Class 1: Movement and body fluency

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In this session you will get in touch with all the movements you can do with the joints. In the gestation period it is necessary that you feel loose in them to obtain greater awareness and mobility.

Hello, my name is Silvia Jaén First of all I wanted to congratulate you on the upcoming arrival of your baby

I would also like to welcome you to this course that will consist of 8 sessions

for pregnant women

In which the script of each one of the sessions is perfectly designed so that you and your baby can enjoy it

Without further ado, let's get started

Make yourself comfortable, sitting on your buttocks with the help of the your hands direct them backwards and to the sides and comfortably place your hands on your knees, feel how your back stretches

Gently direct the shoulders backwards and keep your head in line with the spine

When you are comfortable; when you feel that the body is present, active and calm at the same time

Close your eyes and breathe deeply above all contact with your body to be able to transmit this calm and tranquility to your baby

Connect with the and feel that the breath is for you and for him

Little by little he opens up your eyes, let your gaze go from the bottom upwards until you finally look straight ahead

So we're going to go to the cat position, you're going to position yourself

on your hands, spread your fingers wide apart from each other and letting your wrists stay just below your shoulders

The knees also separated from each other just below your hips

It is very important that you always maintain this minimum separation

of feet or legs, according to the postures we are working on

to leave space for your baby

Okay, let's put your back straight, parallel to the floor for the moment, and your head in line with the floor

with your spine

Try that the posture doesn't fall on the shoulders, that it doesn't weigh you down

Push with your hands on the floor and create a lot of space in the shoulders and trapezius

as if someone is pulling your hips towards you

Stretch your spine in the opposite direction forward

And so you get space in your spine between the ribs and therefore in your breathing

Very well bring the attention to the ischia to the bones

To the bones of the buttocks

While you feel the weight of your baby resting on your belly

Contact with it, so that with the next movement you can connect much deeper

Start rounding the rest of the bones of the buttocks

bring them towards the floor and little by little the spine will go rounding also until the head is released

You're still not sinking your shoulders, keep going pushing with your hands on the ground to create space in this area


Those buttock bones are now starting to look backwards slightly upward until your spine sinks

Your gaze goes forward and skyward

Breathing out rounding up again

Don't put tension on the belly, feel the baby's weight all the time

and that you give it space

Okay, breathing in buttocks pointing skyward and your spine sinks, finally looking up

Breathing in, rounded again and head very loose, breathe in, take the opportunity to breathe in

deeply, feel the breath on your back sideways

You breathe in, join the spine and you feel the weight of your baby

And breathing out rounding off

Once you're there we're going to bring the feet together, spread the knees a little bit more, always remember to give him space, even if your belly is not too big yet, he needs to have his space

With a very rounded back and as if he wants to sit you down immediately

with the buttocks on the heels let them rest on them

If you still need to separate your knees a little bit more, you do it

and you go forward as far as you can with your arms in front of you

keeping them very straight

Well try to keep them from turning, from sinking inward

towards the ears if not outwards leaving them plenty of room

Also trapezius and neck

With each breath in, you stretch the spine more

To do this, you can bring your gaze forward, separate your chest and abdomen a little bit from the mat

you move forward a little bit more, with the inhalation and with the exhalation

Head to the floor

Breathe calmly

Very well, you slowly sit back up to be in the cat's position

You place your hands as you had them before and your knees as well

Push the floor with them so you don't sink, remember

and always with your belly very soft and relaxed

Now stretching the spine let's take a look at the right foot and bring the attention all the time to the side opposite to the left side

Notice how it stretches and how it moves with your deep breathing

as if you were breathing only with that lung

Feel it especially

You go back to the center and do the same on the other side, now you look at your left foot

and it's your right side that stretches the most

and you bring there attention to your breathing

You return to the center

Let's repeat first you look at the right foot and as before you bring your attention to the opposite side

Then you take your gaze a little bit further wanting to see your left foot wanting to see your right foot wanting to see your left foot

looking at it

And feel how the stretch in that side is greater and the belly calm

soft, you go back to the center and we do the same on the other side, first you look at your left foot

