lumbar spine

All right, you let go of that leg and we'll do the same thing

with the opposite one

You hold with both hands and direct it to one side

you bring it closer to you, but that doesn't mean that you are going to put tension on it on the shoulders on the neck and in the throat

Always the shoulders very low, remember this the neck very long and in this case the hip turns to the left

more and more relaxed to feel the flexion

Breathing deeply

All right, now you put this leg on the floor, that's it

Let the breathing be normal, feel your back perfectly supported on the mat

and now we are going to do the same posture as before but this time with both legs At the same time hold with each hand the corresponding leg from underneath

with the help of the arms and direct your legs sideways outward, until your elbows rest on the ground

All right, don't put tension in the abdomen, in the belly, let it relax

Let your lower back relax also

Your arms are doing the strength not the shoulders, the shoulders remember that always far away from you, from your head

The legs completely relaxed and the breath deeply connecting over and over again with your whole body, with the sensations with your baby

Let the hips slowly release more towards the floor

without fear there will come a time when you can't do it anymore, there you stop, don't force

Good, taking advantage of an inspiration, bring your knees together a little more, always leaving them separated by the width of your hips

Now with both at the same time you make circles with them in the air, in such a way that your whole lumbar area is massaged, relaxed and released

Conscious all the time on you in your baby and in the movement at the same time as the breathing you stop in the center and now you do the same on the other side

If you can make the circles a little bit bigger, the better, so you cover more of your lower back

All right, you stop in the center, put your feet on the floor

Now we're going to need a belt

A belt which will be passed through the buckle in this way as we have seen in other series, in other sessions and you place it right at the right heel

You take the belt as if they were two handles and stretch your leg completely

right as the previous posture in which you flexed your leg sideways

You can stretch the lower leg, and if there is any discomfort you can with Remember that you have to work but without creating any tension

That's it, direct the right heel towards the sky

With the strength of the arms that you bring them sideways and downward you stretch in your spine towards the bottom

The belly and throat are completely relaxed

breathes again and again deeply

Slowly lowering your leg, you support your foot on the ground and do the same with the other one

Always put the belt at the height of your heel and put it in the same way

and slowly stretch your leg

Point your heel towards the sky, try to move it away from you

so that it stretches your whole back leg

And remember to keep your attention on the leg you're working on

in your arms that are erect and in the deep calm in the belly and in your throat

Normally the head tends to go backwards, putting tension on the cervicals

So be aware of this area, this point, to stretch it over and over again, bringing the chin towards the chest

expand your chest well and bring your breath over and over again

All right, let's put the belt to the side where it won't get in the way

you continue with your legs bent, hip width apart

Always keep your feet parallel to each other

We walk a little bit more, with the feet towards the buttocks

as long as it doesn't bother your knee flexion, rest your hands on the floor

and go forward with one step and with the other one with them forward and from there with a lot of firmness in the feet, pushes the ground with all the plant little by little raise your hips

All the action is in the legs and feet

The shoulders are relaxed

The buttocks are soft

and the belly of course is calm

Check that there is no tension slowly round your back like when you were doing the cat, remember

Vertebra by vertebra, lean your whole back on the floor as if you were doing the cat

Again support and push with the feet downwards hands facing the ground and gradually lifts her hips up towards the ground If your shoulders are still close to your head take another step and take another step again shoulders and arms towards the feet

Belly calm buttocks soft and again vertebrae to vertebrae

you're resting your whole back on the floor

That's it

It's like your spine is a whip, like it's in slow motion

it's stretching towards the wall in front of you, until finally the last thing that is going to stretch is the lumbar area

from the sacrum towards the coccyx

We have to clear that area a lot, we have to stretch very well, and then we repeat again