Remember not to sink and not to fall on your shoulders

and then look a little bit further and look at your right foot

feeling a greater stretch in your right side


You return to the center, put your feet together again

Separate your knees and Adho mukha virasana

Always remember to bring your buttocks towards your heels when sitting

very round the lower part of your spine and then little by little you move forward with your arms

to the front, take a deep breath in and open your chest

And when you exhale, forehead and nose on the mat

You get back on the mat, you help yourself with an inspiration and again the cat position, the same position as before

between hands, knees, that is now keeping the spine very straight you bring the right leg backwards

Pulling your heel as far as you can towards the wall at the back

pulling the heel all the time

As if your leg were the continuation of your spine

draw a straight line and leave the abdomen calm

All right, you bring your knee to the floor and we do the same thing

with the other one, stretch the left leg, be careful with the shoulders, don't sink into them

pull that heel Towards the wall you may have behind you and feel like the net

operation is moving all the time

Lower the leg

Okay, you're going to sit on your heels now

Remember to always keep your knees far enough apart from each other

to leave room for your baby

Once there try not to let the pelvis come forward I mean don't bend over, sit completely on your heels, if this will disturb your knees

sit on your buttocks normally and cross your legs

Once there, place your hands on your thighs and try to sit completely on your feet

so that the spine stretches without putting pressure on the lower back

When you are pregnant the shape of your spine generally changes

and as you go through the months of gestation, it tends to get shorter and create tensions there

So with this course we're going to learn how to stretch this whole area so that you don't have any discomfort

You're happy and your baby is happy, so leave your hands on your thighs

gently push the legs so that the spine stretches out and bring the shoulders back and down, do even a turn with the shoulders backwards and leave them in that position

Make sure that the head does not go in front of your spine but aligns with it

From this point on, let your legs release

Let the spine continue to actively stretch

towards the sky

May your gaze be calm and above all at all times carry the attention out of the baby, breathe for him

Feel it

Very good from here let's interlock our fingers together with the palms completely outward and direct the fingers forward so that the fingers, palms and wrists open wide

Once there, make sure that the shoulders do not go up to the ears, but down to the ears, and keep them in the same position

your elbows very straight and little by little stretch them towards the sky

Now is the moment when the buttocks want to move away from the heels

so insist that they keep going towards them

He stretches his arms skyward and breathes calmly

You lower your arms in front of you, change the crossing of your fingers and turn your hands again

and with the arms very stretched brings the attention to the buttocks which are on the heels, to the belly which is always very soft

And then little by little you stretch your arms towards the ceiling

If you fall you lower your arms, you don't need to wait for me, you would have your hands on your legs and you would leave them relaxed on the thighs, very important to keep in mind that you should not get tired in this period as little as possible, during your pregnancy you have to be working the body bringing attention to your baby, contacting him but without tension and without great effort

Well once you're here, help yourself with your hands and gently stand up

Always now with your feet apart, try to keep them parallel

This is very important so that the whole spine and especially the lumbar area is not loaded

With your hands on your waist, open the soles of your feet wide

distribute your weight on it and keep your legs very firm

Take the opportunity to stretch your spine as far as you can up to the sky

keep your head in line with it and a little bit at a time stretching the arms to do tadasana

Breathe calmly, allow the belly to be calm

soft and gentle, no tension, remember

Feel the breath clearly in your lungs feel how they widen in all their volume and allow that breath to calm you down and as a result your baby

All right continue with your feet apart if they have moved, correct the posture, they must always be parallel to each other from the toe

to the heel

Let them mark a perfectly straight line once again

Once again, we're going to work the joints so as you're with your arms very relaxed at the sides of your body

bring your head to your chest, try to make it just your head

Don't let the back go behind, keep all the time the body axis distributing it

completely on both soles of the feet

From there you gently pull your head to the right side

You carry it not too far back and you drop it on the left

We're going to do this three more times

You breathe in

Breathe out

Always accompanying the movement with your breath

And the last time, breathe in

Breathe in, going down your left side

Very good, drop your head back to your chest, take the opportunity to reposition your shoulders

and distribute all the weight of the body on the soles of the feet

You raise your head to look ahead and you look to your right side to make yourself more comfortable, maybe bring your hands to your waist

and if it doesn't bother your neck try turning it a little bit more

You go back to the center breathing in and then go to the other side breathing out

And the same thing if it doesn't bother anything, go a little bit further back

Notice that the legs don't stop doing their job

The belly is very loose and relaxed and that your breathing moves all the time

All right now we're going to leave the arms at the sides of the body we're going to make wide circles with them

with the shoulders back

Very big, we're going to do it six times

We've done three

Breathe out, breathe in, and that's when the shoulders go up

Breathing down

Stopping in the center

And we do the same But the opposite wind forward, you breathe in and that's when the shoulders go up and when you breathe out they go down

All right, you leave them relaxed again at the sides of the body and now extend your arms, make fists with your hands and turn your hands into fists

wrists to one side and to the other

what you do well the movement of your wrist feels all the time

You stop in the center and now stop work the musculature of the arms and hands so you can hold your baby well, separates your fingers tightly and then bring them together again

That's it, try to make a strong fist

That you feel that the forearm has strength and when releasing you also release it with force, you stretch the fingers, you open the palms of your hands wide

Very good and we go down

Okay now you interlock your fingers behind your back

like this we continue with your feet hip-width apart, and we're going to pull your arms backwards, remember like when we're sitting on our heels the buttocks can't go backwards because this would shorten your lumbar area and now it's very important that this whole area is stretched as much as possible, so direct the buttocks towards the heels

towards the floor and from there it's already when you start to pull your arms down

Bring your shoulders well back open your chest wide, breathe deeply

Very good little you slowly undo the shape of your hands and bring them back to your waist

This time you're going to move your feet a little bit further apart but let them still be hip-width apart

Once you're there, parallel to each other, distributing all the weight of your body on them

You bend your legs a little bit and we're going to rotate your hips

To the side, trying to make the biggest circle you can

Watch there, as your baby also moves with you

And above all it is very important that you don't stop breathing

that the breathing is not shy, not short But that it be wide, deep

And go in function of your movement, now we are going to do the same thing but somewhere else

Whenever you start a circle breathe in and when you are finishing it release the air

and so on

Notice how important is the movement of the pelvis

to prepare for your baby's stay and delivery

Good and you stop at the center

Let's put your feet together again, but not quite apart

Continue with them apart

Good, step firmly

with the left foot on the ground

Pushing it completely and distributing the weight on the whole sole of the foot

by the toes by the sides of the foot and by the heel

Once there, raise your right leg

If you have a wall nearby, in case you lose your balance, rest your hand quietly on it, on a piece of furniture

whatever you have at hand

And once I'm down you lift your right leg up

keeping your back, your spine very straight

You extend your leg and you make circles with the ankle to one side and to the other

You lower that leg and do the same with the other leg, you create a good base on the sole of your foot

right, distributing all the weight from the toes, sides of the foot, heel

Remember the gesture and tadasana push up, you bring your leg up, left leg and stretch it out

forward and twist from the ankle and to one side and to the other side in big circles

Very important the movements of joints, legs arms because at the time of pregnancy you tend to retain fluids and circulation let's continue with the feet parallel to each other and this time until we put the hands on the thighs flex your legs, in case you feel a little bit of load in your lower back or if your baby is already very heavy

flex your legs and if not, try to keep them straight

Okay, once you're there, you push your thighs back with your hands

and try as we've seen in previous postures that the sacrum in this case doesn't stick up towards the sky

Feel how the whole lumbar area, remember what we've seen before, stretches

that it's not short

Always stretched

Well Seen this you bring the trunk to the ground you bring the shoulders backwards, remember the previous postures

And don't forget to keep your legs and feet very firm

Feel how your zone dorsal, goes towards the chest, towards the sternum and feels the belly loose and your baby weighing into it

Very well you bend your legs a little bit more, put your hands on the floor and we stay a few moments

squatting down, on the tips of your toes, we're going to stretch the spine well and we're going to always bring your knees a little bit further back, to create more space in the abdomen in the belly

Little by little still carrying the sacrum down here you keep stretching the spine towards the sky

You keep pushing your chest to the maximum, as much as you can, take advantage of it

to take the breath there

To feel your belly fall and once more with the inhalation and with the exhalation make contact with your baby

Okay, put all the palms of your hands on the floor, put your knees on the floor as well

on the mat, insteps extended and place your hands on your thighs

Try not to have any discomfort in any part of your body

Remember that if your legs right now are more swollen than usual and you feel pain in your knees due to any injury, you should try not to feel any discomfort in any part of your body

take a blanket, brick whatever you have at hand, sit on it

and with your legs crossed you do the posture

With your hands on your thighs, push them towards the floor

stretch your spine from the lower part, respecting always the lumbar stretch and with this stretching observing how you respect also And how it generates a lot of space in all your front spine, okay we would call it back spine front spine, so you're going to have more space in your ribs

more space therefore in your lungs and your breathing is going to benefit, if you need to spread your knees a little bit further apart