Taking advantage of a and breathing all the time and your baby

Round vertebra by vertebra

until the entire spine rests on the mat

Very good and again a few more times at your pace

Well, next time you leave your buttocks on the floor

bring your legs bent towards you, spread your elbows apart, let your hips release, let your groin relax

and breathe calmly

That's it, bring your knees together, put your feet back on the mat

Lift your right leg up with your left hand, hold your heel, and with your right hand, your leg underneath, on the inside

you do this gesture, on the inside, you hold that's it, to be able to access to turn the thigh outwards, this way what you're going to get when you turn the thigh outwards is that hip is also going to rotate, the groin is going to come in more and you're going to have a lot more space throughout your spine

So we can leave the leg as it was, the other leg, the left leg or you can stretch it as well, depending on how you're more comfortable

That's it, little by little with the strength of your arms, lowering your shoulders, bring the leg towards you as far as you can

that it gives you, without forcing but that way I understand that it's really working the hip movement

Feel the baby quietly, calmly

Breathe and slowly put this foot on the floor and do the same with the other leg

Hold the baby by the heel like this and remember, the left hand is now the one that goes in, go around the thigh and bring it outwards

with the strength of the arms, the shoulders calm, the throat and especially the belly

Your baby in calm, bring the leg a little bit closer to you always when you release the air

take a deep breath

Very good

you leave this leg on the floor for a few seconds, stretch them out on the mat

See that you are straight with your feet apart the width of the mat

of your hips, keep your legs firm and your arms relaxed

Let the baby rest on your lumbar spine, let the belly be very loose

And bring the attention back to the ribs, that movement

Okay, you bend your legs You gently turn to the right side and with the help of your hands, you stand up

We're going to get into the cat position again, we're going to put our knees as before

separate the width of the hips just below your hip, the knee and just the wrist below your shoulder

All right, so once you're there little by little you're rounding your back and you do some how many movements in this posture

Release the air well when the back is rounded and release your head

Breathe in and sink your spine now opening your chest wide and so on a few more times, at your own pace

Always keeping in mind your breathing

Observing everything very well, at all times how your baby moves also inside you, bringing the attention to him

And letting your body to relax him

you go forward with your palms in front of you, make a very good base with the palms of your hands, spread two fingers wide apart

Toes inward and little by little you separate your knees from the floor adho mukha virasana

Flex your legs

Keep keeping your arms very stretched

and heels climbing towards the sky

Let your head go deep and from here adho mukha virasana, separating the knees from each other

Put your hands in front of you, breathe in and stretch the spine well, and when you breathe out let's go to the front

Breathe deeply and calmly

Relax your legs feet and the hips deeply loose toward the heels

Release your head and relax the brain, breathe

Breathing in, come back slowly, walk with your hands

and sit up ok, let's continue sitting on your heels

Knees apart big toes together, hands on the thighs creating a lot of space in the lower part of your spine stretch it towards the sky

Bring the shoulders down and back

Breathe in and as you exhale, turn to your right side, left hand on your opposite thigh, the other arm around your waist behind you

twist, stretch, return to center and change sides

Stretch on inspiration and as you exhale you rotate

Okay, we do it a little bit more dynamic, left hand to the right thigh, the other arm behind

Breathe in, breathe out

Back to the center and change and one more time

Last time and back to the center, hands on knees

And for the next posture, we're going to need a blanket or two, depending on how comfortable you are

For this the blankets that you are going to place have to be more or less in this size so that their height is large

so that we can fold the blanket again lengthwise so that the height is increased

I'm going to put it right behind me and I'm going to put the heels rather towards the ends of the blanket

We put the blanket to facilitate the posture, the orthodox posture is with the heels on the floor

But to make it more comfortable and to have easier access to the groin

so we raise the height, we put one, two, whatever it takes for you to feel stable above all

That's it, once we're there we're going to put one arm and one arm

on the inside of your knees, palms of your hands together

and direct them towards your chest

Try not to point them to the front out of line with your knees, you bring them towards you, as if your wrists were going to touch your sternum

This way what you're going to feel is that your elbows are going to push your legs, your knees and your hips are going to open wider

We're interested in opening up this whole area for this moment, your moment and for your birth

That is keep the pelvis calm, the hips passive and the spine completely stretched, breathe calmly

You can close your eyes if you feel more comfortable and keep your balance correctly