That's it and above all keep your legs calm

and the spine stretching as far as possible towards the sky

That's it, now without stopping pushing with the hands

prepare your knee a little bit more, if you need it

stretch your spine forward as if you want to reach the wall in front of you remember, this time pulling the front spine a lot and from there little by little you go down, you support the forearms palms of the forearms hands on the floor and you stretch your spine there

And breathe

It generates more and more space in the belly

in the chest

And remember that your shoulders don't sink but they keep you out of your head all the time

All right, without losing this stretch in your spine

you're walking forward little by little

If you see that it is rounding a little bit, you separate the abdomen from the ground again

Stretch your front spine, which is the spine that goes from the pubis towards the throat

Breathe deeply and calmly

Very well you walk with your hands forward, very slowly

Let's keep sitting on our heels

You continue with your knees apart

Whatever you need, at no time notice that you have pressure in your lower belly

And as before, if you're already in a very advanced stage, then spread your knees a little bit further apart

Once you're there, stretch your spine from the bottom

You bring your left hand towards the right thigh and with the other arm bringing the shoulder far back

you round or round your waist

That is with an inspiration keep stretching your spine

Continue to feel the lumbar region stretching

that it doesn't shrink, because the buttocks have gone backwards and upwards

Always pelvis toward the floor toward the heels

Once there you stretch well

Take advantage of an inspiration and when breathing out without creating any tension in the throat and in the abdomen you're turning a little bit more

Back to the center stretch your spine again and change sides

Right hand to left leg and the other arm around your waist, stretching your spine well that's it, remember the lumbar area

Remember the calm belly

Stretch, breathe in, and when you breathe out, stretch a little bit more

That's it, feel at all times the movement of your lungs

Back to the center, good

Hands on your thighs

Stretch for the last time your spine grows as far as you can towards the sky

again connecting with your baby

All right, put your hands out in front of you

We are going to prepare for the final relaxation

It is very important to always especially when your belly is already much bigger, when you're in an advanced month of your gestation

that when you relax, you should do it with a height under your legs, it can be in a chair or in a blanket or several blankets if necessary, the important thing is that your pelvis and all the space that holds your baby the lumbar area is completely relaxed, without resting, so for this we are going to use this blanket in the case that the tummy would be bigger, as I told you we could have more blankets or even a chair

I place the upper calf, upper calf on top of it very slowly with the help of the arms without putting tension on the belly, you go lying on your back

Very good, raise your right leg and pull your heel forward

and leave your foot on the ground

You do the same with the other leg, you pull it forward

and leave the foot on the ground

Well and once there you carry the shoulders down and relax your arms completely

Your hands

If you prefer to be a little bit closer to your baby, you can place your hands on your belly

gently without pressure

And let the breath begin to become more and more soft

Drop out deeply the face, the eyes

He abandons deeply the mouth

Let your face sit be that of falling to the chest to relax

Abandon your hands deeply and every movement of your breath dedicate it again and again to your baby letting him too relax and contact you

Observe how your back expands, becoming wider on the floor, as if it wanted to embrace all the space in which you are

Feel your baby resting on your lumbar spine

soft sweet, relax

Abandon the pelvis, your hips

So that with each exhalation, they become softer and create more space

on that surface you are lying on

Abandon your legs, your thighs, your knees

As if you're emptying before all its contents loosening of more and more towards the ground

Release the calves, the heels sole of the foot and toes

And with the following deep exhalation allow your whole body to abandon itself on the ground

Movement You take a deep breath

You begin to feel again your hands, your fingers, your feet

with them the movement you need

Gently move your legs until your feet on the floor

Relax a little in that feeling of contact with your baby, of relaxation

of calm and of stopping

Gently turn on your right side

while your eyes remain closed

Try to keep your eyes

Remain still closed And with the help of your hands you help yourself to return

You cross your legs comfortably and with your hands at chest level I thank you for being there

For your practice

Have a nice day

Have a nice day

a good day

Hari Aum Tat Sat

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