Bring awareness to your hands, which are pushing each other

Feel how doing this generates more space in your chest

If you are not quite sure you feel it, bring your hands forward out of the Line of your knee

and feel at the level of the chest

If it has closed, if it opens wider

Now to check, bring the wrists, the hands towards the chest and see the difference between one posture and the other

Relax the pelvis, relax the belly and breathe deeply

If you feel that the posture loads on your lower back, take advantage of an inspiration to stretch the spine more

That's trying to make this yoga posture weightless

You can't leave the weight either on your joints or on your baby

So try to maintain some activity without getting tired

Stretch your spine well


Very good

You rest your hands on the ground support the knees and the instep to relax the feet

Feel now the stretching of the whole foot, before they were in flexion

now you stretch them feeling calmness in all that instep area, front ankle even the front calf towards the knee

It's very important that you give mobility to your feet as you move forward in your gestation month tend to become duller to feel more tired and lose mobility, so try everyday practice yoga and do specific exercises for them, this way you will feel lighter

separate your feet a little bit more

That's right, and you stretch your spine well, take your weight forward a little bit at a time

you hold it there for a few moments feeling more flexion in the foot

You support the knees, extend the instep and again let them relax there

Again your hands in front of you

Toes in, this time you can do it with your feet a little bit closer together, knees too if your tummy allows it

And with your hands in front of you, be sure and above all create a good base, close your balance, that's the most important thing

And once you are safe there, you bring the awareness to your toes

trying to stand more and more on your tiptoes and trying to stretch your spine more and more

While you do it breathe, feel your whole body

All right, you put your hands on the floor again

You rest your knees, extend your instep

and again go to balasana to stretch them


Feel your body, feel the baby and remember that you can bring your hands forward towards the baby

and feel how the air is calming it down

Leaving the sacrum towards the heels, he takes a deep breath

and see if the shoulders have gone forward, bring them back

When the breath begins to become more timid then bring the attention back to it

Relax your back, lower back stretching

toward the ground

Stretch your spine toward the sky

Very good

You put your hands down, open your eyes, that's it, and let's go

preparing the final relaxation, remember you can put as high as you need to under your legs for you to be comfortable from a blanket to a chair the important thing is that your lower back rests on the floor that your pelvis is loose so that your baby is also very relaxed during savasana

And that you can rest deeply the final relaxation

And let's stretch your right leg, pulling your heel to the front

Stretch your left leg also

That's it, if your buttocks don't rest evenly on the floor with the help of your hands grab them, make sure you're straight

and turn the shoulder and the upper arm outwards

And you bring them down, that's if it feels like this, like this

you have more space in the whole area of the clavicles

armpits, chest, sternum

And with this physical space that you have created you let the whole body surrender deeply to relaxation

A couple of deep breaths

When you let the air out, relax your belly more

make sure that the cervical vertebrae are stretched and that the whole body is released deep to the ground

Feel the muscles of the face the skin of your face falling towards the ears and towards the chest

Rest with your tongue bringing it to the floor of your mouth

slightly retracted towards the throat

You will be able to see that the lips detach and the jaw relaxes

Your brain in relax, your eyes closed

Your tongue

Abandon your whole back on the ground

Abandon the whole pelvis on the ground

Feel the hips with more space, more relaxed

Deeply release the shoulders arms hands

Deeply abandons the armpits the sides of your chest and the front of your chest

Relax the belly contact one more time with your baby

Always, if it moves and also if it rests

Offer him all your relax and your breath

Abandon your legs

Leaves calves, ankles

With each exhalation let them release more and more, deeply

With the next deep breath out, let go of your whole body at the same time on the ground


Observe also if your baby needs to move, if it does

That's it and little by little you're going to turn around, turn on your right side

stay for a few moments enjoying the turn

And with the help of the hands little by little you incorporate you sit with your legs crossed and with your hands at the level of your chest


I hope you enjoyed today

Have a nice day Hari Om

All right you put your hands in front of you and bend your feet again but this time resting your hands on the floor you get into the previous balasana posture

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